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  • How can I help my cats get along?

    I had two cats already, a 16 year old male (Snowy) and a 3 year old female (Taz). A few days ago I got a female kitten who is 8 weeks old (Clover). I've heard around that you're not supposed to introduce new kittens straight away and that the process has to be slow, however my parents thought it would be a good idea to introduce the Taz to the new kitten nearly straight away.

    Taz hissed, which is something we've never heard her do (she's very skittish), and Clover did not seemed frightened. Since then I've been doing my best to keep Clover away from Taz so that I can introduce them properly, slowly and carefully. I'm in school so for 7-8 hours everyday I have no say in what happens. I've noticed that while Clover is around, Taz won't eat, she sits still on the food table and does not take her eyes off the kitten.

    I'm worried that Clover's presence will effect Taz's health and I don't want that to happen. I'll be happy if they just ignore each other at the very least. I've talked to my parents and they said that if it doesn't get better then Clover will have to go to a new home. I've already grown so attached to her and get upset at the thought. I suggested we start the process again, but it's going to be difficult. I've been doing as many small things as possible, swapping Clover and Taz's scents (using cloths) and keeping Clover in my room of a night time. My parents are adamant that Taz will get over it but I'm not too sure.

    Does anybody have any other suggestions?

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  • My Budgie isn't feeling well?

    I've had her for about three years, my sister worked at a pet shop and I got her and another budgie because she can't fly and they weren't allowed to sell her.

    She's in a fairly large avery that she's been sharing with my abled budgies. She often gets around by using her beak and climbing down the frame. But today I noticed she's been sitting at the bottom, she's puffed up and breathing heavily as though she's crying.

    I've put down a piece of cloth to keep her warm, some food and water, but she's not tame and walks away to the back of the avery where I can't reach her. The other budgies are leaving her well alone and keeping away from her.

    Any ideas about what could be wrong with her? And what I can do to help her?

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  • Tampon trouble?

    I just managed to apply a tampon for the first time.. before I left the bathroom took a couple of steps and found that I couldn't feel it, so I assumed it was in properly.

    About ten minutes later I checked that I could still reach the string (I get a little paranoid) and found that the string had started to soak with blood.

    I've now noticed that when i sit down I can slightly feel it, when i asked my mother about it she said that I didn't put it in far enough.

    I don't want to remove the tampon while it's not completely soaked so i can avoid the pain, will it be okay to keep it in and wear a liner until it's absorbed some blood?

    It's not very uncomfortable when I feel it, I know I can put up with it for a couple of hours so comfort is not a problem.

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  • Which names would you choose?

    I'm collecting as many names as possible (no matter how 'out there' or common they are)

    and I was wondering what other people might choose from certain name categories.

    So what would you name 6 kids if you had to choose the given names?

    Don't be scared to choose a name you wouldn't normally choose, if you don't like any names, just choose one at random from that list.

    - No spelling changes please.

    - Feel free to add nicknames

    FN = First Name

    MN = Middle Name

    1. Girl

    FN (Places): Florence, Alexandria, Clare, Nevada, Bristol

    MN (Food): Almond, Olive, Peach, Hazel, Honey

    2. Boy

    FN (Periodic Table): Antimony, Copper, Argon, Caesium, Cobalt

    MN (Authors Last Names): Tolkien, Collins, Rowling, King, Conan

    3. Girl

    FN: (Gaelic): Aoife, Niamh, Caitlin, Siobhan, Freya

    MN: (Flora) Juniper, Laurel, Angelica, Daisy, Senna

    4. Boy

    FN: (4 letters) Finn, Beau, Hale, Ivan, Alan

    MN: (Double letters): Elliot, Hannibal, William, Isaac, Harrison,

    5. Girl

    FN: (Bad meanings): Claudia, Persiphone, Delilah, Cecelia, Mallory

    MN: (Silent Letters): Soleil, Isla, Roux, Margot, Autumn

    6. Boy

    FN: (Game of Thrones): Tommen, Roddick, Eddard, Jon, Tywin

    MN: (Noun): Cable, Mason, Clay, Jack, Bridge

    Also, if you can think of another name that fits well with a category please feel free to add it in brackets next to the name you chose.

    Thank you, this will help me a lot.

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  • What would you name 10 kids with these initials?

    I asked a question similar to this using my families initials and since I got over 5 stars I thought I'd make one for my nieces and nephews.

    The other question is here if you are interested:

    Set 1: (Last name starts with D)

    Girl #1: M.D.D

    Girl #2: C.J.D

    Set 2: (Last name starts with J)

    Boy #1: J.T.J

    Girl #1: K.J.J.J

    Boy #2: K.J.L.J

    Girl #2: J.S.A.J

    Set 3: (Last name starts with J and is the same as set 2)

    Boy #1: L.R.J

    Set 4: (Last name starts with J and is the same as set 2 and 3)

    Boy #1: B.T.K.J

    Boy #2: S.M.J.J.

    Girl #1: I.F.J.J

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  • What would you name 7 kids using my family's initials?

    I'm collecting as many names as possibly and thought this might be an interesting way to do it.

    Some of us have two middle names, so four letters will be shown.

    The last name must be the same for everybody.

    Mother: W.J.J

    Father: D.E.C.J

    1st Daughter: S.M.J

    1st Son: A.L.J

    2nd Son: Z.N.J

    2nd Daughter: C.J.J

    3rd Daughter: P.L.J.J

    (I'm just mentioning that the second son and daughter are twins, in case you'd like to somehow make matching names)

    Thank you, it would help me so much if you could answer.

    Also, if this gets 4-5 stars then I'll make one with the initials of my nieces and nephews.

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  • What would you name four children?

    I'm making a list of names and need as many combinations as possible.

    I figured this would be the best way to get them.

    Please do not change spellings (if you don't like the way it's spelt please write the preferred spelling in brackets beside)

    If you'd like you can make more combinations using the names I have given.

    Please choose one first name and one or two middle names for each child.

    Thank you

    Boy #1:

    First Names: Memphis, Sinclair, Wilhelm, Castiel, Broderick

    Middle Names: Sebastian, Nicholas, Alexander, Jonathan, Christopher

    Boy #2:

    First Names: Jensen, Benedict, Matthew, Thomas, Hugh

    Middle Names: Gunner, Tanner, Hunter, Parker, Tucker

    Girl #1:

    First Names: Juniper, Clover, Angeline, Peony, Hazel,

    Middle Names: Frigga, Sif, Nanna, Elli, Fulla

    Girl #2:

    First Names: Stella, Luna, Solar, Astra, Hester

    Middle Names: Elliette, Alexanda, Oliva, Anthonie, Vince

    PS: I know a lot of these names are very disagreeable but please refrain from making rude comments. I'm not planning on naming any children these I'm gathering names for other references.

    Also if you're really bored or have a lot of time feel free to add details / photos.

    Also I have double checked and none of the names are spelt how I want them

    Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

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  • What would you name these children?

    I'm gathering as many name ideas as possible and I would like to know what you would name two boys and two girls using names I consider 'rich' or 'intelligent' sounding.

    -Spellings are not to be changed.

    -You can have two middle names if you like as long as they are from the given list

    -If you want to add more names please space them away from your original four.

    Last Names (each child shares the one surname)

    Sullivan, Illingworth, Cambridge, Fitzwilliam, Devereaux (Dev-er-oh)

    Child One: Boy

    First Names: Ferdinand, William, Bernard, Sebastian, Phillip

    Middle Names: Vincent, Nathaniel, Richard, Charles, Sinclair

    Child Two: Boy

    First Names: Christopher, Frederick, Bennett, Henry, Aldridge

    Middle Names: Oliver, Maximillion, Preston, Eugene, Benjamin

    Child Three: Girl

    First Names: Elizabeth, Catherine, Angeline, Jennifer, Florence

    Middle Names: Madeleine, Victoria, Jacqueline, Lillian, Adelaide

    Child Four: Girl

    First Names: Genevieve, Cordelia, Sophia, Eleanor, Juliet

    Middle Names: Eugenia, Guinevere, Francesca, Isabella, Millicent

    Thank you.. it would be so much help :)

    Also if you'd like to add details and pictures feel free to do so.

    Enjoy :)

    20 AnswersBaby Names7 years ago
  • What would you name 3 boys with these names?

    I'm trying to get as many names combinations as possible.

    -For each child you choose one first and middle name from the lists provided.

    -Feel free to change spelling but please don't change names around. You can add nicknames too if you like :)

    -The names are all based off my absolute favourites, names I like and my guilty pleasures :)

    -If you'd like to add more than one middle name or double barrel the first names go right ahead, as long as they are from the same list.

    Enjoy :)

    First Boy (My favourites)

    First Names: Nicholas, William, Christopher, Benjamin, Thomas, Ivan, Hamish

    Middle Names: Vincent, Alexander, Oliver, Jonathan, Elliot, Henry, Richard

    Second Boy (Names I like)

    First Names: Cole, Zachary, Sebastian, Mason, Jackson, Daniel, Ulrick

    Middle Names: Graham, Phillip, Cameron, Lachlan, Benedict, Harrison, Sean

    Third Boy (Guilty pleasures)

    First Names: Castiel, Hubert, Lucifer, Thresh, Vilhelm, Aldridge, Tanner

    Middle Names: Balthazar, Kazran, Bannik, Frenrir, Emerson, Bentley, Sawyer

    Thank you

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  • What would you names 3 girls with these names?

    I'm trying to get as many names combinations as possible.

    -For each child you choose one first and middle name from the lists provided.

    -Feel free to change spelling but please don't change names around. You can add nicknames too if you like :)

    -The names are all based off my absolute favourites, names I like and my guilty pleasures :)

    -If you'd like to add more than one middle name or double barrel the first names go right ahead, as long as they are from the same list.

    Enjoy :)

    First Girl (My Favourite Names)

    First Names: Natasha, Alison, Olive, Ellen, Jillian, Vanessa, Joanna.

    Middle Names: Helena, Haley, Angeline, Melody, Jane, Cecily, Emilia

    Second Girl (Names I like)

    First Names: Veronica, Francesca, Zoe, Brenna, Nicole, Summer, Louisa

    Middle Names: Claire, Danielle, Freya, Evelyn, Ruby, Tessa, June

    Third Girl (Guilty Pleasures)

    First Names: Clover, Ingrid, Wilhelmina, Hael , Astrid, Hester, Lolita

    Middle Names: Sif, Avalon, Paloma, Narcissa, Merope, Frigga, Aoife

    If you'd like you can name more than three.. five stars for a boys version!

    Thank you :)

    41 AnswersBaby Names7 years ago
  • What would you names 3 girls with these names?

    All you have to do is chose one name listed the fist name and middle names list for each girl.

    First names are my favourites, middle names are my guilty pleasures (names I like but wouldn't use)

    You can change the spelling of a name, but please don't swap the names around..

    I'm collecting name combinations and want to see what you would all choose.


    First Names: Alison, Cecily, Helena, Ellen

    Middle Names: Sif, Aoife, Lolita, Aisling

    Girl 2:

    First Names: Vanessa, Jillian, Brenna, Natasha

    Middle Names: Wilhelmina, Prudence, Nana, Idris

    Girl 3:

    First Names: Catherine, Melody, Olive, Haley

    Middle Names: Ingrid, Juniper, Hedwig, Astrid

    Here's the boys version :);_ylt=Ag...

    31 AnswersBaby Names7 years ago
  • What would name 3 boys out of these names?

    I'm collecting name combinations and wondered what you would all use. Please choose one first name and one middle name from the list provided for each boy. Thank you. Spelling changes are welcome but please don't swap names around.

    First names are my favourites and middle names are guilty pleasures (names I like but wouldn't actually use)

    Boy 1:

    First Name: Nicholas, William, Thomas, Oliver

    Middle Name: Sinclair, Ulrick, Tanner, Aspen

    Boy 2:

    First Names: Elliot, Christopher, Vincent, Alexander

    Middle Names: Alistair, Lucifer, Bernard, Memphis

    Boy 3:

    First Names: Henry, Jonathan, Antony, Zachary

    Middle Names: Aldridge, Balthazar, Vilhelm Castiel

    Thank you :) Three stars for a girls version :)

    49 AnswersBaby Names7 years ago
  • What would you name two children?

    I'm doing this just to help me with some ideas. Some of these names are my favourites.. some are guilty pleasures.

    Please choose one first name and one (or two) middles names for each child.


    Boy: First Names: Nicholas, Harrison, Elliot, Alexander

    Middle names: Sinclair, Vincent, Ulrick, Wilhelm

    Girl: First Names: Natasha, Vanessa, Olive, Alison

    Middle Names: Sif, Aoife (Eff-Ah), Brenna, Tess


    If you would like to add some extra children feel free.. as long as you use the names given :)

    Thank you this will help a lot.

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  • Does this make me ambidextrous?

    Okay.. All my life I've been using my left hand for writing, using a spoon and chopsticks etc. But when it comes to using scissors or painting I use my right hand.

    Also I kick with my write foot and use a bat with my right hand.

    So does that mean I'm ambidextrous? I've always thought I was just left handed because that is the hand I write with.

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  • What do you think of these names for siblings?

    There are three children two girls and a boy, their names are;

    Nicholas Oliver Alexander

    Natasha Alison Vanessa

    Olive Sienna Helena

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  • Why don't they adopt?

    A lot of the times I see on TV people who are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to conceive a child through IVF, even when there isn't a large chance that the procedure will be a success.

    What I don't understand is why don't they consider (or at least try) adoption? I don't mean to offend any body, that is the last thing I want to do, but the way I see it is, there are already millions of children with out a loving family who need to be adopted and bringing another child into the world through IVF kind of makes me feel like those kids are now put into a worse situation. Also I'm pretty sure adoption is a lot cheaper and a better chance at actually having a child.

    This is especially for the couples who have a less likely chance of conceiving naturally due to age. A lot of the IVF stories have come from 55 to 65 year olds who already have children.

    I am purely curious about this, I would just like to understand, so please don't get angry if I offended you. If I have I apologise.

    Thank you in advance.

    2 AnswersAdoption7 years ago
  • What would you name four children using these names?

    I'm after ideas for story characters and wanted an enjoyable way to get ideas.

    If you feel like there's a better spelling for a name feel free to change it :)

    And also there is a theme to each list if you want a go a guessing feel free.

    Girl 1: FN- Ruby, Charli, Anna, Meg, Lisa, Jessica

    MN- Genevieve, Catherine, Anneliese, Penelope, Stephanie, Elizabeth

    Boy 1: FN- Zachary, Christopher, Anton, Benedict, Simon, Carl

    MN- Malachi, Azazel, Castiel, Gabriel, Paul, Samandiriel

    Boy 2: FN: Bennett, Collin, Darcy, Bingley, Lucas, Phillip

    MN: Blake, Cole, Zane, Tate, Keith, Steve

    Girl 2: FN: Florence, Vienna, Charlotte, Katherine, Sydney, Alessandria

    MN: Olive, Justice, Maison, Blue, Willow, Nell,

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  • What would you do if.....?

    This is a hypothetical question.. if you don't have a son or daughter you can still answer. I'm just a little curious. :)

    What would you do if you were in the toy shop with your daughter and she put down the fluffy pink stuffed puppy you showed her and ran to the super hero action figures?

    and what would you do if you were costume shopping with your son and he shook his head at the pirate costume you suggested and begged you to buy him a sparkly tiara and wand?

    Feel free to justify your answer :)

    10 AnswersParenting7 years ago
  • What name matches the personality the best.?

    I'm having trouble choosing a name for the main character of a story I need to write.

    The main character is a girl. She has short dark and curly hair. She's caucasian and pretty active. She's very independent and knows how to live on the streets (She actually does this in the story) She's brave, strong and is always getting into trouble. She's also really kind and feels strongly for equal rights for everybody.

    The names I'm stuck between are; Jill and Jenna..

    So which one do you think suits my character better?

    If you have any more suggestions go ahead.. but I don't want any names over six letters and they can't be overly feminine.. so nothing like Olive or Lydia or Haley..

    Thanks in advance :)

    7 AnswersBaby Names7 years ago