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  • How do you define complexity?

    What do you think it means? Does it have a vague meaning or a direct one? Even the scholars in the academia struggle to give a clear cut definition of it.

    From my viewpoint, I define complexity is what the human intellect either cannot comprehend fully, or can understand easily, as say, it would for simpler things .

    For example, the empire state building is much more complex than a tepee in it's design, structure and architecture, in a sense that, the human intellect naturally senses the brain that building a skyscraper like the Empire state building is much harder than building a tepee. In other words, it is much harder for our intellectually capacity to learn how to build the empire state building than a tepee. Moreover, due to the complexity of the Empire state building, it requires more effort and knowledge on the engineering in designing it for our intellect to comprehend than for constructing a tepee.

    Also, no matter how knowledgeable we might be in all the kinds of fields in engineering design and architecture, we can all agree at the end of the day that we have a natural tendency to think that building a tepee is always much more easier than building the empire state building regardless of the tools and resources we use to build them. This is complexity.

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  • How knowledgeable do I have to be in Java to develop Android apps?

    Hello everyone,

    I have a strong desire to develop Apps for Android using Java programming. I'm currently taking a beginners program in Java at school and working my way up on it. So far I really like it.

    How much knowledge in Java do I need to develop a basic app, say like "Flappy bird". Do I need to go to the advanced levels like Data structures, pointers or trees?

    I would appreciate any helpful tips.


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  • Should I get a diploma in Business with my Engineering degree?

    I in my third year in Electrical engineering, going to specialize specifically in both, Power systems and Control Systems once I get to fourth year. However, chances, are I will not be graduating next year due to outstanding courses that I still haven't taken from second year, so I will have to stay an extra year doing about 4 courses.

    My friend advised me to take advantage of that extra year and take Business courses to obtain a diploma in Business. Normally in my university, if you finish ten courses, then they will give you the diploma on top of the Bachelor's degree that your studying. My question is, is it worth the time and effort to add the diploma to my degree? Will it actually benefit me in the long run? My friend says it will help me increase my chances to obtain a management position faster, but I'm skeptical if that is the reality of it.

    What do you think? I don't want to take a step that I will regret later on.

    Please advice


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  • Physcis questions: Why wont small metals rotate around strong magnets?

    According to my primitive knowledge in physics, matter has mass, and from it's mass, it creates it's own gravitational field. For example, planets that have enormous amount of mass create gravitational fields strong enough to pull theirs moons into their orbits.

    With that being said, if magnets have strong gravitational fields, why wont then smaller metals rotate around them if you give them an initial acceleration just like how the moon rotates around the earth?

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  • Mary's reaction when Gabrielle came to inform her that she is going to give birth to "god"?

    This question is directed to Christians and is referring to the concept of the Trinity. Lately, I have been questioning the validity of the Trinity in my past questions that I posted here. This question is just an extension to the rest.

    Now back to the question. How did Mary react when she found out god is in her stomach? Is there an authentic and valid narration in the bible describing how she reacted?

    Christian brothers and sisters, please shed some light on this.

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  • Question to Christians. Why is the Trinity doctrine not mentioned in the old testaments?

    Not only that, the Jews reject it entirely and it was never brought up by Moses when he taught his people about the attributes of God. Can some Christian brothers and sisters please shed some light on this?.


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  • Diode current question?

    A pn junction diode has parameters , I(s) = 10^(-10) A and n = 2. Find the diode current at room temperature if the applied diode voltage is 0.6.

    The general equation to find diode current is : I(d) = I(s)(e^(Vd/(n)vT) - 1)

    How can I solve this problem if the turn on voltage (vT) is not given? Not only that, the question doesn't indicate whether the pn junction is reverse or forward bias?

    Can someone please shed some light on this question.

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  • How is the concept of The Trinity supported by logical evidence?

    With all due respect to my Christian brothers and sisters, but it just doesn't respond to the mind at all.

    Doesn't the concept of monotheism state that god is one alone, with no partners sharing attributes with him? Moreover, he is the only superior, the only all knowing, the only unseen and most importantly the infinite with no physical attributes given to him or bounded to a limited space?

    Isn't god greater than the universe? That being said, when Christians say that god is in the form of human and given physical attributes, then they are stating that the universe is greater than god which contradicts one of the main concepts of monotheism.

    Also, why does god himself need to send himself down in the form of a human being to earth? Why can't he just send a messenger from the heavens to the earth instead? Wasn't Moses a messenger and a prophet that god sent? Why didn't god send himself down as moses before jesus? What is so signifanct about Jesus as opposed to moses.

    And lastly, if god died for our sins, does that mean whatever sin I commit throughout my entire life I will be forgiven for it? That being said will god forgive me if I murder, oppress, steal and cause destruction?

    Christians , please shed some light. My intentions are only to learn so don't take it the wrong way. :)

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  • Theoretical question for Physicists?

    Imagine an ideal chamber, enclosing a gas that is completely isolated from the external environment. In other words, the gas being enclosed by the chamber has absolutely no way in escaping outside the chamber. Imagine also, that all sides of the chamber, have pistons that surround the gas and these pistons move in to compress the gas and create a smaller volume for the gas inside the chamber.

    Now realistically , the more energy you use to compress any gas, the harder it becomes and more energy is needed because as the volume decreases, the gas particles have less space to move about.

    That being said, what if you apply an INFINITE amount of energy on the pistons of the chamber to compress the gas to the point where the volume inside the chamber reaches ZERO. Is that possible in the real or ideal world? What would happen to the gas in such situation? Would it turn into an unstable solid and explode if the volume of the chamber increases again or becomes exposed to the external environment?

    I always wondered what the answer for this would be.

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  • Question for Muslims: Is it Haram or Makrooh to step or walk on a picture or a portrait of the Holy Kabba?

    Salam bros and sisters

    Now for those that read this question, you're probably thinking that I'm crazy for asking it in the first place because any Muslim who believes that the kaaba , being the holiest and most scared place on Earth would not allow himself to do such thing as we think it will degrade it's status. Just as we consider it insulting for the staunch opponents of Islam to burn, step on or trash our Holy Quran and degrading it's authenticity and status, we would also react the same way if we see someone placing a portrait of the Holy kabba on the floor and stepping on it.

    However, what about a praying mat (sajjadah) that has a picture of the holy kabba printed on it? Do we react the same way towards a person who steps on the portrait of the Holly kabba as to someone who walks over a praying mat with the picture of the Holy kabba on it? How are these two cases any different from each other? In my opinion, both of these cases weather it involves a Muslim or a non-Muslim, both degrade the status of the Kabba.

    One of my praying mats that I have at home has a picture of the Kabba on it. Usually I leave it on the floor facing the Qibla and while I walk on it all the same, I only recently came to notice that I have been unintentionally stepping over the picture of the kabaa. As a result, I began to feel that is it not right to keep in on the floor just as it is makrooh to keep a picture or portrait of the kabba lying on the floor.

    Now my question is, do you think it is acceptable to have the pictures and drawing of the kabaa and other holy sites drawn on praying mats? I do not think it is appropriate and now thinking that I might just hang it on the wall for display only and get my self a new sajjadah to pray on that is blank with no drawings at all. After all, we don't need drawings on them in the first place because these cotton praying mats came only 300 years after the prophet. That being said, it is something new and to be discussed. What are your guy's opinion? I would like to know.

    Walykom al salam

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  • How do you use Wolfram Alpha to find the Loplace transform with ranges?

    Here is an example

    Consider the differential equation −3y''−3y'+1y=0 with y(0)=1 , y'(0)=2. Taking the Laplace transform and solving for L(y) yields :

    L(y)=F(s) where F(s)=

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  • How the United States of America is a hypocrite country?

    Please note, my intentions are NOT hate speech against the USA or to generalize all their people but only to bring a message towards those of being ignorant and lack knowledge on the war on terror between the US and it's allies against Iraq.Here is a little background history of the relations between Iraq and the USA that I will make you familiar with before I start publicly pointing the finger and accuse USA politicians of the crimes they created in my country.

    As all Iraqis know, it would have been impossible for Saddam Hussein to come to power if it was not for the help of the USA by giving him their "hand" in placing him in power to be the president of Iraq in 1979. After all, it was in the best interest of the USA to have someone like Saddam who like the USA, opposed the spread of Communism globally. That being said, since the popularity of Communism in Iraq reached it's highest peak during the 50's and 60's, the USA believed that Saddam would be their best man in serving their interest by defeating the Iraqi Communists.Plus, America did not care at that time weather the man they helped come into power believe in basic human rights, respect the multicultural and diversity in Iraq , or any of the basic principles in politics that would show weather he was a legitimate leader or not. Of course they would not care, after all, the only thing that the USA cared about that time was it's national interest, that being, to defend it's self from the evils of the Communists who were fighting them during the cold war.

    The way that the USA placed Saddam Hussien in power, was by indirectly helping him and his Baath political party remove the ruling republican party founded by the first president of Iraq; General Abdul Karim Qassem. General Abdul Karim Qassim (1914-1963) was the founder of the Iraqi republic and the leader of the revolutionist movement that overthrew the British imperialists who unlawfully owned a large portion of Iraq's oil reserves. He was called the father of the poor for increasing the quality of life of Iraqis and increasing the size of the middle class. Sadly, his opponents and the perpetrators; the Pan-Arab Nationalists [who founded the Bathi regime of Saddam Hussien have succeeded in overthrowing him with the help of the CIA and John F. Kennedy. He was eventually shot dead along with his comrades after a small and unfair trial. It is also worth to note that General Abdul Karim Qassem believed in freedom of speech and expression to the point where he allowed his greatest rivals; the communists to publicly preach their ideology to others. That is one of the reasons that led the USA to heavily oppose him. After his death , politics in Iraq was very unstable and after three presidencies , the political situation in Iraq was unstable to the point where Saddam Hussien and his Baathi regime easily took over Baghdad and took power. It was then , in 1979 , Saddam Hussien with the indirect help of the USA who helped him previously in murdering General Abdul Karim Qasem came to power. Decades later, the USA under the presidency of Bush, decided with no legit proof, that Iraq was a threat to their nation. More over, fake stories and false accusations were fabricated by Bush such as claiming that Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction in which none were found and in believing that Saddam was an indirect contributor to 9/11 , which was also propaganda since the Taliban (religious fanatics) and Saddam (extreme secularist) always had contradicting ideologies and were always enemies to each other.

    That being said, the USA still followed up with their agenda by launching an offensive and illegal war famously known as the war on "terror" where hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis lost their lives under the hands of those criminals in the white house. The war initiated in an air campaign where f-16s heavily bombed Baghdad causing a high civilian causality rate and severe damages to the city's infrastructure. Now my question is, what right does USA have to send those f-16s fly over Baghdad and shower down hundreds of missiles across the City where 7 million people live and send thousands of ground troops and give them orders to launch offensive attacks against targets inside the cities where civilians are easily exposed to these nearby attacks from them and as a result, leave hundreds of thousands of innocent people murdered?

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  • The Differential Equation can be expressed as a system of first order equations ?


    can be expressed as a system of first order equations by letting x1=x x2=x' x3=x''. The system has the form X'=AX where A has entries:

    A11 = , A12 = , A13 =

    A21 = , A22 = , A23 =

    A31 = , A32 = , A33 =

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  • Find the eigenspace of this 2x2 matrix????????????????????????

    [5 -2 ]

    [8 13]

    has one eigenvalue of multiplicity 2. Find this eigenvalue and the dimenstion of the eigenspace.


    dimension of the eigenspace = ??????????????????????????????????????????????

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  • Yellow stains developing on my ring?

    I am not sure weather the ring is real silver or not but when I got it, it looked like real silver. For some reason, yellow stains have been developing on it. How can I know what the yellow stains are and is it possible to remove them?

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  • Dog rescue tips????? URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    So I woke up this afternoon with the barking of a dog that my dad found half frozen outside our house. He looked lost and very sick so we brought him in. I live in Canada, and the winter environment is too harsh for pets. We are assuming he is lost , so we called the city of Calgary to dispatch an animal control officer. They said it will take about 1-3 hours until they arrive.

    right now, I left him inside the washroom and its warm there but can't let him go around the house since he's sick and that my sister also has a fear of dogs (she also locked herself in the room).

    Are there any tips that any dog experts can give me to make him comfortable until the officers get here. They said not to feed him but maybe give him some water but i dont know how. He is barking right now once in a while , so is it ok for him to be locked in there for a few hours? By the way , he is sick and sneezes alot.

    Your tips would be really really appreciated

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  • What youtube video has the highest views?

    I'm just curios because I recently watched the official video of Gangnam style and it had over 500,000,000 views! Is there another video that has higher views than it?

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  • Questioning the creed of Sikhism?

    According to most resources that I have read about the Sikh religion, many acknowledge that it is forbidden for any Sikh to cut their nails or their hair. In fact , most Sikhs, especially the baptized ones, encourage the wearing of the turban on their head to hold their long hair and define this head wear as a Sikh identity. The main reason that their scholars have abolished the cutting of nails and hair is due to the fact that they believe it is a betrayal to god. In other words, they believe that god has given them a gift , that is; their hair and nails, and by cutting them is similar to throwing away this gift and therefore provoking god by making him angry with them. My question is, if god has forbidden humans to cut their nails and hair, then why has he allowed trees do drop their leaves and renew them every year, or allow thick haired animals like wolfs, bears and sheep to drop their excess fur and renew it once in a while? Moreover, trees replacing their leaves and animals making new fur are all natural behaviors that god has initially created with his creatures. If that is the case, then why has he abolished cutting the hair and nails for only just humans, after all, it is all natural behavior just as natural as the behavior seen from other creatures he has created no?

    Please note that my intentions are not to attack the Sikh religion nor offend it's believers but only curiosity and questions that I have been asking my self regarding Sikhism and I believe only Sikhs can answer to me. Moreover, if you believe that some of the facts that I stated are incorrect, please correct them for me in that area.

    Thanks and peace from a Muslim brother :)

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  • Second order differential equation question help?

    The differential equation

    y'' −ay' +by=0

    has a solution y=xe^(5x).

    then a =? and b = ? to what??


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  • How do i find co op education programs abroad?

    I am an Electrical Engineering student living in Canada and wish to do coop education in my field in the middle east over the summer as a work term to gain hands on experience. Does anyone have any idea on how I should efficiently start looking?

    2 AnswersStudying Abroad8 years ago