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  • Question about my gums?

    I've had braces for a couple months now, and my gums are growing through my braces!!!! I brush, use the soft picks through my brackets and use mouthwash, but my gums are inflamed and growing. I do all the dentiest says to do, but somethings not right! Any tips on how to stop my gums or any help? Thanks!

    3 AnswersDental9 years ago
  • Volleyball question?!?

    I'm on the freshman team and have been playing for a few years. I've recentley noticed bad brusies on the inside on my knees. I wear knee pads but I still get bruises. Do you know why? Thanks!

    2 AnswersVolleyball9 years ago
  • Volleyball shoes?!?!?

    I need a pair of comfortable, affordable (nothing more then $50), supportive and overall a really good volleyball shoe. Any brands and styles and stores to get them? Thanks!

    4 AnswersVolleyball9 years ago
  • Any good apps?!?!?!?!?

    I'm looking for some good apps for the iPod touch, that arent that popular (so nothing like angry birds, cut the rope, tiny wings etc.) Something fun and good to play! Thanks!

    4 AnswersVideo & Online Games9 years ago
  • Monday Night Football?!?!?

    Why are the games tonight being called mondaynight football when it's Thursday?

    3 AnswersFootball (American)9 years ago
  • Nervous for tryouts!?!?

    I'm going to be a freshmen this year, and I'm trying out for the freshman team. I have played for a couple of years but got cut from the middle school team. I have improved alot and have gone to a bunch of camps this summer. I have tryouts next week and I'm really scared. It's for four days and people get cut everyday! What are some good tips and things to remember for tryouts! Also, I need some help with my overhand serve. When I serve, I tend to loes my balance and the ball hits my hand funny so it goes almost sideways. I can get it over 50% of the time but I really want to improve it. Ant tips?

    Thanks in advance!

    3 AnswersVolleyball9 years ago
  • Volleyball socks?!?!?

    When you play volleyball to you wear knee socks or ankle socks? I see some people with their socks tucked under their knee pads, some with their socks to mid-calf and some no- show socks. Which to do wear/prefer and what is the best for volleyball?

    Thanks in advance!

    16 AnswersVolleyball9 years ago
  • Would I be a good libero?

    I'm 5'3, 90lbs and going to be a freshman. I am fast and quick on my feet. I can control my bumb pretty well, and my set is okay. I'm really inconsistent with my serves and can't really spike because I am short. Would I be a good Libero, if not what position would be better.

    4 AnswersVolleyball9 years ago
  • Volleyball uniform question!?!?

    When you get your uniform do spandex shorts come with them, also what do you wear under the spandex shorts? Oh and I don't have and don't feel confotable wearing thongs.

    7 AnswersVolleyball9 years ago
  • How do you tell which side setter you are?

    I'm are lefty does that mean I set lefty. I always thought there was no domninate side for setting. Can some one please explain. Thanks!

    5 AnswersVolleyball9 years ago
  • How to remove warts!?!?

    I have a common wart on my finger and on my knee, I've got then frozen a couple of years ago, but they grew back. Does anyone have any home remedies to remove common warts in a short period of time.

    Please Help!

    5 AnswersOther - Skin & Body9 years ago
  • Asking guys to a dance?

    So next week we are having a formal dance at our school. I really want to go to the dance with this guy I really like. I have his number because my friend gave it to me. I kinda know him, like we talking in classes but thats about it. I've texted him about homework and that's it. How should or should I even ask him?

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating9 years ago
  • Could I make the team?

    I'm trying out for the freshmen volley ball team and Im not sure if I can make it...

    At most 12 girls on the team (usually they make the team 9-11 though)

    There are 7 or 8 girls I know that will make the team because there AMAZING!

    I've never played in an organized league but I'm pretty good and have been practicing.

    Do you think I can make it? And can you give me any practice/ skill training?

    Thanks in advance! :)

    2 AnswersVolleyball9 years ago
  • Have you ever done this?

    I sometimes lie to my friend saying "oh I have to visit family or I'm busy" if I don't wanna hang out or sleepover, have you done something like this of you just didn't want to hang out?

    5 AnswersOther - Society & Culture9 years ago
  • Should a Girl play football?

    I'm a girl and I might play flag football, would this make the guys feel weird and would it be awkward for me?

    10 AnswersFootball (American)9 years ago
  • GUYS ONLY! Please!!!!!!?

    Would you be annoyed or feel weird about a girl playing flag football with you?

    13 AnswersFootball (American)9 years ago
  • Should a girl play football?

    I'm a tomboy and really like football, my mom said I can play flag football in the fall. Is it weird for a girl to play football with only guys?

    6 AnswersFootball (American)9 years ago
  • Facebook question!?!?!?

    I don't have a Facebook but I want to look up my friends and keep up with all the news. Can I do that without a Facebook because when I try I says log in. HELP!

    3 AnswersFacebook10 years ago
  • Guess these names!?!?

    I asked this a while ago and many aske me to do it again! Here we go! Pick which you think each one of these girls names are based on personality and a hint! Good luck!

    1) Very athletic and outgoing! Nice to everyone and is super funny! Plays basketball, softball, soccer and swims! Her name is a common name spelt with a C but is spelt with a K.

    2) A little annoying but really nice. Cares about people and is helpful! She is a really good dancer too! Her name is a common unisex name.

    3) Also a dancer who is extremely nice and caring. She loves to read and is smart. Fun to be around. Her name is classic and begins with an A.

    4) Outgoing and super funny! She is so fun to hang out with and can be really "silly". But also really nice and kind. Somewhat common name that begins with a B.

    5) Blonde really sweet person! She loves to dance and play sports!! Really caring as well! Name is cute, sweet and begins with L. (My little sister)

    Everyone except #5 is 14 and they are all girls! Please answer! Best answer to most right! Thank you!

    19 AnswersBaby Names10 years ago
  • What type of doctor should I be!?

    I want to work in a hospital and with children. Here are a few I thought of:



    Please give other suggestions!

    Thank you in advance!

    5 AnswersMedicine10 years ago