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  • Can't present screen Google Meet in Windows 10?

    I was able to share screen normally. Then I re-installed chrome and it didn't work anymore I don't know why. It works on firefox normally but not on chrome. I tried to re-install and clear data and tried to give meet all possible access in chrome website settings. Please help as I cannot find a solution for this online.

    Google3 months ago
  • What do Americans/Europeans think of Israel?

    This question has been bothering me for a while, we as middle easterns do not like israelis because their invasion of innocent palestine but funnily enough no one talks about it and palestine doesn t even exist on the map anymore because of jewish invasion. So what do westerns think about this? Do they believe that the jewish took what wasnt theirs or do they think something else I m curious.

    6 AnswersIsrael3 years ago
  • Why do people hate muslims and blame them for everything and never believe them?

    This is a very sensitive topic. I as a muslim and I keep seeing so much hate on muslims all over the world and it's increased unbelievably. So this is the situation, some random terrorist group shows up after america decides it needed to interfere with libya and syria etc, and they call them themselves muslims. Then we muslims are like no guys they aren't us our religion never says kill people and it says in the Quran killing 1 person is like killing all of humanity and saving a life is like saving the whole of humanity. Westerns and non muslims who have read the quran we read have agreed this is true. So why all the hate and insistence on muslims being terrorists. We just told you what we have believed in for the past 1200 years and not a single word from the quran changed. People blame the actions of terrorist groups on the whole muslim community. Now I can't say this hatred affects me since I'm Egyptian and I live peacefully among other muslims and I'm safe. But to be honest when I hear about all this hate and racism it makes me feel bad for the poor muslim americans or european americans. Like forget about muslim brotherhood but these people are your brothers, they were born in the same land as you and ate from the same plate and you hate on them for something a terrorist group did in brussels for example why? what did that specifically do to you. I'm a muslim and killing people doesn't justify ANYTHING. So my question, why all the hate? Only reasonable answers please

    9 AnswersRamadan3 years ago
  • Need help recovering my ACER E5 Laptop windows 10?

    Hi so I got my ACER E5-571 a few years back it had win8.1 then windows 10 came out and I upgraded but it came out with bugs so I installed a fast cracked windows but now I regret it and I want to go back to my upgraded windows 10 is there anyway to do that after installed a cracked windows? Thanks

    1 AnswerSoftware3 years ago