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  • Question About Limit Reverse Yu-gi-oh!?

    If I Special summon a monster using limit reverse in my Main Phase one, go through battle phase, and then swap to Main Phase 2, can I change the battle position of the summoned monster since it did not declare an attack, or will it be stuck because that was the turn it was summoned?

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  • Some Questions about Christianity?

    I have a few questions I asked my religious friends today, and they couldn't/wouldn't answer. I would like to know what others think.

    1. The Divine trinity is said to be a mystery to the minds of man. God is 3 beings, and one at the same time. After about 30 minutes of thought, I came to the conclusion that God is 3 separate beings acting as one force. If this is true, is it really a mystery? The mind of man appears to have grasped this concept

    2. The Church claims it can trace its history back to Peter, the first pope. if this is also true, would peter not have some form of proof Jesus existed? a written record or possession of some kind? If they have any sort of item such as this, I would like to see it.

    3. The pope is said to be infallible, in that he cannot sin. if this is true, then if the pope decreed to all members of his church that some act that is prohibited by the bible or the church's teachings was now no longer prohibited, is it he or the bible that is wrong? and does he remain free of sin?

    Please be respectful, I don't mean to start a flame war, I just want some insight to the more complex workings of the church(es).

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  • I really want to kill my parents?

    It's been growing for a while now, and I seriously think I might do it. I'll start at the beginning about 2 weeks ago when my sister had her sweet 16. she had thrown a major party with nearly everyone from the school there, they almost caught our house on fire, my parents caught her with booze, and still, she received a car. A CAR! now before you start saying anything, I'll tell you how my 16th birthday went. I woke up that morning and helped clean the whole house for the family to come over. they came, we had some cake, and I got some nice gifts (mostly cash/gas cards) from all of them. my parents gave me $100 and told me to use it wisely. I ended up working for 6 months washing dishes to pay for my first car. Once I had a steady job, my parents were able to use the extra money that they weren't spending on me to fix things around the house etc. However, when I saw that they had bought my sister a BRAND NEW CAR, I completely lost it. I ended up putting my dad and 2 of my sister's friends (guys) in the hospital, and her new car looks like it just hit a brick wall. I've been living in an apartment ever since then. But I can't stop thinking about it. they gave me what they had and I'm happy for that, but even if they had the extra money, spending ten grand on one child seems unimaginable to me. I havn't talked to them, and I don't think I can without killing them. It just seems gratuitously sickening to me. I feel like I need to go end them every second I just sit here. I don't know what to do.

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  • Rate my Hero Barrier/Spell hater deck.?

    The object of the deck is to minimize my opponent's spell/trap usage, while using absolute zero to control the field monster-wise.


    Medium of the Ice Barrier x3

    Geomancer of the Ice Barrier x2

    Dai-Sojo of the Ice Barrier x2

    Reese the Ice Mistress x2

    D-Hero Malicious x2

    E-Hero Ocean x2

    Mobius, the Frost Monarch x2

    Treeborn frog x2

    Deep-Sea Diva x2

    Sacred Pheonix of Nepthys x2

    E-Hero Stratos x1


    Miracle Fusion x3

    Salvage x2

    Moray of Greed x2

    Lightning Vortex x2

    Mystical Space Typhoon x2

    Monster Reborn x1

    Giant Trunade x1

    Swords of Revealing Light x1

    Reinforcement of the Army x1


    Threatening Roar x3

    Bottomless Trap Hole x2

    Chain Whirlwind x2

    Solemn Judgment x1

    Extra Deck:

    E-Hero Absolute Zero x3

    Mist Wurm x1

    Stardust Dragon x2

    Black Rose Dragon x1

    Goyo Guardian x1

    Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier x1

    Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier x1

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  • Spirit reaper's effect tough question?

    ok, If I attack my opponent directly with spirit reaper and inflict damage, I am allowed to discard a random card in his hand. if the only card in his hand is gorz, the emissary of darkness, would he be able to drop gorz or would it be discarded first by spirit reaper's effect? this is something that has happened 3 times in duels between me and my friends and we would like some clarification.

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  • I have an idea for a book?

    Lately I've been having an Idea for a book and I want to get some feedback on it. It's not completely formed in my head yet but I think the story is solid.

    Place: late 90's -- Present day

    Plot: A 16 year old boy is wrongly accused of a murder. After being convicted, he escapes prison and changes his name, appearance, etc. his anger slowly grows over the years and he's never made any connection with anyone since redifining his life. he develops a second personality that has complete control when his anger spikes. this second personality enjoys murder, carnage, and a slew of other grotesque activities. He tames the second persona inside himself and begins a relationship with a beautiful girl. he confides in her and she seems to be the only anchor keeping the darker persona down. after several years, he confides in her his secrets of being convicted and tells her of the second personality. frightened by the macabre situation, she flees and the former man is gone, leaving only the husk and the demonic personality who, at this point calls himself "Fell". he then goes on a spree of crimes, felonies, culminating in the murder of the woman he once confided in. appalled at what he's done, he begins to question his values, choices, and the worth of his own life.

    I'm working on the details and ending. Would you read a book like this or put it back on the shelf and continue looking?

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  • team on call of duty?

    ok, everytime I go into a game, it seems like I get paired with a bunch of low level people who have no idea what teamwork means. I'll be on the mike and tell them I'm on a 23 streak with hardline and ask for a little defense. none of them help me whatsoever and I end up getting killed 2 or 3 kills before my nuke. I understand wanting kills for yourself, but If I'm shooting down helicopters, and UAV's with my secondary, the least I could ask for is a little assistance. is there anyway to get paired with people who actually work together instead of running in blindly getting killed?

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • Rate/Suggestions to yugioh FIRE deck?

    Alright, I've made a deck centered around raging flame sprite, and I'd like to hear some opinions:


    Raging Flame Sprite x3

    Flamvell Firedog x3

    UFO Turtle x3

    Arcana Force 0-the fool x3

    cyber valley x3

    cyber dragon x2

    sangan x1

    marshmallon x1

    Gorz, the emissary of darkness x1


    Burden of the Mighty x3

    Inferno reckless summon x2

    Nightmare's steelcage x1

    My body as a shield x1

    Ring of magnetism x1

    scapegoat x1

    swords of revealing light x1

    mystical space typhoon x1

    giant trunade x1

    Card destruction x1

    lightning vortex x1

    Level Limit area -B x1


    Bottomless trap hole x2

    Magic Drain x2

    Threatening Roar x2

    Call of the haunted x1

    Flamvell Counter x1

    Gravity Bind x1

    Starlight Road x1

    Solemn judgment x1

    Extra Deck

    Stardust Dragon x1

    2 AnswersCard Games1 decade ago
  • how do I explain this to my parents?

    Ok, so summer just started and my parents came to me wanting to talk. they said they were dissapointed with my grades and grounded me for a month. I enrolled in the High Honors courses in my school, meaning I was a freshman taking sophmore/junior level classes. I got an F in my Industrial tech class, even though I turned in everything, I just couldn't understand all of it. I also got a D in my computer applications, but only because my teacher wouldn't let me make up an entire chapter. ( I needed to take a leave of absence for a family matter) I tried to tell them, but they said I should have studied harder and tried harder. They won't listen to me! I need some advice.

    1 AnswerFamily1 decade ago