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  • 19 year old, first time credit card?


    i am 19, just completed my first year of undergrad, and i applied for a credit card with discover.

    i have discussed this with my parents, who have amazing credit, however although i am not in debt i love to shop and spend money and so far i've been doing well with my debit card, through wamu, and now chase. I hate chase so i have since switched to bank of america.

    i just want to know how to be successful with a credit card. i am very proud of myself i have not had an overdraft fee not once! this year

    i have had MANY in the past. i always have the cash though, just sometimes its not in the right account.

    how can i be positively sure that i will not lose it? and prove to my parents that i can be responsible and pay my bill on time and what not?

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  • help me out here...why is this?

    okay so basically, i dont think i'm ever going to get a boyfriend or whatever. in my opinion i dont care; im 18 and i think i have plenty of time but my friends always call me lesbian & tease me (offensive yet playful, i dont usually care). but i kind of feel like i wont get a boyfriend. the guys i know, and that is A LOT, are very obsessed with their clothing and self absorbed, and the other guys i know, dont care about a lot of things or whatever....its like from one extreme to the next & its too much to try to explain it all here. but why is it that i cant find someone thats on the same page as me? i dont need drama, i just need a cool partner; a guy whos just chill. sometimes i feel like im asking for too much.

    they also call me lesbian because im a virgin, lmao, which doesnt bother me.

    And i also havent been in many relationships, um, probably of all the "relationships" ive been in only a few were legit and then again not really. so we're dealing with an inexperienced 18 year old here lol.

    im not a beast either. im not cocky or conceited or whatever but im a decent looking girl. i dont know what the problem is!

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  • just a thought..........?

    hey. i have been having severe emotional problems lately, and i cannot seem to make sense of them. its 6am where i am and i just got back in from an early morning run and i feel even more stressed than i did prior to the run. i am writing positive things everywhere, on my mirror and such, and trying to pick myself up but its proving more difficult than it should actually be. i miss my friends lots..(im away at school). but this isnt something i would probably talk to them about anyway.

    any thoughts are welcomed. just send me a little positive energy please.

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  • help with bhagavad gita please. which version should i read?

    Hello. I am having difficulty trying to understand how the bhagavad gita works. I know that there is a lot contained in the vedas and that there is more than just whats written in the gita, but what should i start off with.

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  • why is my battery so hot?

    okay so i thought my laptop would be on the list of recalled batteries because this thing is always so hot! i'm not sure what to do, it doesn't exactly affect the performance of the laptop but does it mean its running too hard? what are some methods of cooling this thing down?

    and also should i get my laptop serviced? i've had it for about a year and a half now, and its never been to the geek squad or anything...

    i'm going away to school soon and i don't want a crash in the middle of me trying to do& save my work

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  • hey people, is this okay?

    okay so i am going to hampton university in the fall, and there is a summer class available to me. i do not want to take this class however; i would much rather just hang out, work & enjoy my summer, and prepare myself to be away for a while, than go out there and take advantage of the opportunity. am i wrong? i honestly think i need someone to rationalize this for me and tell me that i'll be fine if i dont do the summer class.

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  • still trying to figure out whats wrong with me?

    losing my mind, i am. i have been shaking all day i cried for about 2-3 hours today i haven't really been able to eat anything my period came last night and its like 8 or 9 days early last month it came 9 days late i am stressed i know but i've been stressed before and none of this happened. i have been nauseous for like the past month, i have thoughts of suicide every other day and my moods are insane i don't know whats going on i was wondering if anyone else has ever had these problems i am losing it and i'm not sure what i'm supposed to do dont want to see a doctor

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  • where is the best place in NYC to get henna done?

    i am getting my arms fully henna-ed for prom, it goes along with the lengha dress i'm going to wear...i looked at NY adorned website and called and they said they dont have a henna artist on staff anymore, so i need help finding what the best place is, i have some ideas of places i can go but i do need to know what the BEST place is.

    thanks in advance

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  • how do i focus on being calm?

    my anxiety seemed heightened today, i'm not sure what i'm supposed to do but i seem to be freaking do i focus on being calm i cannot seem to relax, i am worried

    5 AnswersPsychology1 decade ago
  • what is wrong with me?

    lately i have been feeling uncontrollable, like invincible sort of but then right after i feel completely dead like as if i will die, and i just cry and cry and if im not crying then im thinking about crying and i dont know whats going on i procrastinate, but not regular procrastination its like chronic procrastination like its a disorder or something its almost as if i cant do the task i have to do like im incapable but when i get motivated i can do anything and then the next second i cant do anything am i losing my mind or is it all just in my mind i tried the whole psychology thing where you tell yourself you're making it all up and stuff but i dont know whats going on. i do have pretty bad anxiety at times but this is a whole new thing i dont know

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  • what is this necklace?

    where can i find the necklace goapele has on in this picture?

    any help is greatly appreciated

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  • please help me out...what does this name mean?

    okay so its "Miat" or maot, doesnt matter exactly how you spell it but its pronounced ma-ot like exactly like that...

    please don't tell me about the mazda car named miata lol i've already read about that....

    i really, really like the name

    1 AnswerWords & Wordplay1 decade ago
  • This is really bothering me!?

    Okay so i had surgery so when at school i cant get myself home, i have to be picked up. So i was waiting for my mum and This girl, a sophmore walks into the office and she is crying, i mean BAWLING and I just stared at her, i didnt know what to say...

    so i know the girl, kind of, i spoke to her last year...but i'm home now and I cant stop thinking about it!

    I was waiting and ten min later her mum pops in to come get her and I overheard her speaking to the guidanc counselor about how the girl had been evaluated by therapists and psychologists and im thinking to myself omg wth?

    so i left. and i plan to catch up to her tomorrow and speak to her, not to get in her business but just as a decent human really freaked me out b/c ive had my own problems and it just hurt me so much to see her crying like that!!!

    Also, i go to an all girls school, and a lot of the girls are gay, so I dont want to approach her and then come off as if its some type of come on or whatever. I know the girl, and I really am concerned...

    what should i do...its REALLY really bothering me I just feel terrible because ive been seeing her lately and shes look so sad and I could have said hi, i could have done something....ugh!

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  • What do you think of this poem...cute in a wierd type of way?

    I just wrote this out of boredom....its not really a love poem its more like a funny type thing...i thought it was cute and i want opinions lol so give me ur ideas

    I may not.

    I may not be the prettiest girl

    But I’d promise to invite you into my world

    I may not have the flyest clothes

    And I may not listen to beyonce Knowles

    But will you promise to kiss me on my nose?

    I may not have the clearest skin

    But i beg you to focus on what’s within.

    I may not have the smallest hands

    But I’d invite you to with me to other lands

    If you buy me flowers, I may let them die

    But I promise our love I wouldn’t deny

    I may not have the smallest feet

    But when you’re away I’d always keep the house neat

    I may want a baby a little too much

    But when it gets here I’d promise not to fuss

    At times I may shop a little too much

    But I promise, i know what is important and such

    I may not lie still at night as I sleep

    And my body may shake at times when I weep

    But we’ll savor the joy that I’ll forever keep

    I may be cleaning all the time

    And if it gets on your nerves just give me a sign

    I may be a little stinky when at home all day

    But I promise to wash if you’d love me anyway

    I may behave like I have a heart of steel

    And it may bother you that I’m obsessed with seal

    But I promise, his music is good

    And I’d introduce you to him if I could

    And I may not care too much about certain things

    But I’m always concerned about what life will bring

    And the world could possibly end today

    But I’d be really hurt if you didn’t hear me say

    All the things unsaid that I’ve been hiding away

    And I may not have a favorite colour

    And I hate cream cheese but I love me some butter

    and I make promises that I plan to break

    and I may smoke weed for my sanity’s sake

    And it may be weird that I have so many tattoos

    And they may say that when in love, people are just fools.

    But I promise you that we’d be cool.

    And If u promise not to buy me any unnecessary jewels

    I promise you, that we’d be cool.

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  • has this ever happened or occurred to you?

    have u ever had someone that you can just go to to vent your frustrations, complain to, cry to, tell anything, and somehow, they wouldnt dismiss you or n e thing, they would actually make it all alright?

    i was thinking toda about how bad i want that, y'know? like ppl are always like oh its me against the world and i just wanna say ALRIGHTT, shutup lol...

    but really i wish that i could have someone to just confide all the **** i go through in, because it is so difficult dealing with it all on my own.


    4 AnswersOther - Family & Relationships1 decade ago
  • What is the best Bhagavad Gita?


    i used to read one that i had borrowed but i do not remember which it was.

    which is the best one to buy?

    i dont mean "best" as in competition, i mean as far as the translations are concerned.

    i see a lot of them and i'd like to purchase one but honestly i get confused with everything and all the different types.

    also it would help if someone explained the whole idea to me (haha) i do understand that they are sutras and stuff but it seems like theres more to it.

    thanks in advance for your help

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  • why is gay marriage and abortion a federal issue?

    why go to war and have ppl killed but then you dont want women to make i would never ever have an abortion but who am i to tell another woman not to?

    and who am i to tell others who they should love?

    wth this country is so WARPED

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  • what is an affectionate word for one's children?

    like something that is kind of cultural....

    i often refer to them as little angels but i want something else like...i dunno...ideas please people

    5 AnswersLanguages1 decade ago
  • What is the purpose of fasting?

    Okay so i am not a muslim, i am not jewish, i am not christian. I am just a being of consciousness however i am fasting this month, because i want to. i decided that it needed to be done, and that over this period of fasting (a month) i would figure out WHY i was doing it and by the end i would have some sense of spiritual guidance.

    Now my question is, what do you believe the purpose is. I received A LOT of resistance from everyone around me...some of my friends say they don't see the point and they think its stupid, and it bothers me because i did not ask any of them to do it with me, i did not even ask for support, i just figured i would get it considering these people are my family and friends.

    I'd like to know your thoughts and whether or not you think its "worth it".

    Even if i get nothing out of this month, i still think it's worth it.

    so far my reasons are:

    to try to understand suffering and gain compassion.

    to focus on other things

    to improve my self control

    because i want to.

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  • i need an answer quick!!!

    i need help trying to figure out how and what to concentrate on when i am doing yoga

    i have yoga class in about an hour and last class i was having difficulty kind of hindered the experience. please give ideas.

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