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  • Do i need to give comma before "which" in this sentence? ?

    In our conventional society, women are generally not allowed to go outside without any companion after marriage which restricts their right as a human being.

    i would really appreciate if you could tell me when to use comma and when to not before which.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Is this sentence grammatically correct?

    "If the government had taken this step earlier, then this solution would have not only mitigated the overpopulation problem but also would have saved the cities from further pollution by industries." Should i use "would have" two times in this sentence or using just after not only is enough? 

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Is this sentence grammatically correct?

    "With an increased rate of migration taking place, the agricultural sector will likely to suffer the most. The reason behind this is that there would be lack of man-power available in the rural areas, which would result in decreased production of crops and ultimately, causing scarcity of foods."

    I am mostly concerned with the part "and ultimately, causing scarcity of food".. is the grammer and punctuation correct here?

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  • question about Hyponatraemia.?

    Please mention the type of hyponetraemia, their features,causes and treatments.

    1 AnswerMedicine7 years ago
  • Question about Renal System.?

    Please describe the Counter current mechanism in a easy way. ^_^

    1 AnswerBiology7 years ago
  • Question about Na+-K+ pump.?

    We know that in Na+-K+ pump 3 Na+ move from Inside to Outside the cell and 2 K+ move from Ouside to inside. Perhaps this is the reason for Na+ concentration is much higer in ECF and K+ ion concentration is higher in ICF than ECF, is it? This is my first question.

    My second question is Why on earth its always have to be 3 Na+ efflux and 2 K+ influx. Why not 2 Na+ move outside and 3 K+ move inside? A little help will be appreciated... ^_^

    1 AnswerBiology7 years ago
  • Why the membrane potential for K+ ion is in - sign(-94mv) and Na+ is in + sign?

    How the positive and negative sign in determined is in membrane potential?

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  • membrane potential question?

    What does it mean "The membrane potential of K+ is -92mv?" please explain.

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  • I got two question...?

    1. What is the blood supply of the valve of the heart?

    2. At what blood pressure Dopamine drip should be stopped giving?

    1 AnswerHeart Diseases8 years ago
  • Chrome not loading all the image.?

    Chrome isn't loading all the image if i search in google. i tried to empty the cache but it didn't work. i am giving a sample here i reinstall google chrome, updated the latest version and have no adblock type soft. Still it's no use. Any help would be appreciated :)

    1 AnswerGoogle8 years ago
  • Need psychiatric help?

    I am a Medical student. It all started 1 year ago. I was unable to get chance to read in a medical college. I worked really hard but still i failed. I lost all my confidence in me. It was really hard for me to accept that. Nobody would be happy seeing his/her life long dream shattered into pieces. This incident left a big scar on my mind. I started feeling negative thing in almost everything i did.But i appeared in the medical admission next year and this time i got a chance to read. I thought now this problem will be fixed. But it hasn't. I don't feel the confidence in myself that i used to have before. I am always thinking negative things. Like when i am giving an examination, i think somehow my result won't be published or my answer sheet will be lost. Please somebody help...

    1 AnswerMental Health8 years ago
  • Hp dv 4 black screen solution?

    I have a hp pavilion dv4 series latop. I used it for almost 2 years without any problem until a couple of months ago i started the laptop like every single day and i found the black screen on the start up. At first i thought it might be caused because of the LCD monitor. But i found the back light of the LCD is on so thats not a LCD issue, It seemed that everything behind was running normally except the black screen appearance (i even heard the windows start up sound). I went through some sites and found that this problem is a signature problem of Hp laptop. There was some temporary fixes like unplugging power,removing battery,holding power for 30-40 seconds and attempting boot. As i said its just only a temporary solution. By talking with some tech i found that the problem lies in the nvidia video chip which overheats and cause the system not to display while booting up because of poor manufactured defects of HP. They recommend me to dissemble all the parts and give heat to the video chip to make a permanant fix(which i do not want to).So my question are:-

    1.Is there any other way to fix this problem?

    2.Will updating the bios,video cards do any good?

    3.If i buy a Laptop Cooler to keep the temperature of the GPU unit to minimum, will it help?

    4. If i let it be like this will there be any day when the video chip will totally damage?

    And please don't tell me to contact with HP service center because they told me to buy a whole new motherboard while the problem is somewhere else. So, i don't want to hear their **** again.

    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks9 years ago
  • Please help me with this chemistry problem.?

    A gas mixture consists of 320 mg of Methane, 175 mg of Argon and 225 mg of Neon. The Partial pressure of Neon at 300K is 8.87kPa. Calculate the volume and total pressure of the mixture.

    1 AnswerChemistry9 years ago
  • Can somebody suggest me some sites about interesting facts of animals, science and all that stuff?

    Don't tell me about "Wikipedia". I am looking for sites that contain only interesting facts about anything in the world.

    3 AnswersHomework Help9 years ago
  • How to activate a downloaded theme in vista?

    I have downloaded some themes but i am unable to activate them. can someone tell me the easiest way to get this theme work on my pc? i am using windows vista

    1 AnswerSoftware9 years ago
  • Can anyone tell me about any site Where i can find vast info about medical field?

    My mum is a doc...very often she wants me to find info about various topics specially about gynecology. Please i need some site address where i will find info about all medical stuff.

    2 AnswersOther - General Health Care9 years ago