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  • Distance and frequency physics problem?

    Two small speakers A and B are driven in step at 745 Hz by the same audio oscillator. These speakers both start out 4.50 m from the listener, but speaker A is slowly moved away. (See the figure (Figure 1)). The speed of sound in air is 344 m/s.

    At what distance d will the sound from the speakers first produce destructive interference at the location of the listener?

    If A keeps moving, at what distance d will the speakers next produce destructive interference at the listener?

    After A starts moving away, at what distance will the speakers first produce constructive interference at the listener?

    Physics9 months ago
  • Length of pipe open at one end physics help?

    The fundamental frequency of a pipe that is open at both ends is 592 Hz. Use v=344m/s. 

    If one end is now closed, find the wavelength of the new fundamental.

    I already found that the length of the whole pipe is 0.2905 m.

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  • frequency/distance physics problem?

    The portion of string between the bridge and upper end of the fingerboard (the part of the string that is free to vibrate) of a certain musical instrument is 60.0 cm long and has a mass of 2.00 g . The string sounds an A4 note (440 Hz ) when played.Where must the player put a finger (at what distance x from the bridge) to play a D5 note (587 Hz )? (See the figure (Figure 1)) For both notes, the string vibrates in its fundamental mode.

    I'm pretty certain you use f=nv/2L, but I just don't know what n is.  When I tried 1 because it said fundamental, I got the wrong answer. I used to v=lambda*f , is that not correct to find velocity?

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  • Please help with physics?

    An omnidirectional loudspeaker produces sound waves uniformly in all directions. The total power received by a sphere of radius 3.00 m centered on the speaker is 320 W. A sphere of radius 6.00 m will receive a total power of

    A sphere of radius 6.00 will receive a total power of

    320 W.

    160 W.

    80.0 W.

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