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  • Is what Im doing really so wrong?

    I have been married for 14 yrs and my wife has lost interest in sex and no matter what I do I cant get her to take any interest. I have thought about leaving but really dont want to as I still love my wife I just need a sex life

    A few months ago I was at my mother inlaws doing a few jobs for her as she is on her own she was feeling a but depressed that day and and to cheer her up I put my arms around her and gave her a cuddle Im not sure is it was me being so sexually frustrated or it was her feeling the same too. But we started kissing, being so frustrated I couldnt stop my self and i had my hand under her top feeling her breasts and before long we were both naked and making love in her bed. Afterward we both did feel guilty about what we had done. We did have a long talk about it later but since the we both have realised that we do give each other some happiness when we are together and no one else will ever know about us Since then we have made love about once a week I feel so much better now in not frustrated all the time and I am happier with my wife. Is it really so wrong to have this secret affair if it makes me and my mother inlaw happy

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