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  • Pokemon SoulSilver Event Mareep AR Code?

    This is actually a two part question.

    First, what is the working AR code that allows you to do this event? i know there is a code but i know it's not this one:

    94000130 FCFF0000

    62111880 00000000

    B2111880 00000000

    E0000544 000000EC

    F1FB74F0 B3870000

    3F3558DA FDF60B06

    AD8295D2 29E0D8E4

    DD3C4197 2876EB1B

    9CBBEA04 992B5C8F

    7A5E71B2 958239C3

    733F6A5D A68E5D15

    EE6A0A99 9DF42095

    084E780B BACCEAC5

    5236D2C8 71EBB710

    869DD962 423AFD47

    D906C906 A44A97DB

    E2D43F0F EA459529

    6BFD98BC AAE90F6A

    3A10501F 2FE07459

    6DD71BF2 5E37DECE

    C461CA59 3E276172

    4DD90752 E00A2C4A

    035BCB0C A757764D

    9DEB4437 0DA46872

    583AD4FD 055E1BEB

    D6B13FB1 AC48D991

    F90FC805 4DC14F0F

    588B13EC A8267F5B

    2EE37382 FADDB715

    9082DA3F 966D5A94

    001699E1 8B6C7747

    31BF1FE7 DB9CE190

    45869D0C BEDE98FC

    973097F2 00000000

    D2000000 00000000

    Cause I've tried it and it doesn't work i even made sure I typed it in correctly spent 2 hours making sure.

    So if anyone knows what the code is could you please give it to me.

    Second part:

    What does the Event Mareep do? Or is it just a shiny Mareep that was distributed?

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  • Baking Soda and Genital Warts?

    I read that using baking soda isn't good for genital warts if directly applied to them (Actually i read it's said to avoid it period). I been using it in sitz baths and it seems to help the warts got smaller and it seems to help.

    Why do people say not to use it but i have been and it's been working for me?

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  • Could I have gotten my Warts from a public toilet? Need suggestions too!?

    I am a male, and I was told I have perianal warts and I had gone to 2 different doctors (one at a place called urgent care and 5 days later to the emergency room) because I was bleeding from my anus. Neither doctor saw anything or felt anything on the inside when they check to find out what was causing the problems and they both told me it was fissures. (While at the emergency room I did go to the bathroom and took a number 2 while I was there TMI I know but I gotta explain everything.)

    I finally decided to get me a normal doctor and 2 weeks later I went to go see him and he didn't even have to put his finger inside my anus to see that I had warts on the outside of it. 2 weeks later I go to a specialist and I find out there are some on the inside when he does a colonoscopy.

    Is it possible that I got them from the toilet at the emergency room? It makes more since to me seeing as I was showing no signs of Warts 2 weeks prior but I don't know. And if so is it possible that this isn't the HPV strain 6 or 11 that is the cause of the common genital warts but the HPV strains 1-3?

    Also I wanna add that I have had them surgically removed once and not even a month later they come back and my specialist would not prescribe me with Imiquimod (Aldara) and so I'm wanting to get a second opinion but I'm still waiting to see another specialist and it feels like my doctors won't listen to me or do anything about it and my physician keeps telling me I could possible get cancer. Please help me. I feel so confused and lost and the physician nor the specialist seem to understand that this isn't their body dealing with this and I don't wanna deal with it anymore I want it done and over with and the HPV virus suppressed so I can go on with my life. Please tell me what I should do and what you think of the previous question too.

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  • HPV - I need to know.?

    Is it curable?

    If it isn't what should I do? Cause I got a partner and I don't wanna infect him or anyone else and I can't use "rubber" condoms cause I'm allergic and I don't know where you but "sheepskin" condoms (I don't even think the exist cause I never see them anywhere) and personally I don't think I wanna keep living if it isn't curable because I'll just be miserable and it'd probably just be best to lethally inject me and put me out of my misery. And I probably should end it with my partner because it's not far to him that we can't have sex because I don't wanna possibly infect him. (We don't think he has it.)

    I have read that HPV virus which causes genital warts, which is what I have, the body eventually fights off the virus. Is that true?

    And I've also read up on the cream called Imiquimod, and many sites say two different things that it will cure the HPV virus and that it won't Imiquimod is suppose to boost the immune system to fight off most viruses and some diseases that cause certain cancers (I can't remember that word for word.)

    Someone help me cause I'm feeling very lost and I'm freaking out cause I don't know what to do and I don't know if I can live with this for the rest of my life cause I think I'd rather die then continue living and be miserable all the time.

    Thanks to all those who can help.

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  • Who do I believe? And Is there something going on?

    Okay a friend of mine told me he's gay and I know you are suppose to believe the person who tells you what they are. But some of his friends and family members tell me he's bi and his high school sweetheart is a guy. Now my questions are who do I believe him or his friends or family and is there something behind the reason why I'm getting told he is 2 different sexual orientation? Does it mean he doesn't let his family know he's really gay or does it mean he is lying to me about his sexual preference?

    If anyone is wonder he is just a friend but I prefer to have friends who don't lie to me or lie to me about themselves and who they are because if they aren't honest with you about who they are what makes you think they can be honest with you about anything else?

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  • Anal lesions - what are they and is it a bad thing?

    I had perianal warts and they were removed but when the doctor was removing them he found lesions (at first he assumed it was a fissure) so my question is what are anal lesions and is that bad? I've heard that lesions can sometimes be open wounds on the skin so I'm just figuring that's what's going on. I still don't get sick so I don't think it could be cancer because cancer weakens the immune system and it hasn't yet. So is it possible that all it is is an open wound inside my rectum and nothing serious or is it cancer I'm only 23 and too young to die so please let me know what you think thanks!

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  • Should Kristen Hall get money from Sugarland?

    Kristen Hall filled a lawsuit against her ex-band-members, Jennifer Nettles & Kristian Bush, of Sugarland for $1.5 million back on June 29, 2008. Now she left Sugarland willingly according to Nettles and Bush towards the end of 2005 to stay home and write songs.

    Now Hall's wants dues from the band because of an unwritten contract between her, Nettles and Bush. Why would that make an agreement like that in the first place? The only profits she should get is money from the first album and probably the second album seeing as she co-wrote the song "Sugarland" in the album Enjoy the Ride. Other then that she doesn't need the profits from the other two albums right?

    Many rumors have speculated that Halls was forced out of the band because she is overweight and other rumors are she was forced out of the band because she's an openly "out" lesbian. Though these are just rumors and are probably not the true reason but it opens the doors to the question of why she's getting profits from a band she "supposedly left willingly".

    Why was there an agreement made that she should have equally share to profits and losses since she left the band? Something's not right there is it? What do you think? Should Nettles and Bush pay up or should Hall back off?

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  • Perianal Warts - what should I do?

    I went to the doctor and he told me I had what is called perianal warts (though from what I've read it's just genital warts) and from what I was told I could have had this for years without knowing (I bet my cheating ex gave it to me may he rot in h***) and instead of treating it in the office like I've read they could (this is a family doctor if anyone is curious), they are making me wait to get a colonoscopy and they seem to be getting more and more irritating and uncomfortable. They made me an appointment with a specialist on the 5th of December and from what I've read this can get worse going untreated. So what should I do? Should I go to a doctor who will treat them at the office right when I go or should I call my doctor and tell him he needs to treat them or should I wait it out? I don't know what to do and I'm kinda freaked out and this is embarrassing but I don't know who to ask about this anymore cause my recent boyfriend keeps telling me I need to wait for what the specialist says and stop trying to look things up to keep a positive mind when I don't know all that is going on.

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  • Can HPV spread to other parts of the body?

    Say if you had a wart on your hand at one point and time, can it spread to other areas of the body like, the genital and anal area, even feet, etc? And if so can that be severe or is it easy to take care of the wart?

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