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  • Help with my kittens ?

    I have to kittens there both 4 maybe 5 months I've had them only a few weeks they will only eat wet food will not eat dry at all I got them Purina kitten mix and they will just sniff it and walk away is it normal for a kitten that age not to touch dry food at all or is there another kind maybe I can try does anyone have suggestions on another brand or maybe what I can do to maybe get them to eat dry food

    11 AnswersCats2 months ago
  • Help with weightloss?

    I've been trying to lose weight since March and I have only lost 28 pounds since then so I was thinking of trying those slim fast powder shakes has anyone used them and had any luck I also diet and exercise so what exercises are the best to lose weight so I'm not so fat I've been trying since March and barely seeing a difference so just kinda curious what everyone else did since nothing is really working

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness3 months ago
  • Best products for damaged hair?

    What are the best hair products including shampoo and conditioner for extremely damaged bleached thinning hair I have bleached my hear way to much now I need help with hair products it's so damaged I need something asap my hair feels so rough when I brush it even after shampoo and conditioner it feels extremely rough my hair is starting to fall out when in the shower and brushing I need something that could possibly help fix my hair 

    Hair3 months ago
  • Help with my kitten who's not eating or drinking ?

    I got a kitten yesterday and she is not drinking or eating I've had her since 3 pm yesterday and have not seen her eat or drink anything since she's been here she's only 3 months old does anyone know what it could be or anything I could do to help her eat or drink she is starting to play a little bit just refuses to eat or drink

    3 AnswersCats3 months ago