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  • Is there a reason why the Trump campaign has to spend millions recounting ballots that won't likely produce a different result?

    I just read that Wisconsin recount will likely cost the Trump campaign $8M.  Trump is spending millions on recounts that will likely produce the same results, Biden still wins.  Even if 10,000 Biden votes get thrown out and Trump gets 1,000 more votes, Biden still wins.  

    Trumps only hope is to prove widespread voter fraud and get the whole election thrown out, but that's unlikely since he already had a bunch of lawsuits thrown out due to a lack of evidence.  

    Is there some reason Trump has to spend all that money?  Couldn't Trump do something better with that money?  Shouldn't Trump's lawyer advise him these lawsuits are useless and pointless?

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  • What would happen if by some miracle several states flipped and Trump won the election? ?

    Would the American people accept that?  I know several Trump supporters who have turned on Trump because of his refusal to concede after he obviously lost.  

    Today I had another Trump call asking for support, they want a donation because Trump refuses to accept the fact that he lost to a senile old man.  It had me wondering just how the country would react if we woke up one morning to the news that Trump actually won the election.  Would it be worth it to Trump to win now with everyone over the election and down on him?

    I'm thinking we would have riots like we've never seen before.  

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  • Why are people so delusional they think that President Trump can still win?

    The election is over, Joe Biden has been declared the winner and is now President-Elect.  Several states would need to flip which will not happen.  President Trump already tried to claim voter fraud but the judge in each state threw the case out for lack of evidence.  It's over.

    Youtube seems to be loaded with fake news and false information.  Why are people believing this crap.  Everyday somebody posts on Facebook that the late ballots will be thrown out and Trump will be declared the winner.  That is FAKE news.

    Trump refuses to concede, I wanted Trump to win, but he didn't, Biden won and now Trump needs to do the adult thing and commit to a peaceful transfer of power.  Trumps own family is begging him to concede otherwise it will be necessary for the military to remove him from the whitehouse using whatever force is necessary.  

    I'm for Trump, but I believe at this time all Americans should encourage him to concede for the sake of the Country.  If Trump is removed by force, it is likely to cause trouble in this country like we've never seen before.

    Why can't people just wake up and face the truth?  Biden won and that's not going to change.

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  • What happens to the money donated to Trumps defeat Joe Biden fund when Trump looses the election?

    I just had another Trump campaign phone call.   President Trump needs our help to defeat Joe Biden.  Looking at the map, it looks to me like Biden has already won, they just need to make it official.  So now I'm curious, what exactly are the going to do with money donated to Trump now and what happens to the money after Joe Biden wins?

    The election was on Tuesday, This is Thursday evening and Trump still thinks he can win.

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  • If I have a standard phone jack on my cable modem, is that the same as a VOIP phone?

    My cable modem has a standard phone jack so I can just take my landline phone and plug it in to the modem then make free long distance calls via cable internet.  The cable company did issue me a phone number when the hooked up my internet.

    Would that be the same as a VOIP phone?  One work from home employer requires a VOIP phone so I was wondering if that qualified.  I wouldn't think it would be the same as having a landline in the house since it's not using telephone lines.

    When I emailed the company they said services such as Magic Jack were not allowed.  No Google Voice, etc.  Would I need to get a regular network phone that plugs into the router if I get this job? 

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  • What is the best landline replacement for an older person?

    I want to do something to replace my mom's landline because it is getting so expensive.  I think around here the cost of a residential dial tone is $35 and that's if she doesn't call long distance.

    I'm not sure about getting her a cell phone, touch screens are out for her, I can't get her to understand how to dial a call or answer the phone if it rings.  She is also worried about loosing her phone number.  My parents had an old heavy phone mounted on the kitchen wall until 1973 when the phone company replaced it with a lighter plastic phone and they had that rotary phone until 1993 when that phone was replaced with a newer phone and she's had her current phone since.   She's had the same phone number since 1973.

    I was considering a home phone from Straight Talk, then I could just plug in a regular phone, but I'm not sure if I could just port her current landline or if she would need a new number.  Also it's a real pain to port back out of Straight Talk, only the connection center at Walmart knows how to do it.

    I've been trying to teach her how to use a cordless handset but it hasn't been easy.

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  • If I change my phone number after filling out dozens of job applications, can I just re-apply to the jobs with my new number?

    I bought a new cell phone and Verizon gave me a bad phone number.  I wanted a local number because I was applying for jobs around the area and I've been using this number on dozens of job applications and my updated resume'.  Whoever had this number last must have had dozens of accounts in collections and I'm getting collection calls all day long, non-stop as many as 20 or more calls a day.   They call wanting Carl, when I tell them there's no Carl here and hang up, they call back.

    I've been told once bill collectors get ahold of your phone number, they never stop trying to call it.  My guess is Carl owed lots of money and changed his phone number to try to avoid the bill collectors and I was unlucky enough to get Carl's old number.  When I talk with Verizon they said they could give me a different number.

    I tried blocking some of the numbers that were calling, but these places keep calling from different numbers, I have a bunch of blocked numbers and they are still calling.  Every day my voicemail is full and Verizon makes me listen to all my messages before deleting them.  I would like to keep the phone number, but I don't see a way to make the collection calls stop.  If I tell them I'm Carl and I have no intention of ever paying them would they just give up?  What do I do about all the job applications I've filled out with this phone number if I change it?

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  • What is the best way to answer a customer when they ask how we know our surfaces are properly disinfected when I don't think they are?

    I've had customers ask how we know all our surfaces are properly disinfected.  The directions on the spray bottle say to spray surfaces down then wait 10 minutes.  This isn't always possible, sometimes we are really busy so we have to quick wipe the surfaces then get out of the way of the customer.  Restrooms can be a bearcat because management doesn't want them closed when we are busy plus we are often short staffed.  What's been bothering me is a know-it-all assistant manager is instructing employees to dilute our disinfectant with water 50/50 when the instructions on the bottle clearly state "use full strength, do NOT dilute".  The whole deal is, our industrial chemicals are expensive, so the manager wants to look good by saving the company money.  

    What it comes down to, I'm spraying the surface with diluted disinfectant and then wiping down immediately.  When it comes to restrooms, we are to get in, hurry get it cleaned and get out quickly as people need to use it.  

    I just don't know how to answer customers when they ask if we are getting our surfaces properly sanitized because I don't think we are. 

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  • What really is the purpose of an automatic dishwasher?

    Every time my parents come by my place my mom complains that I don't have my dishes clean enough before loading them in the dishwasher.  If I haven't ran the dishwasher, she takes the dishes out, washes them by hand then puts them back.  If that's not bad enough, she takes water glasses out of my cupboard and washes them by hand because they have spots on them.  

    I recall seeing a television commercial where this little girls asks "what does the dishwasher do".  So just what does the dishwasher do?  I don't think I would ever replace it because it's not worth the price.

    I only have mine because it came with the place.

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  • Why do I keep getting campaign calls from Trump when Biden has already won the election?

    I've been getting 3 or more calls a day "Hi, I'm Donald Trump and I'm running for President of the United States of America".  I just hang up on the recording, why donate to the campaign fund when Trump has already lost.  I've been getting dozens of emails every day.  

    I can't wait for the election to be over so I stop getting these useless and annoying calls.  I've never once had any such call from Biden.  

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  • Would you live in a camper full-time?

    The local mobile home park is getting kind of empty, looks like mobile homes are getting to be a thing of the past, plus while they are called mobile homes, they are very expensive to move.  I've noticed they've rented out mobile home spaces to campers.  Most of them are huge 5th wheel units with slide outs and are very nice inside.  Kind of small for a family but a nice size for a single guy or couple.  

    What I like about it, when I want to leave, just hook on with a truck and take your home with you, no permit needed.  Friends are always begging me to move to be closer to them, then after I relocate, they take off and move out of state leaving me alone in the town again.  If I regret moving in a few months, I can just leave.  

    Would that be a bad idea?  Why or why not?  Does it matter if I'm considered homeless as long as I'm not sleeping in the park?  Most mobile home parks that allow you to park campers provide you with a mail box and street address.

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  • How does a collection agency successfully sue somebody?

    In this example the President of my company hired a new security company and told them he would prefer they slow down traffic coming in and around the property.  The security company responded by posting 5 mph speed limit signs and placing one of it's guys beside the road with a toy sports radar gun.  I was pissed because he gave me a ticket for riding my mountain bike 15 mph in a 5 mph zone.  The ticket was for $50 + $20 administration fee.  1. I question the accuracy of his "toy" radar gun.  2. There is no proof what speed was shown, it was just whatever he said it was. 3. How was the dollar amount of the fine calculated?  

    The President of the company had no idea they were using radar and giving fines, he said he just told them to slow down traffic.  When I call the security company, I just get a recording saying they don't return calls concerning ticket disputes.  I go to the office in person and the door is locked.

    I have 14 days to send payment in certified funds, then I'm told they turn you over to a collections agency.  So how could the collections agency collect from you or sue you if they can't prove that I owed the security company that amount?  Wouldn't a judge say that a 5 mph speed limit was ridiculous and unrealistic?

    I'm told by law, the security company collects the fine and gives it to the company I work for then keeps the administration fee for themselves.  Nobody I talked to knows anything about that.

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  • What are the chances that a customer would name a $10/hr. employee mopping a floor on a lawsuit for a slip and fall incident?

    I worked for a place where customers were always threatening to sue, especially over slip and fall incidences.  I had a lady fall on a wet floor while I was mopping and she threatened to sue me personally.  Her husband told me he was a lawyer and while there were wet floor signs, they weren't placed properly and also I had made the floor too wet / slick so I would be 100% liable.  I don't understand if they could see the signs, how they were improperly placed and how they could sue for the floor being too wet if there were wet floor signs.  What's funny is he took pictures of the area AFTER the floor was dry.  I know we did have somebody try to sue the company because an employee left a wet floor sign in the middle of the floor after the floor was dry and the customer tripped over the sign.  

    What are the chances a customer could even get an employee's name to include them in a lawsuit?   I know they didn't get any footage from the security cameras.  The manager said we didn't have cameras covering 100% of the building so there are areas cameras don't see.  Also cameras are not on all the time and not always recording.  Not sure how they could get the footage if the manager claimed he didn't have it.

    I just thought it was funny that they would threaten to name a $10/hr. employee on a lawsuit and was wonder what the chances were that it could happen.

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  • Do I really have to pay a fake speeding ticket written by a private security guard?

    The president of the company hired a new security company to slow down traffic coming in and out of the parking lot.  It's a large multi building complex with streets going around the buildings and several parking areas.  It's all located on private property with one way in and out.  

    I turned into the entrance on my mountain bike, there was a sign speed limit 5 mph and about 15 feet down the street there was a wanna-be robocop in a security uniform standing on the side of the road with a toy sports radar gun.  He flags me down and demands to see my driver's license and company ID.  It's like, why do I have to show you my driver's license, I'm pedaling a bike you moron?  He tells me he clocked me at 15 mph in a 5 mph zone and writes me a fake speeding ticket for $50 + $20 administration fee.  The ticket has instructions for mailing the fine, payable in certified funds, to the security company.  He said if I had any questions, I would have to go downtown to talk to his supervisor.  

    All anybody at the company knows is a new security company was hired but they didn't know much about the tickets except other employees were complaining.  They said the security company was writing tickets for 1 mph over the speed limit which was a $10 fine.  They also wrote a ticket for empty beer cans in the back of a truck.  

    The real cops said the ticket was a fake, but they don't want to get involved since the security guard was on private property.  

    What happens if I don't pay? 

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  • When somebody at work asks "do you know who I am" and you've never seen the person before in your life, how do you answer?

    On a previous job, somebody I've never seen before came up to me and told me he needed me to come outside and jump start his car.  I tried to explain that was against company policy and he replied "Do you know who I am?"  Well, no sir, but I'm sure you are going to tell me.  He told me unless I got my butt out there and did as instructed, I wouldn't just be fired, I'd be super fired.  He said he would make sure of it I would never work again for the rest of my life.  About that time my manager showed up, he had words with the guy and the guy left.  My manager had no clue who the guy was.  We did have a battery charger / starter for company vehicles but it was against company policy to use it to start personal vehicles.  

    On the flip side, a lady with the company told a new guy she needed her garbage emptied.  He replied "I'm not your janitor"  she asked him "do you know who I am"? He pretty much told her he didn't give a crap who she was, he wasn't her janitor.  She turned out to be assistant manager, he was wrote up for insubordination and he spent 2 weeks doing detail cleaning with a toothbrush. 

    So just what is the best response for "do you know who I am"? when you have no clue who the person is?

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  • What kind of optics would you put on a .308 bolt action rifle for 25 to 100 yards?

    I went against advice and bought a Remington 788 from a friend.  He was selling cheap and I couldn't turn it down, I didn't want to pay $700 to over $1,000 for a new rifle.  I like the gun, perfect for walking through the woods with, but it has a no-name 3-9 x 40 scope mounted on it.  I can't find a brand name anywhere on the scope, most likely a $50 scope that came with the gun new.  There are no iron sights.  I should add I've never really cared much for scopes, but then I've never had a high end scope either, I've previously used open sights.  

    I would say taking shots out to 200 yards would be pushing it.   I remember a few years ago, I stopped beside a large tree to load my rifle, looked up and there was an 8 point buck about 15 yards from me looking the other way and paying me no never mind.   I would say the longest possible shot would be 200 yards.  I prefer to take deer closer because I don't want to have to walk 700 yards to try to find the spot where I hit the deer then try to track it.  

    Take out both lungs with a potent cartridge at close range then find the deer within 25 feet of where I shot it, one shot kill.  

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  • Will Donald Trump coins be worth anything when Trump loses the election 2020?

    Just curious if those Trump coins will be worth anything in the future or if they are a big overpriced ripoff.

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  • What is the best rifle to use with open sights for whitetail deer?

    I want to get a new rifle for next year and the guy at the gun shop told me I needed to hurry up and buy it before Jokin Joe gets elected President.  I've been using a Marlin .357 lever carbine but I was told to get a "real" deer rifle.  This year I'm planning on taking out the .50 cal smoke pole with iron sites during muzzleloading season, but I've decided to sit out rifle season.

    I thought about a 25-06 or a .308 but the guy at the shop said both of those needed glass.  I had a bad experience with glass.  When I bought my .357 the guy mounted a good Tasco scope on it, had it zeroed at the range at 100 yards then my first time out the horizontal wire on the crosshairs broke and I shot way over the top of a buck at 25 yards.  I purchased a rear peep site for the receiver and never looked back.  

    I hunt a friend's property along the river bottom with heavy brush.  Deer have been spotted in a clearing which is about a 25 to 50 yard shot.  The biggest problem is only being able to harvest 1 deer per year during rifle season and 1 during muzzleloading season so it's a lot of money for a rifle to take 1 deer.  Coyote and prairie dog is open season year round with no permit required.

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  • Is calling someone a Troll considered an answer?

    I asked a question about a hat.  An anonymous person wrote: "Repeated hat spam from a hat spamming troll" "***Reported for trolling and repeated spam from multiple accounts***"  I reported the answer as a non-answer.  With no warning whatsoever, Yahoo removed my question and took away 10 points.  

    This was the first time I ever asked this question and this is the only account I am using so how do they get "multiple accounts"?  I seen nothing wrong with the question, it was a legitimate question but I guess the jerks running Yahoo don't like questions about hats?  

    I take it it's acceptable to write the word "Reported" as an answer since you did report the question but is it acceptable to call someone a troll?  I see lots of nonsense questions that have answers which aren't really answers which makes this site not very helpful at all.

    Don't you think the coward who hides behind "Anonymous" is the real troll? 

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  • How likely is it the volunteer Fire Department would get sued because of the word "Fireman" on my badge handed down from my Great Grandpa?

    My Great Grandpa was on the local Volunteer Fire Department as was my Grandpa and my dad.  Back when I joined the Volunteer Fire Department my dad handed me down the badge that had been passed down several generations.  On top was L.V.F.D then the fire scramble center seal then the word "Fireman" with the name of the town on the bottom line.

    We keep discussing ordering new badges for everyone but for some reason or another that hasn't happened yet.  Badges really haven't been a priority since we only wear formal uniforms for PR events and the best occasions, otherwise we just have screen print t-shirts.  We are planning a local PR event where formal uniforms will be required for working the event.  Others who already have an older style badge will be wearing their badges on their uniform shirts.  This is the only badge I have, the Fire Chief said he didn't have a problem with it but some people from the public might and he was concerned the fire department might get sued.  He said I would wear it at my own risk, but it would be better not to wear a badge.How likely is it that anyone from the public would even notice the word "Fireman" on my badge or even care?    

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