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  • Would the dash from a 67 cuda fit a duster?

    I found a totaled Cuda for sail, the car was ruined but the dash was solid. Anyone think it would fit my Duster? They're both A bodies so it shouldn't need sny cutting.

    2 AnswersDodge7 years ago
  • Why do you even bother?

    Why do honda owners bother wasting the time and money they put into their cars. hondas are slower than dying of old age even when upgraded. So why do you still bother putting all that effort into something that gives so little reward? even worse, why would you actually try to race it?

    5 AnswersHonda7 years ago
  • How to get snake wine?

    Last time I saw it was in Thailand. It was awesome. I heard it was illegal in the US. How do I get a hold of it.

    4 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits7 years ago
  • Why do people still act like Paul Walker was a close personal friend?

    I don't get. When he first died people where acting like they lost their mother. Random *** people who knew nothing about him except Fast and Furious. Now people are making up retarted stories about government conspiracies about how he could still be alive. Seriously, nobody cared untill he died. why does everyone pretend to care now?

    6 AnswersCelebrities7 years ago