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    Where can I find these references about Jesus?

    My pastor said some things in our church, the Church of Ultimate Holiness in the UK.

    1. Jesus was BIG

    There are written accounts he was 6ft 7 and 22 stone and muscle bound. For reasons such as tall people are more believable (if he was 4ft he d have issues being taken seriously and couldn t clear the synagogue alone)

    2. Jesus liked wine

    He used his power to demonstrate there is a time and place to have fun BUT he didn t like beer because the Jews were poor at making it and it gives you a beer gut.

    3. Jesus had a balanced diet and hearty meals

    "Thou canst live on bread alone" he said and made sense given his excellent physique part of Gods plan to eat and exercise

    4. Jesus was indirectly a supporter of prostitution

    Although not a promoter of it. Given the way men get violent, perverse etc. He didn t condemn them for preventing the greater evils and for many women it paid the bills i.e survival.

    5. Jesus was too big to put in the catacombs

    This is why he ended up being put in a cave. Given most people were quite short and thin by today s comparison it was simply practical.

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  • What's it like dating a Korean girl as oppose to dating a White girl? How are their expectations, ideas different?

    I'm a white guy and I've never had one and I would like to try. They always seem nice, pretty and very clean. (I like girlfriends that are clean) and do they have that ultra serious Asian thing going on like the Chinese where you marry the family for advantage not love? Let me know

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  • Why can't I lie about my wealth to get sex, given women will (and do) lie so much to get a successful man?

    Women LIE! Shoes lie about their height and leg slenderness, dresses lie about their shape, make up lies about their skin quality.

    So in such a case why can I not lie to get what I want (same as most men) head and swallow? I did provide a very good expensive meal ($500+). I think it is fair and she never mentioned long term commitment need. Thing is I am not successful etc. The meal was expensive BUT we both got what we wanted that evening.

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  • What aren't condom designs improving?

    Doctors are always worried about the amount of people having unprotected sex BUT comdoms' do destroy 98% of the feeling making them unattractive. Equally, for some people it makes the experience unpleasant and even painful. 

    Therefore such people opt for gulping it down or all over the face to avoid pregnancy. I make my reference only to heterosexual people. Since this is a serious off putting issue why is there no research to improvement in this area?

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  • Does Quantum Weirdness explain why we have weird people?

    Could quantum weirdness explain why weird people have weird things to say, do weird things and have weird energy? It appears to make sense actually

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  • Why do people deny the existence of a GOD! When scientific methods (favorite quote of atheists) would say there must be one?

    By math the number of accounts, over time wins in terms of observed experimental bias, duration and quantity -- There is a God but no certainty about the nature of it

    Qualitatively -- The acceptance of a God is true but varying accounts of it's nature except that. Certainty of existence, Certainty against all except heterosexual activity, Certainty of the existence of evil.

    Therefore in terms of logic wouldn't an agnostic be the most scientifically viable rather than atheism?

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  • Llamas are great animals for defense but could it take out a Pit Ball Terrier in mortal combat?

    Just wondering because they are promoted as good animals to have with defensive instincts and advanced tactics. Given their teamwork, sense of loyalty and training (given at the barracks) would one be able to neutralize a Pit Ball?

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  • Do you agree Adam and Eve must have been Africans and Jehovah Russian?

    OK I'll elaborate why. Africans are the first people (scientific facts about them) so clearly Adam and Eve would have had such features, ebony skin, Afro hair, Eve would have a bubble butt. 

    As for Jehovah it is Russians that have multiple names e.g. a family name, common name, given name, name from friends, name from colleagues, name from lover. This would fit in with God having 995 different sounding names depending on aspect appealed to. 

    This has logic and reasoning. If you disagree please give reasoning

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  • Could your dates DUMP destroy your attraction ?

    Your date is hot, slender, well dressed, awesome butt, great at conversation BUT at your place they had a horrendous dump. It took them 10 minutes of flushing to get rid of. As you go in after despite the window being open the stench makes the air weep and is making the bath tiles peel off.

    Would you still feel attracted ?

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  • New strategy game idea: War of the Nam ?

    You were kidnapped and tortured. But now you have a chance to get out due to the sadistic General GNAHH. the game is an app consisting of three levels. Opinions please on this action game consisting of four stages.

    1- Othello

         Play this difficult game against a leading commander who will spare your life if you are satisfactory. Don't let him lose but put up a good fight to prove you didn't just concede defeat. 

    2 - Pen knife and toothbrush

       You've been given an opportunity to escape surviving in the jungle with just a pen knife,a toothbrush and a pair of llama hair pants. Can you make it to the US army base and get an evac?

    3- Full commando!

        Naked you have managed to escape a VietCon camp but without weapons or even pants to protect your manhood. Use sophisticated techniques to traverse swamps full of leeches, barbed wire fencing and take out VietCon troops using what weapons you can make/find in the jungle

    4- RAT

        Your chopper crashed. Another is on the way but you must hide out in the sewers for several days. You need food but are still naked. Your only possible source of food is a single rat you have seen. Traverse the twisted sewer system, outsmart the quick and wily rat and cook him for lunch to keep you going.

  • Which one of these calm video games would help you relieve stress?

    Everyone is stressed. That's modern life. So I think games that are calm would be mega hits allowing you to escape the hype. 

    i have devised plans for several games. Let me know if you would play such a game and what you would expect of these titles I invented.

    1 - Thermometer Door to Door Salesman

    Go door to door in suburb America selling wall thermometers using various scripts to convince different people

    2 - Lift Operator

    Its a 10 hour shift at Wilbur's Hotel and as a lift operator ensure that people get to their destinations carrying their luggage, kids and personal problems. 

    3-  Middle Aged House Wife

    Your kids have grown up. Your husband no longer finds you attractive and out for golf today. Time to find something in the house to.

    4- Public Recreation Sites Ergonomics Officer

    Wearing your blue civil service uniform scan the parks, playgrounds, park benches and bus stops to ensure everything is used with ease to keep the public irritation free.

    Please comment since I intend to create these as mobile app games. 

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    Could Irans Uranium Rats breach all US security efforts? ?

    A standard rat dashing across a military field, in bins etc... would not raise interest. BUT Pakistan has trained uranium rats with AI enhanced brains to be focused and fully use it's training.

    From miles away a rat could leap tree to tree or dash rock to rock undetected. Then sneak into barracks toilets, kitchens or even the officers mess. Then they detonate acting as a small nuclear bomb destroying a radius of 300 meters.

    Given this new advanced threat what can US security do to protect its bases abroad ?

    2 AnswersCurrent Events8 months ago
  • How may I market my highly intellectual INDIAN movie in the US ?

    I've made a movie about the lufe, brilliance and struggles of Ranjay the Pedhu. He was a philosopher whose followers exceeded just over 25000 before his death following a high speed rickshaw crash in Calcutta. His greatest quote is "Worry not. For before it has happened, it is not". This brings much peace to ones mind and soul. How to Effectively market this as 90%  of Americans know little about world history 

  • We've seen Olympus and London has fallen movies how about Port of Spain has fallen movie?

    Given its geopolitical and economic important I believe this would be an interesting movie and raise awareness about just how reliant Washington and London are on this place. It is not widely mentioned in movies etc. but New York would easily see its economic collapse without Tridad's economic support or labor specialists. i think it would be interesting and very different. It'll be more realistic and interesting than say choosing Paris or Berlin etc.

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    Is it possible to tunnel your way into The White House's presidential bedroom?

    Although it would take a couple of years has anyone considered the very real threat Iranian Revolutionary Guards could tunnel their way into the White House ? They could stealth take out security using Kabaddi keeping things quiet and then capture the president.

    When considering modern machinery it would not take that long only requiring the last few miles to be done by hand to keep things quiet. 

    Then tying a pin camera to the Presidential Chihuahua's manhood so that it can spy on events as they unfold in the aftermath giving them ultimate access to US military secrets. 

    I'm also concerned that since The White House is an old building with its foundations only being oak timber and peat that it would be too easy to drill through. Any ideas on how this threat could be stopped? 

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  • Why do you call it American Football? The letters have no relationship with the sport?

    Foot + ball implies no hands. Equally a ball is a 360 degree sphere. Hence the proper name for your sport should American Rugby (still confused why this name was never used) or Hand Egg, because it is an egg shape not a sphere.

    Challenging all of you to find a logical argument against this.

    5 AnswersWords & Wordplay9 months ago
  • Is an exchange of bodily fluids really a valid expression of love?

    Using straight people (the only ones following biological design) a man gives a woman an enormous load. She takes it in, it feels great. BUT is love not something more profound than merely a transfer of fluids? If so what is a valid expression of love?

    The only one I can think of is proven over time my commitment and keeping things exclusive in a relationship. Any other ideas?

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating9 months ago
  • How much money would you put on a prize fighting Pakistani unknown entering MMA?

    Ali Rofstafibad is a new fighter who has made his name on the streets of Karachi and Lahore mainly by NTKO (non Technical Knockout). He is 1.8 meters tall and 65 kilograms (6ft and 10 stone). His reach has been his greatest advantage and his size 15 shoe gives him great footwork. His next debut is to go to New York's Harlem using Asian skills to surprise Afro-American fighting skills mouthing off first in local boxing clubs to get fights and rep.

    1 AnswerMartial Arts9 months ago
  • Is Pakistan's new Al Rhamajzhad X space rocket worrying India to up its space program?

    This new rocket is liquid coal fueled with a strong asbestos insulation (to deal with cold space conditions) titanium rocket and 37 feet thick sugar glass bowl for atmospheric entry added protection. For defense it has 12 automated action pump bazookas to offer orbital combat superiority and 56k data transfers between astronaut and the station.

    With such an ambitious program and costing over 3 million dollars can India really continue its regional dominance?

    2 AnswersPolitics9 months ago
  • How dangerous is Pakistan's new uranium tipped Gatling gun shells to Indian aircraft?

    In an ingenious and cost saving move. Pakistan's military now has radioactive Gatling gun shells to shoot down jet aircraft and armor. Given each troop can carry in a rucksack 10,000 shells with unlimited mobility and lots of fire power could this be a game changer?

    10 AnswersMilitary9 months ago