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  • Why cant my GF watch movies that her dad or I enjoy?

    I'm a big fan of Star Wars and she's not. She won't watch Star Wars until her dad "forced" her to watch it with him if her movie starts late or ends early. I asked that is that "bad" because I don't think it is you know Star Wars is amazing, she said it if she doesn't want to watch it and if she said "no". I told her that EVERYONE loves that movie. Stephanie (my GF) said that them. Of course, I know it's true and I said that "Hater will gonna hate". Then she asked me "Would I like it if I was forced to watch Star Trek?" I told her no and I told that I will cut my eyes out if I see that disgrace of a movie. It was going well until she said "My point exactly" and there is no point was made in the person place. My GF said "there is a point, you won't watch star trek and I won't watch Star War. I try to tell that I won't "force" and that wasn't the point". She asked me what was the point. I told her that she should enjoy what her dad and I like to watch and it wasn't forced. It is not like a friend where you can leave if you feel forced, of course, she gets upset about it and tells me that She "don't have enjoyed what her dad or anyone likes" or "I like what I like and other people can like what they like and it is forced if she says "no".

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  • Does "Venting" means you're letting for angry on someone else?

    my girlfriend thinks is good but I think venting is the worse thing because you're letting you angry and frustration out on people. Am I wrong or she's wrong?

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  • Do you guys think that my ex girlfriend will make through college?

    I feel my ex girlfriend won't make through college if she get mad when people ask her a personal questions. She going to piss off the professor if he/she ask her a personal question.

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  • Was my ex-girlfriend was in the wrong?

    Last month, my ex-girlfriend and I broke up over one question that I asked.

    I asked her about "how can you afford to go the movies while your poor" She told that her financial issue isn't my "business" and her "business" isn't my place to be in. That when I snapped and I message her on Facebook, I told her "You are so hateful. I asked one thing and you go off on me then telling me to learn my place. Get real you and that ***** Carre Robin are so unch alike why I didn't see it before.

    I feel she is was in the wrong for telling me that, if I asked her a question I should know everything. She may be my girlfriend (was). I don't feel bad for what I said for what I said to her, she had it coming to her.

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  • Please help me? Adivce needed.?

    I am in love with two beautiful females. One of them is my girlfreind, I love her with all my heart, but am I also in love with her bestfriend. I've been talking to her best friend for a goold while. I recently spent the night over my girlfriend bestfriend, and we ended up having sex, we never told my girfriend anything. I am very cunfused, I don't know what to do. Please, help me.

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