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  • What's a good binding agent?

    Hello! I'm planning on making some ink so I was wondering what a good binding agent may be so that the colors stay together and dont separate? Thank you!

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    Adobe Animate Issue?

    Ok so here's the deal. I looked at adobe and there were no forums that helped. So anyone here maybe? I'm working on a video, and I'm having an issue turning a certain image into a symbol. Or actually moving it in a separate keyframe at all. 

    So I've drawn a little character being pulled back by his mother. In the first picture, you can see his eye is completely fine. Everything is drawn. Everything is filled, even the whites of the eyes. But for some reason when I try to convert it to a symbol so I can tween it, his right eye pretty much vanishes. 

    So I tried to just manually move him by simply creating a new keyframe and moving him in the desired direction, but for some reason, even doing that causes his eye to disappear. Has anyone else experienced this? What do I do, I tried letting it happen and just copying and pasting his eye but it's like it's not even registering. Any thoughts?

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  • Why can't I move on?

    Two months into my pregnancy i miscarried... that was 8 months ago? Ive been working, and drawing and writing to distract myself. I even have a manga i wanna publish. But now its christmas and I was supposed to have my baby like late last month and I'm supposed to be a mommy taking pictures with my baby and I'm just so... i thought i was over it because i haven't thought about it, and story me's miscarriage didnt effect me like i thought it would and now I saw this commercial of a woman giving birth for a diaper ad and I just cant handle it anymore. I was supposed to experience that with my baby and i was supposed to be spending my first christmas with him or her and now I'm just... drawing some stupid christmas picture in my landlord's house listening to some stupid spanish talk i cant even understand... shouldn't I be past this by now...? How am i supposed to cope? I cant pretend to be fine anymore....

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  • Help me name my manga?

    ok so I ve finally come up with a nice manga idea. Problem? I have no idea what to call it. So here s my summary without giving anything major away.

    Aoi is raising her nephew Haru, and rent is due. She s on her way to a job interview to become a receptionist to her favorite fashion design line, when on her way she finds an injured cat. She mistakes it for a dog and rushes over to help it. Despite her fear of cats, she helped it out regardless because it d be pretty messed up to turn it away. After caring for it, she realizes she s missed her chance when the interviewer calls her and tells her not to bother coming.

    After sulking in the park, the cat s owner spots her, and listens to her wail. Then begins to ask her questions and upon her answering, he decides to hire her as a live in maid. Confused but out of options, Aoi packs up her stuff (and Haru) and off they go. It turns out, the cat s owner is actually Ritsu, the CEO of her favorite line!

    Ritsu is cold and unfeeling, and has basically lost faith in humanity after some personal things. Aoi takes it upon herself as his personal maid to show him that life and humanity aren t all headed for the crapper, while helping him face the darkness in his company that even he wasn t aware of.

    OK I would tell you more because I m really having run writing this out, but that would spoil everything. SO. Can you help me name this?! Or at least give me a tip to name this... I m good at writing stories, naming them is another thing

  • I'm pregnant! Where should we live?

    I just found out I'm pregnant! Hurray! But and my boyfriend are only 19. (Though by the time the baby is born I'll be 20). He wants us to move in with family (i think it's so we have a support system or something....) but I think we should get our own place, because I love with my 83 year old grandma and he has three siblings and his parents, so adding me and a baby that seems like too many people. Which sounds like it'll be incredibly stressful for everyone else including us.

    Should we move in with family or get our own place? Oh and for the record, we didn't plan this baby, but I don't like the idea of abortion or adoption so we're taking responsibility.

    Also if you know any good names, feel free to suggest them. Boy or girl ^^;

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  • I have a cat and a dog, but I want to own my own home Bakery.What should I do?

    OK, so my dream is to own my own bakery, so I want to start off small, and get a license for a home bakery. I qualify for everything except one thing. I have a cat and a dog and they can't be in thehouse. Problem is I've had them both since they were babies, I won't get rid of them. I'm planning on moving somewhere with a backyard, how can I keep my cat contained? She would definitely climb over a fence. I was thinking of getting her a huge pet house or something but I'm worried she'll feel cranky that my dog will be allowed to run about the backyard and she won't. What the heck should I do? I REEEEEAAAALLLY wanna have my bakery.

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  • What kind of manga would you like to read?

    I m thinking of making an OEL (original English language) manga. Just a one shot to see how people react to my ideas. My drawing style is pretty much shojo, cute and feminine. What kind of manga would you like to read? A mature manga? (by that I do NOT mean smut. Smut bad) a childish manga? Comedy, romantic? Heck you can even toss out an idea if you want. I just wanna know what people wanna read, so I can get the gears in my brain working.

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  • When you think of bakeries or sweets what comes to mind?

    I m hoping to start a pastry shop in the future, I will be selling macarons, cupcakes, tea and whatever else I can think of to be honest. Trouble is I can t think of anything to name my shop.

    People are often drawn to places where they feel comfortable and safe. People often have the stress of work to worry about, and so sitting down and enjoying a cup of tea or coffee with a cookie or brownie would be a good way to wind down. I want my bakery to be somewhere where people can relax and just enjoy sweets.

    I m not asking you to come up with a name for me, I just want to know the first words that come to mind when you think of pastries and sweets, so it might be able to help me come up with a name on my own

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  • My cat's left eye is almost always wet with tears.?

    It's been like this since I got her as a kitten. My cat Mika's left eye has always teared up and her right eye is normal. It doesn't bother her, she can see and hunt just fine and when I asked the vet she said it was nothing to be concerned about. Since it doesn't really affect her health this question is really being asked out of curiosity. Does anyone know what's up with that?

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  • Should I cut off ties with my family and move out of state?

    My family drives me crazy. Mostly my mother. I don't live with her anymore were in separate states. However she visits, and when she does it's hell. She beat me and insulted me. When I was in middle school I mistook my new shoes for my mother's. I never saw my new shoes before that so I didn't know what they looked them, she described them as pink and black which matched her shoes. I got mud on them.

    She made me clean the mud off her shoes with my toothbrush. She probably doesn't remember but I'll never forget. My mother constantly mentally, emotionally, and physically abused me. No one ever helped me. She knew they wouldn't.

    My grandmother raised me but now she's like my mom. Not as bad though.... just constant down bringing. Two days ago she called me retarded. Everyone sides with them because I'm supposed to respect adults. I'm almost 19. I'm an adult now. I voted. I deserve respect too. I hate being treated like a child...

    It seems obvious I should but there are times that I think my family can be nice and they love me. But what really has me nervous is that in April my big sister (whom I'm starting to get along with better) will give birth to her first child and my first niece. I won't be able to afford to move for a while, I don't want my niece to grow attached to me only to leave. But don't I have to do what's best for me? I have no idea what to do so help a girl out.

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  • What can a pregnant woman eat and what can't she eat?

    I found out my sister is pregnant. Yay my first niece or nephew! anyway, she can't cook for her life, and a diet of take out, noodles and soda isn't a proper diet at all. But, lucky her she has a little sister, that's me, who can cook pretty well. I'll be cooking for her from now on, so I need to know what foods can and can't she eat? She's not picky so tell me everything. Oh and if you have any basic recipes that are easy that's be great for times when I can't cook for her.

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  • How should I price dog sitting?

    OK I still have my money problem but no one answered that question so I decided to take up dog sitting. how should I charge dog sitting? How much is appropriate

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  • How do I know and tell him if I'm ready for sex?

    I'm 17 to be 18, and my boyfriend is 18 going on 19. I've gotten over the whole I want a baby phase. That was probably hormones or something. Anyway, before all that my boyfriend and I have been together for 3months as of today. A few weeks ago we went on a date, and had some time before my curfew and went to his house. So we were kissing in his room and it got um... Let's say intense. We went from wanting to take a simple nap because we're tired from walking all day (we were at the zoo for our date), to normal kissing to frenching and the next thing I know his hand went up my bra and um...Well the farthest we went was oral. 😳 anyway, we almost went all the way but I got nervous and stopped him and he didn't press on, saying we'll go at my own pace. (so considerate). I was really embarrassed for a couple of days, thinking about how (I wasn't very fond it...) and looked. I've never seen one before so yeah... Anyway, Lately all I've been thinking about is what it would feel like to have my first time. With protection of course.

    How can I tell the difference between curiosity and um... Lust? (I don't know is that the right word?)

    And if I'm ready, how do I tell him? Cause if you haven't noticed I'm um... Kind of docile and timid when it comes to talking about this kind of thing... No joke it took me twenty minutes to write this and I was blushing the entire time. still am.

    HELP and PLEASE don't make fun of me! I'm already embarrassed enough!! 😳😣😳😣😳😣😳

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  • I want a baby, but I don't know what to say to my boyfriend. Help?

    Today is my last day of high school, I'm graduating next Saturday, and I intend to save money for two years for college because I honestly don't trust the government enough to borrow money from them. In the meantime, I want a baby. But how do I tell my boyfriend of three months? 💧 I know it's crazy but I want a baby. Hopefully a boy, but I'm fine with a girl... I help at my Aunt's daycare with kids a range of ages so I know the stress. My friends tell me all the time that I'm motherly. And I have no problem waking up at like 2 am, I do it all the time. And I have no problem changing diapers, I've done it tons of times before.

    My boyfriend is very responsible, and he respects my decisions. He stopped when I said wasn't ready for sex and didn't push on. We've been together for three months, and I can see us going on for the long run, and trust me I'm not a romantic. How do I let him know? Or should I just have sex with him, and see if I get pregnant, because the first time we almost did, I don't think he had a condom and he seemed OK with that. anyway what should I do? Don't try to talk me out of it, because I decided already.

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