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i am a little new but i am always open to meet people. Dame un mensaje si tu quieres!;)

  • Benign Fasciculations or ALS?

    I first started experiencing fasciculations in my hands about 14 months ago which was May 2019. To this date I have experienced fasciculations which are muscle twitches however they last only a short. Of time usually only seconds and they go away they affect different parts of my body never the entire muscle group that usually pretty focused and different days bring on different intensities and frequencies of the Twitches. Maybe I'm doing too much Googling but if I had ALS would those symptoms have progressed within those 14 months or is it still a strong possibility?

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  • Get HIS TRUST back?

    So me and my ex broke up 5 years ago. Since then he moved to another state and we've been friends. Recently he has moved to my state where cost of living is cheaper. We have been living together for months and during the course of those months we have gotten close..kissing cooking together and rly bonding. However after a few situations thatbhappened which led mebto believe he no longer was interested in me, i slept with someone else. I told him..he seemingly got over it..but the sex was never the same. Recently i believe he may have seen guy texts in my phone and recently stated he no longer wants to cross that line anymore..and that he doesnt trust me sexually. How do i get his trust back???

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  • Was i really wrong?

    So im pregnant and my boyfriend broke up with me and left me to take care of the rent for the apartment that we had got together. Reason why he found out that 6months ago i made a fake facebook page with my sister who also use it for other ppl.. For us to mess with him. Idea was just too ask him stuff out yell him stuff about me and see what he would do. Now im about to deliver my baby alone, possibly have to break lease because i can't afford it alone. He says he will support baby but forget me. Did i deserve it?

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  • GUY.ADVICE?? texting..??! 60 points?

    Okay so I met a pretty nice guy...we went on a date and it went well.that night gee had text me and even asked for a second. However..he isn't texting much..btw he has a pretty demanding job. It's been 3 days since I've received a text...what should I text him? I'm outgoing but I'm horrible at texting.. what can I say other than the usual"what's up" or "how's your day"???

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    How would i say the following. ( how you would normally say them)

    Why did he punch like that?

    He cant fight.

    She hit me.

    He/She is bullshiting.

    you are greedy.

    Also how would you use the phrase "como que"? and what exactly does it mean?

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  • GIRLS BOXING??!?!?!?

    Okay so this may seem lie a crazy question but how would you box someone who doesnt box? for example girls in particular tend to pull hair a lot and grab at the body and clothes. I really think that is rather square up. Buuuuut in the cxase of street fights would it be better to just scrap or square up and box? since any thing goes with a street fight....your opinions please....what would you lean more towards?

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    i am looking t buy a blade for my boyfriend's birthday. Something nice bu looks vicious. always maybe in a 40$ price range. any onlin sources????

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  • SEX TIP????????? ( gus only!!!!!!!)?

    okay so i had jus lost my virginity a little while ago. And i have had sex since then but...usually when me and my boyfriend has sex he is on top or behind me. ( pretty much doing the work.) I feel as though since i am not experienced if i get on top i wont realy be doin it good. ANY GUY TIPS FOR GIRL ON TOP?? i know what you are suppose to do but there is a bug difference between jus doin it and doing it well!!

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    So, me and my boyfriend had met in medical school. So far we have been together for a year and we were talking about moving in with each other. The only thing is im from pennsylvania and he iis from New York. Where i live is pretty boring and there aren't that many job opportunities and i had always wanted to live back in the city. ( im originally from new jersey.) The ony thing is the only person i would have is him and my godmother ( whom lives in staten island). He is 20 and so am I. So far we spend just aout everyday together. I just want a few good, prefferably experienced, opinions pleaseeeee??

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  • BEST CONDOMS?????????

    ok my boyfriend tells me that he hates having to wear condoms..hesaid that when he wears them that it just doesnt feel the same and that it takes away A LOT of the sensitivity. ( Me and my boyfriend have never had sex yet though) So any suggestions for a condom that has a really THIN feel..that is COMFORTABLE ( especially around the head to give room) and will feel good for him?

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  • Help On A CLASSIFICATION essay?

    ok i have to write a classificaTION ESSAY on religions in i figured that i would do judaism, islam, and christianity,,,,however how can i start my essay? what can i use for a strong thesis? or an underlining theme that ties them all together??

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  • Messin around with him?

    I have this guy friend, and we are really coolll. But reciently we fooled around and did some * things*.. he and I . However , the next day it wasn't awkward, as if it nev happened. And I don't even like him, romantically.. So I dnt want a relationship and I kno he doesn't either.. Is this normal? I think I just feel comfortable with him.. And might even do ut again. What do you think?? Am I a slut? Does he find me attractive possibly?

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  • What does that make me?

    I have this rly good guy friend. We've known each other for 3 mnths but see each other everday. Well recently we fooled around. He kissed me, my chest and stuff and I gave him a *******. It was the first bj to give..we still talk and stuff and it's as if that night never happened. Am I a slut?

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    From this list of words, are there any that you really use? are there some that are wrong translated or some that really arent used or that sound weird??

    A calzón quita'o - Calzón is the old Spanish for breeches. A calzón quita'o literally means with pants off, it is used to express that something or someone have nothing to hide and can be trusted; bluntly honest. e.g. Hablemos a calzón quita'o translate as let's have an honest conversation.

    A fuego - Literally means "On fire", but it refers to something being "cool" or "good". "Don't bother him, he's a good person". "That activity was cool".

    Abombao - Smelly...damp cloth or fabric that smell for sitting out rotten. A very bad or putrid odor or something, namely food, that is spoiled.

    Abochornarse - to blush. Comes from Bochorno, the Spanish Muslim woman's veil.

    Atángana - An interjection similar to "In your face!".

    Achaques - The aches and pains of growing old.

    Acho or Chacho - the shortened form of the expression ¡Muchacho! (meaning "Man!", "guy" or "dude"). Usually, it's used as a Grammatical conjunction|conjunction to bridge between thoughts. Also, it can be

    Acho men or Chacho men - "Damn, dude!", or simply just "Damn". Actually "acho men" as in "Oh man!" an expression of disappointment or surprise.

    Acho que fiebre - "What a fever, dude!", "Hot or feverish for something", as in "liking something so much that you have to do it or wear it every day."

    Adobao - contraction of the participle tense 'adobado:' "to be seasoned with spices." Example: when you have been in the Puerto Rican heat and have been seasoned in your own sweat.

    Afrentao - Contraction of the participle tense 'afrentado'. An outrageously selfish person. A glutton. A person who wants it all; greedy.

    ¡A las millas de chaflán! - "Driving fast", "speeding past someone", "walking fast", or "at the speed of the chamfer." Used as a criticism, such as "There he goes, driving that car with hellish speed!. Chaflán means "chamfer", as in chamfer street corners like streets in Barcelona, Spain and Ponce, Puerto Rico. Because you don't have to slow down as much going through a chamfered street corner as you would if it is a square corner.

    Aguacatao - contraction of the participle tense 'aguacatado'. From Aguacate or Avocado, which falls when a storm comes. A person waiting to see when things will get better. An intimidated person whose actions are very guarded and calculated, an insecure person; a "lump on a log"

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    okay i cant get the meaning of what this person is saying...

    "cuando me besas, me dan ganas y no lo puedo evitar"

    what does this mean?

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    I née help pleaser and none if my friends will tell ne these words that were in a song





    Please tell me the real translation notbjust the txtbook words

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    When do I know to say which? Let's say I wanna say that I am looking for a job. Do I say busco para un trabajo or do I say estoy buscando para trabajo... ? How do know when to use the " ing"?

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  • LATINOS HELP???? Am i wrong??????

    my mom is black and my dad is puerto rican but i live with my mom. So moast my life ive livd black. But ive ben learnin spanish for a while from friends and family friends whom also are puerto rican. My spanish is rly good too. Ivebeen told i have the PR accent too..ive also decided to go to PR for a year. But my mom gets annoyed that i speak spanish. She has even asked me am i black anymore?? Should i feel guilty for wantin to learn my culture or for being ably to speak spanish?? Does the fact that im half black erase the fact that im also half puerto rican?? R should i still embrace it?

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  • PUERTO RICANS...i need translations?

    how do i say in spanish...i am black and puerto rican....i plan to major in spanish

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    okay i know that dime means tell me.....and so does digame..and i heard that encuentame is kinda the same...when and how do i use the three phrases correctly???

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