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  • Projectile motion. When the projectile is shot from an elevated spot.?

    I'm a bit stuck on a problem, though I'm sure its easier than it looks. I have this typical projectile motion physics problem, but the projectile is launched from an elevated point (like about 30m above the x-axis).

    Its asking to find the horizontal range of the projectile. I know the formula to find the horizontal range, but will the formula work? If I'm not mistaken, a projectile will have a different distance travelled when its launched from an elevated height. as oppose to if it were launched at the same level that it would land on.


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  • Quick Survey (for school report)?

    Scale of 1-5 (1 the worst, 5 the best)

    1. Your Success selling things online.

    2. Your Success buying things online.

    3. The difficulty of buying/selling online.

    Yes or No questions

    4. Have you ever bought a product from online that was not available in your country?

    5. If so would you do it again?

    Thank you for participating, I appreciate it very much!


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  • Basic Calculus problem (conic sections) need help!?

    Ok this is probably just a simple problem, but its got me stumped.

    Heres the problem...


    Now it asks to identify the type of conic section and to find the vertices as well as the foci.

    I know this is a Parabola from looking at the equation and i know that the vertex is at (0,-1), but im very stumped about the foci which im assuming is what is really the focus.

    Please help



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  • Drawing Hands!!!!!???!?!?!?!!?!?

    Does anyone (artist, whoever) have any formulated strategy to draw hands. You know, some sort of technique or tips to drawing hands. I have yet to find a way to draw hands without having to erase and draw them over for like an hour.

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  • Favorite patriotic song?

    Since today is the 4th of July, im curious as to what your favorite patriotic song is, whether is a composition from Philip Sousa, a country song, or whatever.

    My favorite is Stars and Stripes forever by Sousa.

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  • Are the Detroit Red Wings the best sports franchise in North America at this moment?

    Seriously, four (perhaps even five) championships in the last 15 years. Adapting well from picking up elite talent from the bottom of drafts (Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Franzen, etc), keeping a mix of old and young talent. With the success the Wings have had in the last 15 years as well as their brilliance in management, i'd say its almost impossible to find another North American team with such consistency of success, perhaps the New England Patriots..but what do you think? if you disagree, please back it up proficiently.

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  • who will have a better NBA career? Rodney Stuckey or Rajon Rondo?

    alright so who will be better in their career and who is currently better?

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  • Best college football team EVER?

    i got the 1901 Michigan football team. whats your opinion?

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  • Getting my HD movies from my laptop to my TV?

    I have a Macbook pro and i notice that when i purchase movies on itunes, they are of HD quality.

    I have an HDTV and im wondering if there is a cable that i can connect from my laptop to my HDTV to play those HD movies? This cable also has to be able to stream that HD quality from my Laptop to my HDTV

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  • What is the Hardest Sport?

    alright in your opinion and with an explanation, what is the hardest sport out there? whether it takes toughness, skill, etc.

    I think its golf, personally, it takes a looonnng time to get good at it. let alone at least be able to hit a ball.

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  • Should the US embrace innovative and strategic thinking? ?

    With the economy being as bad as it is right now, should US citizen be embraced to pursue careers thats are more innovative than working at wal-mart or anything else that has to do with manufacturing or mass producing?

    personally i think they should because its harder to lose a job that involves innovative thinking and introducing strategic thinking would create better leadership in the American companies.

    whats do you think about the question and my opinion?

    i dont mind anybashing on my idea :)

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  • Help from Non-Profit Organizations?

    Ok im in college and for english, i have a project where i have to do a writting for a non-profit organization, the writing can be a letter, Brochure, an Advertisment, a memo. So im basically asking if theres anyone here who are a part of a non-profit organization, that think they could need someone to make something up for them. thanks :D

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  • Longetivity of Cable Wiring?

    does anyone know how long until your suppose to change the Cable wiring at your home?

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  • what makes you boo people?

    being on yahoo answers, i found out that alot of people here have different tendencies on booing peoples answers for the question, some boo for kicks i guess, whats your motive to boo ones answer??

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  • whats better, FIBA or NBA?

    whats better, both are completely different, FIBA is almost anti NBA where your allowed to defensively prevent those from driving into the lanes for a nice slam, the NBA doesnt allow you to lay a single finger on an offensive player. whats your opinion?

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  • higher expectations.?

    do you think todays world has higher expectationg than say 50 years ago? even less?

    i think so, today thanks to new inventions (especially in the communications) with internet and satellites, the world seems to easily have access with any information, this is causing school to up the bar in education and its also leveling the playing field in the international economy as the small companies can compete at a international scale just like the big dogs. whats your opinions, feel free to throw anything out, im open minded :)

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  • Meaning behind your screename?

    mine is Striker300southpaw and its pretty self explanitory

    im a bowler, i bowled a 300, and my left handed :D

    whats yours about?

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  • I need to know where to get a certian gift?

    Where can i get black roses at?? i mean like a website or some international florist. i want to get some for someone for chrsitmas :))

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  • does she love me or are we just friends?

    ok im kinda lost, i've been crushin on this girl for a while, showed alot of care and respect to her, but im not sure if she feels the same way though, also we are great friends. but i've asked her out before and she said she rather not date me because shes afraid we will lose our friendship and that dating is complex, and she has at times considered dating me. but she told me that i be the kind of guy she would marry. im confused, especially us still being in high school and i havent even dated before let alone considered marrying someone, does that mean she just wants to be friends or something bigger? idk i need some feedback,

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