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    Foggy LCD Monitor.?

    The foggy grey area is very much visible when the screen is displaying darker colors. But when the screen is fully white it's hard to spot them. The grey pattern has also expanded over the past few days.

    1 AnswerMonitors3 months ago
  • Question for Samsung and LG monitor users. Is Magic Upscale and Super Resolution+ really worth it?

    Both LG and Samsung monitors highlight their video Upscaling feature called Magic Upscale and Super Resolution+ respectively in their specs sheet. I haven't seen other brands mention something like this.

    Both of these features upscale images and try to minimize quality loss for lower resolution videos.

    I Plan to get a new 1080p monitor and i do a lot of video watching. Mostly 720p videos. 

    So will this feature be useful for watching lower resolution videos or is this something that you prefer to keep if off at all times.

    Monitors3 months ago
  • White spots on my monitor.?

    The grey area is very much visible when the screen is displaying darker images. When is screen is fully white it's hard to spot them. The grey area also expanded over the past few days.

    3 AnswersMonitors3 months ago
  • Is it bad to thoroughly turn compost everyday?

    Since turning brings down the temperature of the pile is it good to turn it everyday? i am using a bucket with several holes as a container for the pile

    4 AnswersGarden & Landscape5 years ago
  • Compost smells orangey (Citrus like smell)?

    There are also some small white worms present, possibly black soldier fly larva ,is this bad what should i do to fix it ?

    8 AnswersGarden & Landscape5 years ago
  • Is 47,000 per year SGD a good salary?

    is this good enough generally and for someone who works as a technical consultant at Apple .

    If possible please mention your designation and how much you make annually

    6 AnswersSingapore5 years ago
  • Question about GPU boost?

    Here's what i understood about GPU boost correct me if i am wrong

    Your video card overclocks to boost clock when it's below a certain temperature (say 80 degrees) and comes back to the base clock if it hits 80 degrees .

    So does this mean when playing a graphics intensive game half of the level i would be playing at say 50 FPS (With boost) and the other half at 40 FPS when the card reaches the temp limit and then again back to 50 FPS when card cools down again .Won't this give a bad experience ?

    Also isn't pushing the card to go upto 80 degrees a bad thing with the excessive heat and fan noise ?

    2 AnswersAdd-ons5 years ago
  • Is it possible to install 64 bit version of win 8 along with the 32 bit version of win 8?

    I don't want to replace my 32 bit with the 64 bit version ,I want to keep them both

    I will be installing the 64 bit OS on a separate partition

    2 AnswersSoftware6 years ago
  • Is this the sound of a dying hard drive?

    i placed my cell phone over the hard drive to record this so the sound wasn't as loud as it is in the audio clip,but i could definitely hear it from my chair .

    I recorded the sound when windows was frozen for about 5 minutes and then recovered automatically

    I have heard this sound before when windows is not able to boot properly, with only a black screen and other bad situations and not under normal working situations

    I also had issues before with my hdd and still do get it sometimes which i have posted here and this might be related to it

    Thanks in advance

    2 AnswersDesktops6 years ago
  • Can you see the difference between 900p and 1080p while gaming ?

    assume you have eliminated jaggies with 4xAA turned on, with the same graphics settings for both resolutions

    if your answer is yes is the difference worth it (worth the money to reach that resolution) and do you have have to sit close up to notice the difference (Is it visible from couch distance)

    I'm asking this due to the ongoing resolutions wars between PS4 and Xbox 1

    1 AnswerDesktops6 years ago
  • Command prompt window randomly flashing on the screen?

    A command prompt window is randomly flashing on my screen it opens and closes quickly so it is difficult to read what was written ,all i saw was one line (not sure maybe it was showing a file location like c:\windows\system32)

    also when i watch videos on media player classic player on fullscreen and when that windows flashes it causes my media player to come out of fullscreen with a message at the bottom " focus lost to c:\windows\system32\ntvdm.exe" ,maybe that is the culprit file but i can't delete it's since its used by windows somehow

    i opened my task manager and did not see ntvdm.exe running under proccess tab (details tab in windows 8) and i also checked the startup tab for suspicious programs and tried disabling everything besides audio driver and antivirus but still no luck.

    so kindly suggest any solutions

    1 AnswerSoftware6 years ago
  • Can an overloaded hard drive cause this problem?

    i have a 160 GB hard drive with 4 partitions the prmary partition has has around 4GB of free space and the rest of them have around 2.5GB ,1.7GB and 3GB free space respectively

    the problem i am facing is whenever i indirectly restart the computer ,for instance when the system freezes and i have no option but to press the physical restart switch then after that i am not able to get into windows properly sometimes i get blue screen ,recurring restarts during the os boot etc.

    So to solve this problem i have to use chkdsk, sfc /scannow tools from command prompt in my Win 8 os disk

    currently i am running win 8 and i have restarted my pc indirectly several times before without any issues (Usually most of the time) so is my overloaded HDD causing this issue

    3 AnswersDesktops6 years ago
  • tips to optimize computer ups battery?

    i am planning to replace the battery of my UPS, i need tips to optimize it that is make it last longer

    give info like should i charge it regularly if so then when

    1 AnswerDesktops7 years ago
  • Computer ups battery recommendation?

    i have a numeric 600va ups which is not giving me any backup

    and i think replacing the ups battery might fix that ,so recommend me from which brand i should get the battery, i have found one at ebay but don't know if its any good

    2 AnswersDesktops7 years ago
  • how does a 64 bit os affect performance?

    i know about the RAM limitation which was overcome by 64bit os .But i'm confused about how 64 bit made applications to run faster ("if they really do run faster") and how dedicated 64 bit apps like opera 64bit and 64 bit flash player run faster, since they use less than 3.25 gb memory most of the times

    if possible tell me if 64bit os uses 64bit registers to speed up performance.

    to summarise please tell how 64 bit helped boost performance.

    3 AnswersOther - Hardware7 years ago
  • will Cooler Master IC Value V1 Thermal Compound effective for my GPU?

    I need this for applying it to my GPU (NVidia 8400gs)

    the stock core speed of my card is 589 MHz and at that speed temperature reaches 80 degrees during gameplay and I have to underclock my GPU to 400mhz to get stable temperature, so will this paste be helpful to go back to my stock speed and get normal temperature

    3 AnswersOther - Hardware7 years ago
  • is my video eligible for monetization 10 points?

    i made a video showing some tricks that can be done by using vlc media player and I tried to monetize it

    Youtube thumbnail

    in video manager of youtube I see "!" symbol stating "Not monetized. click to provide proof of commercial use rights"

    I also got a mail as follows

    We have not been able to confirm your commercial use rights to all the elements of your video.

    We may consider your video(s) for further review provided you verify that you are authorized to commercially use all of the elements of your content. This includes all video, images, music, video game footage, and any other audio or visual elements

    the song which I used for background is free to use as mentioned by the uploader, as long long as I mention some things about the song in the description

    Youtube thumbnail

    when i click the "!" icon there is an option with checkbox "I can provide proof of commercial use right"

    and there is a dropdown menu stating

    my video contains only my original content

    i have online licence for some or all of the contents

    i have written permission to use some or all of its contents

    when i choose the the 1st option it asks to provide

    Your song/musical piece

    Music composer/publisher

    Your music label (if any)

    Link to software license terms (if any)

    when choosing 2nd option it asks

    Name of the track

    Artist of the track

    Direct URL of the track

    Video game or software name

    Link to online license terms

    Primary source establishing public domain status

    1 AnswerYouTube7 years ago
  • Question about Dishonored game aspect ratio?

    does dishonored support 16:9 aspect ratio on 800 *600 or 1024*768 resolution i mean playing the game without the black bars on the side i have a 8400gs card and might not be able to play at 720p resolution so i get black bars on the side for some games

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games8 years ago