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  • How should I word this?

    Back when I was living with my now-ex, I put a hole in the wall because we were playing around and I tried to push him off the bed and he wouldn't budge, I braced my foot against the wall and instead of knocking him off like I'd intended, I ended up putting my foot through the wall. At the time we thought it was funny, and we kept making plans to fix it in the future, but then we had a very big bad breakup and he and his friends won't talk to me and they're adding to 'damaged his house' to the list of "horrible, horrible" things I did.

    I'm trying my very best to be the bigger person in all of this, because I tried it a few days ago and honestly taking the moral high ground was fun because people said I surprised a lot of people and many people gave me props for handling the situation like I did.

    So I want to send him money to get the wall fixed, since I was the one who put it there. I'm gonna put it in a card, but I'm getting stuck on the wording that should be included.

    I need a better, non-snarky way to say this:

    Here is the money for the hole you and your friends are claiming I was so horrible in putting in your wall. I wish I could fix the hole in your head, but that would take a good shrink and meds. Now take this, fix your wall and you can finally pretend I was never there in the first place. I wish I could do the same with my own life.

    Well.. okay, in actuality I just wanted to get that out in a productive way.

    But, really, what do I say that's not going to think I am doing this because I want a second chance (because I am so GONE) but that I feel bad (without bending over and taking more of his abuse) and want to apologize for at least what I did in the situation.

    Any ideas?

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  • "I'm finally happy" songs?

    I'm making a playlist for my fading depression. Life has been such crap this year, but it's finally passing and I feel like I'm home again and I'm finally waking up to see that things aren't as bad as I thought. I'm also rekindling old friendships I let pass through my fingers while I was upset and it's great just being home.

    Anyone have any song ideas for a playlist like this?

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  • How do you say: "I hope the Germans haven't caught you yet." in german?

    I have a running joke with a friend of mine. He is learning german, but he won't tell me why and he told me I have to keep the fact that he is learning German a secret from everyone else. So I've been pretending he's a german spy, because it's the only logical reason I can come up with for all this secrecy. I want to txt him "I hope the Germans haven't caught you yet." in german. How do you say that?

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  • What could this repeating dream mean?

    I keep having this repeating (section of a) dream where I'm carrying my kitten around outside in my arms, but I can't put her down because I'm afraid she'll run away but I'm not near my house or anywhere else where I could safely put her down without her rushing off and getting lost. So I just have to keep carrying her around and can never put her down.

    The first dream I had the part in took place while I was walking around my neighborhood in the dream, I was lost and couldn't find my way back home. I didn't have any food, but I had taken my cat with me. We just walked around town for hours looking for home, until I finally found a road that led back to my house.

    The second dream took place while I was biking around a beautiful lake (where I go camping every year in real life, but it didn't look like what it did in real life but it was the same place). There was a lovely sunset and I biking with my legs but carrying my cat around in my arms. I said something about how it was so nice to have memories like this for when bad times in life happen. Eventually, we got into town and I got off the bike and started walking around looking for a place to stay.

    Any ideas about what this slightly repetative dream could mean?

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  • What are some metal bands that sing their lyrics?

    I'm looking for some good metal bands that actually sing their lyrics instead of just scream them. Any ideas?

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  • Can I call the day after submitting my resume?

    I dropped off my resume in person yesterday at around 2pm. The supervisor was busy on a conference call, so her secretary took it instead. I want to call today to see if she recieved my resume and ask about setting up an interview, but is it too early? Should I wait till Monday?

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  • What songs makes you happy?

    I'm trying to 'fake it till I make it' and I realize that music can really change my mood. Does anyone have any recommendations for good, bouncy happy music?

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  • Songs for the one you hate to love?

    I need lyrics that say something like 'just because I love you doesn't mean you have me wrapped around your finger.. this is just a feeling.. no, seriously, just a feeling.. it'll pass.. why isn't it passing..'

    I don't know, something like that.

    The mix will be titled "Fighting Gravity" with the subtitle "Even if I am in love with you, what's it to you?" if that helps any..

    So I far I have these songs:

    Marlene On The Wall - Suzanne Vega

    How Do I Deal - Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Crush - Jennifer Paige

    Wicked Game - Chris Isaak

    Falling Is Like This - Ani DiFranco

    I Won't Say I'm In Love - Susan Egan

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  • How soon does chronic dehydration go away?

    If you have chronic problems from dehydration, how soon will they go away if you start drinking 8 glasses of water a day? I have huge black circles under my eyes and am hoping that after I fix the chronic dehydration they will go away.

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  • Can I vote if I didn't register this year?

    Is registering to vote a year by year thing? Because I registered as a democrat in like 2001 and I thought that was all I had to do to be able to vote in the election, but now I'm wondering if I had to fill out my voting registration again this year. How do I find out if I'm allowed to vote tomorrow?

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  • Is this in iambic pentameter?

    I'm trying to write in iambic pentameter, but I don't think I have it down yet. Can you tell me if this is in iambic pentameter, or which parts of it are not?

    Our children witness such horrid mean acts

    The liars daily warp their hearts and minds

    Commercials raise them greedy, blurring facts

    Around sick fingers each revolves and winds

    Until they cannot even just relax!

    We must remove misleading lies, all kinds,

    Before our future dies to never see

    The many things it could grow to be.

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  • What is the name of this painting? And who painted it?

    What is the name of this painting? And who painted it?

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  • What happens to an animal that is in a car when the driver gets into an accident?

    I need a detail for my short story:

    Say a person is driving their car and their animal is also in the car with them. They hit something, get knocked unconscious and is taken to the hospital. If the police found the pet and knew it belonged to the owner, what would they do with it? Does it go to a shelter then if they can't find any next of kin of the driver? Would the police keep it or give it to another department?

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  • Does this work as an epigram?

    Does this work as an epigram:

    "If you do not wish to become obese;

    Try running from the police."


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  • Can I get a comprehensive list of job search sites?

    I'm trying to send out my resume as many times as humanly possible this week. Whoever can name me the most FREE jobsearch sites gets ten points.

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  • Does it matter if the temporary filling falls out around a post?

    I had a root canal about a week ago. A few days, it was still hurting and getting worse, so I went back and the dentist noticed that the post was sticking out so she put some more filling around it. She also gave me antibiotics and some pain medication, and told me that the pain of this very deep root canal could last a month or so.

    I just checked my tooth today, and the post seems to be sticking out again. But I have an appointment to get it crowned a week from now. What should I do? Can anything bad happen to the tooth if it's already plugged up with a post? Or do I have to go in to the dentist to get another refill?

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  • How do I get him to stop being so nice?

    I'm in a bit of an awkward situation. I've always really admired my friend (who happens to be dating my other close friend). Lately though, he's been going out of his way to be extra special nice to me and buying me presents and such, probably because I've been going through a lot of bad stuff and he wants to be a good friend.

    However, on the other hand, I've always sort of liked him. It's a weird sort of liking, somewhat just admiration and somewhat something I don't want to think about because of our situation (we're best friends, he's already dating someone, ect..). His whole nice routine is really feeding that fire and I don't want this get out of hand. I CAN'T like him like that. It would just be impossible.. but he's still throwing gasoline on this fire without even knowing it.

    I've tried to tell him to stop buying me things, but he refuses to do so because he doesn't understand why I wouldn't appreciate a gift from one friend to another. But, I just need to make him stop before we all get hurt.. but I can't tell him exactly why (or maybe I could and we could all just laugh about it afterwards).

    What do I do? How do I make him understand without telling him bluntly that he's causing me to like him more-than-platonically?

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  • Good stores for work clothes?

    I need to get some business casual clothes. All the stores with business stores look too matronly, all the other stores are too trendy and too low cut. Where can I get cool business casual clothes that don't make me look like a little old librarian but not like the office secretary that's sleeping with the boss?

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  • What are the risks of taking codeine with adrenal insufficency/addison's disease?

    What are the risks of taking codeine with adrenal insufficency/addison's disease?

    Medicine1 decade ago
  • How long does it take to get a new social security card?

    I'm going down to DSS when it opens. How long of a wait is there usually until I get to talk to someone there (my father said it was really bad like the DMV)?

    Also, will they give me one today or mail it to me?

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