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I love KB24 and the Lakers thats all you need to know! The lakers: Starting 5: Kobe- can do everything, MVP this season, Gasol: monster in rebounds and points with a great FG%, Lamar who can grad boards and score at will, Bynum who is a monster down low and can score and rebound and derek who is just a great leader who can do just about everything Bench: Farmar who has stepped it up has potential to score 15-20 pts a game. Sasha "the machine" Vuviach, Vlade rad who can hit 3s, ronni who just brings heart to the game luke who is solid, and Ariza who is a great defender Shooting: Kobe who can score 50 a geam if he wanted to, bynum and Pau getting points in the paint, lamar who can stroke it, and fish, the machine, and vlade rad who can all hit threes as well as farmar. Assists: Kobe who has almost 6 assists a game, luke, fish, and Farmar, mny assists from lakers Rebounds: Bynum a beast, Pau, lamar, and ronni The Lakers are the best team.