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  • Dead By Daylight or Identity V?

    Personally, I think they’re both good. 

    Polls & Surveys4 months ago
  • How can I make my cats like me again?

    So they pooped on my mums bed and she got mad and started hitting them. Wrong, i know, but i wasn’t home at the time, so i couldnt stop her. One of them scratched her back, which pissed her off even more, and she started hitting him with a hanger. She locked them in the bathroom then. I haven’t seen him yet, but she said that she hit him so hard, so im assuming he’s scared or angry and wont like me once he comes out. Is there anything i can do to make him feel safe again? Besides cuddling, as I know he’ll run away if i get too close to him.

    7 AnswersCats6 months ago
  • Why are there bees on my balcony?

    We don’t usually get bees, but this morning, when I went to my jacket I left up there, I saw a bee on it. There was also a bee on the wall, in a sink, on the floor. My sister said she counted 13 bees. The rain had just stopped, and this has never happened before. Is this a major problem? Should I be worried? I know this sounds stupid, but I’m so paranoid that there will be a bee apocalypse.

    3 AnswersZoology6 months ago
  • Can I give my cats breastmilk?

    My mum recently gave our cats some leftover breastmilk and the store-bought breastmilk to our cats and they seem to enjoy it. Just wanted to know if it was okay for them to drink?

    3 AnswersNewborn & Baby7 months ago
  • In Zoom, the online meeting app, if you play music on the device, will the other people in the meeting hear you?

    Say I'm starting a meeting on my laptop, then I unmute myself and go to YouTube and play music on the same laptop. Will the meeting members hear me?

    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks7 months ago
  • What zodiac sign do you tend to forget or leave out?

    Say you're making a list of the signs and you realize you only have 11. Which is missing?

    2 AnswersHoroscopes7 months ago
  • Itchy spots only at night?

      So at night I get really itchy. There’s like, raised patches that resemble big mosquito bites. I don’t have them before I fall asleep, but when I wake up at night they’re there. And my head gets itchy too, and my face even though there are no bumps there.

      Even when it isn’t Summer I still get these. Mainly on my stomach and in my hair, but that’s all, really.

      Is this serious? Should I go see a doctor or  not? Usually I thought they were just ordinary mosquito bites until my mum told me that there were no mosquitoes ‘cuz it was winter at the time. Also, I often get these in areas my clothes have been, like my trousers waistline.

    3 AnswersSkin Conditions7 months ago
  • My cat is not eating?

      So I got two cats. One of them I got a week ago, then sent to hospital because he was sick. During the time he was at hospital, we got our second cat, which we’ve only had for four days. Our second cat is an oriental shorthair so I’m assuming they’re naturally thin, so we didn’t worry about it at first. He’s really shy, and runs away whenever we approach him. We tried placing him next to the cat food but he still won’t. There’s nothing in the litter box. So my mum made him some chicken, which he ate only a tiny bit of.

      The next day, our first cat came back, and he stopped eating again. Even chicken.

      The two cats fight frequently so I’m guessing they hate each other? My first cat eats anything I give him, like he’s always hungry.

      Is it because my second cat’s mad about first cat being here? Is he depressed or what?

    1 AnswerCats7 months ago
  • What is the funniest belief you had as a kid?

    I had three:

    1. I have quite a large family, and I asked all their ages. I thought that when I turned 43 I would literally BECOME my dad, when I was 62 I would become my grandmother. Slowly, I’d become every one of my family members until I died looking like my great grandmother.

    2. That everyone had to have a different favourite colour, when someone had the same colour as me, I HAD to change mine. When the teacher asked everyone what their fave colour was, and all the other colours were taken, I said that the colours were all taken. 

    3. I was unwrapping a new lego and building. I picked up the bag to throw it away, then I saw the sign that said “keep away from children” and “not suitable for children under three”. I was only four years old and immediately threw the bag in the furthest corner of the room and bolted out, refusing to go in until someone threw it away. I thought that you needed to keep it away from little kids cuz it would bite me or something.

    5 AnswersPolls & Surveys8 months ago
  • Dogs are always barking at me?

    About a day after I had to stay at my mum’s place for three weeks due to some issues, I went out for a walk around our complex, sat down at a bench, looked at my phone for a while, chatted with my sister then a dog starts barking at me, trying to run towards me. I’m not scared of dogs, so I just stayed where I was, certain they would go away after a while. The owner picked it up and walked away, but then every time I go out for a walk, every dog I see barks at me. Has this happened to any of you and do you have any idea why? Before the pandemic in China, everything was ordinary.

    2 AnswersDogs8 months ago
  • Favourite Taylor Swift song?

    Mine is 

    All you had to do was stay


    Don’t blame me

    I know places

    Our song

    Speak now


    3 AnswersLyrics10 months ago
  • Favourite Marvel/ DC superhero?

    I like Doctor Strange for Marvel and Robin for DC

    5 AnswersComics & Animation10 months ago
  • Marvel or DC?

    5 AnswersComics & Animation10 months ago
  • Marvel or DC?

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