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  • Jonghyun vs Onew?

    Who sings better? and why? if you can't answer properly,don't even bother wasting my damn time,alright.

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    7 AnswersCelebrities6 years ago
  • Is it weird that I kinda love porn and?

    I like porn,my first time kissing and s*x was with girls but I'm straight and still a virgin in my early 20's? I'm serious about being straight,I really love boys,but haven't like any guy since 2011.

  • Helppp,he's cheating !?

    Alright this is the scenario,I need serious answers.If a husband is cheating on his wife and he's a pastor(christian),he preaches to people but he sleeps out on his wife,she doesn't know where he is or where he sleeps or who he sleeps with.He also mistreat his wife (not abuse),and disregard her.She told a few of her friends about it,so you know how words can get around so now more people know about it.Should she keep this secret for her husband and not tell anybody about it? Because apparently,it was said that his reputation is on the line and the wife shouldn't go around telling her friends.It was argued that what if he changes,then that means the wife would've already ruined his reputation.It was also argued that she should just leave him if she doesn't like the situation even though they have young kids together (keep in mind marriage is not a game you just up and leave as people these days make it out to be,it's worth to at least try to fix before you quit it),consider the kids that would be left in a broken home without a dad,the marriage itself,and how the wife is feeling.She might feel wronged,victimized and she might still love her husband despite his cheating.She would want to make the effort and save their marriage but some consider his feelings and reputation more important than everything else stated before (i.e kids,marriage,wife's feelings).Is this fair at all to put his reputation before anything else? How important is his reputation in this situation?

    If anybody isn't at least gonna answer with a little seriousness,don't bother wasting your time here please,thank you for the answers.

    3 AnswersMarriage & Divorce7 years ago
  • What do you think of this? interesting question?

    I'm gonna explain a scenario.Tell me honestly what you think about it, no matter how petty you might think it is.

    My sister and I don't really get along so well, so we kinda stay out of each other's way,sad I know.But that really is not what I'm here to talk about.There is this family friend who sometimes bring her son for us to babysit or spend time with,he's a little kid me,my sister and brother like because he's cute and smart.Not long ago,his mom left him with us,mostly with me,sometimes she would also leave him to my sister but it was to me the last time he showed up.That day,my uncle was going out with us,we always do that,and we stop at a gas station to buy some snacks,like we usually do.I went to the bathroom,and left the kid with my siblings and other adults.He wanted to buy an iced tea,but I was gonna help him choose after coming from the bathroom.But when I came back,my sister had already helped him out and they chose an iced tea together and it was paid for.Since I usually drank this other iced tea that I liked,I told the kid I will exchange it for him and I did,my sister also went to the bathroom before that.When she got back in the car,she asked the kid if he was going to drink his tea,but she saw that it was a different one and asked what happened to the one they bought together,so we told her we exchanged it.She acted like it was a big deal and say she didn't understand why it had to be exchanged when they had already gotten one and paid for it,she was upset about it.I really wondered if she was mad about it because we don't get along so she made a big deal out of it or if I really did something thoughtless because she said I acted like my choice was better than hers and blah blah blah? (don't worry we didn't argue in front of the kid).

    Reason why I ask is because she thinks I'm selfish and only think of myself,which I don't think so and she thinks I'm controlling and demanding.We're kinda petty like that I guess.

    1 AnswerFamily7 years ago
  • Which is worse? cursing or using violence?

    Between cursing at someone when you're mad till you're frustrated or using violence to attack someone you're mad at.Which is worse?

    An even more daring question: If you had no choice but to pick between physical abuse or verbal abuse, which one would you tolerate more?

    P.S. I'm not crazy,just wanna see people's opinions,answer seriously,if not then exit my question quickly,thank you.

    2 AnswersSociology7 years ago
  • Do you ever sleepwalk after a bad dream?

    I wouldn't exactly say sleepwalk but after I've had a nightmare that scared me at night,I unconsciously and unknowingly run or walk to another place to feel safe.Then that's when I wake up and only realize later on that I was in a totally different place than where I slept and by then I don't even remember walking there.Did anything similar ever happen to you?

    1 AnswerDream Interpretation7 years ago
  • Rank the SNSD Girls!!!?

    I was watching a show where they ranked the girls without makeup,now I wanna know how fans rank all 9 of them,this is my rank:

    1.Tiffany 2.Sooyoung 3.Jessica

    4.Yuri 5.Seohyun 6.Yoona

    7.Sunny 8.Taeyeon 9.Hyoyeon

    I love all these girls and think they're pretty but it's only a ranking based on my opinion.What's your ranking? P.S. rank them on their usual self,and how you usually see them and don't rank based on biased opinion.

    6 AnswersCelebrities9 years ago
  • Qui en France est un fan de Kpop,et quel groupe aimez-vous?

    Pardonner mon Français s'il vous plaît,comme je vis aux États-Unis et je ne parle presque plus le Français.Je voulais vous demander,quel est votre Kpop bande préférée? Est-ce que la France aime le Kpop?

    3 AnswersMusique - Divers9 years ago
  • Who's your favorite Kpop girl band?

    I love Kpop,I wanted to know who does everyone else prefer for kpop female bands

    16 AnswersPolls & Surveys9 years ago
  • Who really thinks that Angelina Jolie is the most beautiful woman in the whole wide world?

    I don't love or hate Angelina Jolie.My feelings are almost neutral when it comes to her.But what I can't get is that everyone(including the media) talks about her saying that she's the "most" beautiful woman in the "world",that she can't do no wrong,whatever she does is great and they think she always looks good no matter what.Now understand,I don't think she's ugly but I just don't think she's that much of a beautiful woman,let alone the most beautiful on earth,I honestly can't see her beauty(maybe I'm blind).I hate hearing the media make a big deal out of her supposed beauty.Plus we haven't met every woman on this earth,but the women who I think are the most beautiful are many,and I would nominate someone else as "one of the most beautiful"(Aishwarya Rai,Indian film actress),notice I didn't say most beautiful because it would be unfair but I think she's exquisite.Who else thinks or doesn't think Angelina is the most beautiful woman in the world? Please don't start ranting because this is written by someone who is honestly blind to her beauty,can't help it.I want honest answers.

    7 AnswersOther - Beauty & Style9 years ago