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I'm Joti, I'm tired, and I need answers. Thanks.

  • A 0.3944 M solution of HCL was titrated with THAM dissolved in 100 mL of water and required 30.94 mL of HCl to reach the bromocresol green..?

    full question pls help.

    A 0.3944 M solution of HCL was titrated with THAM dissolved in 100 mL of water and required 30.94 mL of HCl to reach the bromocresol green endpoint. Calculate the exact amount of THAM weighed out and dissolved in the water. (MW THAM = 121.1 g/mol)

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  • Analysis for the % Co was done by dissolving 0.1522 g of Co(NH3)6Cl3 in a 100 mL dilute solution of HCl. With spectrometric analysis in...?

    full question pls help

    Analysis for the % Co was done by dissolving 0.1522 g of Co(NH3)6Cl3 in a 100 mL dilute solution of HCl. With spectrometric analysis in a cuvette (length= 1cm), the sample was determined to have an absorbance of 0.26 and a lambda max of 524 (ε= 53). What is the % Co in the sample? MW Co 58.93 g/mol

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  • The percent NH3 for the unknown cobalt amine complex is 19.7228 %. If the concentration of HCl used ...?

    the full question. please help.

    The percent NH3 for the unknown cobalt amine complex is 19.7228 %. If the concentration of HCl used in the experiment is 0.3 M, and 0.24 g of the unknown cobalt amine complex was used in the experiment, what would be the volume of HCl titrated (in L) to achieve this result? Please answer with the volume in L.

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  • A student synthesized a cobalt amine complex with 10.7432g of CoCl2·6H2O and collected 9.1312g cobalt amine complex. the percent yield?

    The full question please help.

    A student synthesized a cobalt amine complex with 10.7432 g of CoCl2·6H2O (limiting reactant, MW = 237.83 g/mol) and collected 9.1312 g of the cobalt amine complex (MW = 250.45 g/mol). What was the percent yield?

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  • Nursing School With Dreads/Locs?

    I want to dread my hair for my own benefit of being low-maintenance and growing out my hair. I don't know if this matters, but I am African-American with coily hair texture, which is the perfect locking texture. I take very good care of myself, I speak well, and I perform well as a student.. HOWEVER, I'm not sure how it will affect my chances when I get accepted in nursing school, or even applying for a job. I know within the last couple of years, A LOT of social norms have been challenged... is my hair still top 10 of USA's grievances? xD

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  • College Advice for Freshmen [major]?

    I'm a second semester freshmen, and I am always mildly shocked whenever someone in my class says they know exactly why they chose their major and that they're sticking with it. Because I cannot relate, mkay. I'm a chemistry major and honestly, I know chose it moreso because of the potential pay. I KNOW I want to be secure in my finances to the point I have significant excess $$$, and I KNOW that I want to be in a position where I can collab with a small team. I do find chemistry itself to be interesting during labs, BUT MAN THOSE LECTURES ARE KILLER. My goal with chemistry though is to enter the med field.

    On another note, I KNOW I like learning languages and I understand that can make me more marketable, but the career opportunities + pay with the type of lifestyle I want to live? It just doesn't add up to me. Can someone please enlighten me?

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  • Communication tips?

    I'm surface-level friendly meaning that I am generally a nice person when someone meets me because I don't expect us to really become friends in the long run so I try to give the best impression possible. Although, I've realized that I'm ready to embrace new people in my life, but I always feel as if I'm being boring or dull. I have opinions and something of a personality, but I'm hesitant to show anyone my true colors because I have a fear of being judged or something being taken the wrong way. And I think another problem I have too is relaxing my nerves because I notice that sometimes when I talk to people, I sound too formal but my close friends know that isn't me. Can someone give me some advice?

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  • Why do I feel emotionally disconnected and how do I fix it?

    I know this question is HIGHLY subjective considering that none of you know me personally, which is why I am going to outline as many things I have come to learn about myself as possible. Thank you for you're time.

    I'm 19. I'm in college but living at home for now. I'm female. The only parent I have is my mother, but I was partially raised by my grandmother. They argued a lot about their differences (grandmother is religious, my mother is a free spirit) throughout my childhood. I do not have siblings so I spend a lot of my time alone. As I got older, I made more of an effort to GO OUT and my grandmother never liked that. I didn't care though because I was really depressed staying in the house all day and listening to her critique me which took a shot at my self-esteem. She is quite manipulative might I add, and my mom has diagnosed anxiety that keeps her away from home because of my grandmother is.

    I'm pretty much dealing with two toxic people on the daily if that makes any sense. I know I'm pretty sassy because of it because I always feel the need to defend myself against their negativity. I literally do not feel a strong sense of conviction if I do anything they don't like, and it is getting harder for me to respect them in their authoritative roles. I wish everyone were understanding and loving to each other, but the constant attitudes and bashings makes it too easy for me to be distant and cold towards them. Help.

    Psychology10 months ago
  • cousin relationship sucks. I'm not mad though.?

    Senior year I had my own idea of what I wanted for myself. I was going to go THIS college, and join THESE clubs, etc. But in the midst of endless stressors of balancing high school and my future in college, I went blank. In this vulnerable state, my cousin (who is in the same class) convincd me to go to the same school as her. At the time we were pretty close and we had a very good relationship.

    Near the end of first college semester, I realized that I do not want to be at my school. I want to go to my plan now that I feel clear headed. My cousin is really rude and act like she does not care all the time. It is worse because we are in the same dorm (along with two other roomies), and she is always their center of attention. Speaks highly of THEIR experiences or make future comments fantasizing about each other and their majors in my face. Verbally excluding me. I understand she is happy and trying to find herself, but bro. 

    I don't care to be left behind, but I do care about how one decides to emancipate themselves. She gives me smart comments, she abandoned me at the library at 2 am without a phone even though she asked me to walk her there, I was visibly depressed at one point during the semester nd she never asked me if I was okay and her tone around me would change. 

    I guess I feel sad because when we were in our hometown, she seemed like one of my better friends. now that we are in college, she is an asshole. Now I'm transferring schools, and doing what I want to do

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  • Study Abroad as a Biochem Major?

    Since I can remember, I have always been intrigued by languages throughout my life. I entered high school with French and have loved it ever since.

    My major is biochemistry because I know that I want to work in medicine. I enjoy finding analyzing, observing, etc. And in my understanding, a bonus  of my major is the job security I can find and the different things I can do with it. I finished my first semester, and so far, I am loving it. 

    The conflict is that I still want to continue with learning languages. It is my passion, but I do not know how I can incorporate language/study abroad with a STEM major? The programs offered by my school are mainly for business, social science majors, or art and humanities. Please help. :)

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  • My Boyfriend leaves for Basic Soon (guy perspective please)?

    My boyfriend and I are both 19. We've been together since Jan 12, 2019, and have been through different relational settings. We've been in each other's face every day to being long distance since I've gone away to college. We love each other very much and our family's are heavily involved with each other. We are each other's rock. However, there are some factors that makes me ansy. 

    My boyfriend is leaving for basic training this month and life questions are circling my mind. I'm not interested in dating other males and as far as I'm concerned, he does not appear to be interested in other females, so I don't think there's a cheating issue. However, our visions for the future do not align and I was wondering if going to Basic will change his perspective on us. 

    He does not want to get married. He does not want to have children. He just wants to live his own life. Yet, he considers us lifetime partners. This is where I get emotionally confused and anxious. In the future, I would love to have a little mini-me walking around and I would love to be HIS wife one day. 

    Do you think basic will change him to be more committal?

    Do you think he will make a sacrifice for me?

    For guys: What goes on in your mind during basic when you leave a serious girlfriend back home?

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  • Explain My Introvertedness?

    Essentially, I want to know if my introvertedness is unhealthy. 

    I am pretty picky when it comes to people I want to hang out with. Being that I am a college student and academic oriented, I generally don't fancy being around others who aren't interested in their developing their future from NOW. For example, my roommates are nice people, but I plan on continuing my education after undergrad, and it seems as though they're just settling for mediocre grades. It is makes me feel like I am the odd one out because I am the most-disciplined in the dorm, and they're the one's making memories. I don't take it to personally though because my grades reflect my hard work.

    Other than that, I'm not a hermit. I go out places by myself like to the library or eating or just walking. I bask in my own company because I feel the most at peace. I've tried interacting with others, and it is not that anything I say is wrong, but I feel like my perspective/language is more mature than my peers. I always feel like the parent of the group, and I don't know what to do. Help.

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