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I am a college student working on a Computer Information Systems degree, to become an IT Professional. My hobby is building high end custom gaming computers, I also do custom water cooling loops. Keeping up to date with PC hardware and benchmarks, i am fairly capable to assist others, as well as learn from your questions myself.

  • Custom workstation questions?

    I am in college, studying for graphics arts. Some of the software i will use is photoshop cs6, maya autodesk, cinema 4d, after effects, and crytek sandbox. I am going to build a computer that i can use during college and continue to upgrade afterward. Here is my setup.


    Asus p9x79 pro/sabertooth x79/rampage extreme iv

    4x4gb dominator 2133

    Gtx 680 2gb

    Corsair ax 850w

    Nzxt switch 810

    Corsair gtx 120gb ssd

    Western digital 1tb

    All motherboards listed have 8 dimm slots, but will 16gb of ram be enough? It will be upgradable to 32gb. Will there be a noticeable difference between 1600mhz ram and 2133mhz ram? Will a 120gb ssd be enough for my operating system and all programs? I can add another 120gb ssd and raid 0, or should i get a 240gb ssd? I will also be gaming on this computer, which is why i chose the gtx 680 over a quadro or tesla(price was also a factor). Adobe supports gtx cuda acceleration. I will be using a 1920x1080 or 2560x1440 monitor. I chose this case for its possible future watercooling. I will be upgrading all the fans to noiseblocker silent pro 1500rpm. Last question, can anyone suggest a raid controller for at least 6 sataiii drives in raid 6?

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  • speaker resistance question?

    I have a boss onyx 3500w mono amp, and two 4 ohm DVC subwoofers. They are in 4 ohm configuration and are getting 1500w. Is it possible to have them run in a 2 ohm load? I have found a diagram for a 1 ohm load but will my speakers be able to handle that? I want to decrease the resistance so that they will be louder.

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  • Car audio wiring question?

    I just bought some 4 gauge wire to run from my battery to my amp, can i use 16 gauge wire as my ground connection from the amp to the battery?

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  • How do i find the strength to live?

    My life is not going anywhere. Ive hit a wall, i just cant go on anymore. Nothing interests me anymore. Listening to music and playing video games is no longer joyful. My life has no meaning. Ive been bullied most of my life, alone the rest. My parents have been fighting for a while now and ive learned that love is a joke. Ive never had a serious relationship. For the first time in years i felt like I had a chance to find love but not anymore. I tryed to open up but she didnt want to see me. Now she likes someone else. I try to be a good person, have fun with friends, and im only ignored. All i feel is sadness. Ive never been good in school and my parents yell at me that im stupid. When i talk i dont have much to say, or cant find the words. I dont know what i want anymore. There is something missing in my life and i cant move forward without finding a purpose. I dont know if i should cry out for help.

    Writing this out was hard, but it felt like a small releif. I want to know what i should do, or what makes you hold on. I wish i could kill myself but i dont have the strength.

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  • A question about monoblocks?

    My amp is 1500 watt RMS monoblock at 4 ohm. I have 2 speakers in parallel/series in a 4 ohm config. Will both speakers have the full 1500w of rms or will they both get 750w rms each?

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  • Is this the right amplifier?

    Im going to hook up a class D monoblock rated at 1500w rms at 4 ohms, to two 12 inch dvc subwoofers rated at 750 rms at 4 ohms. The amp is rated at 1500watts rms for 1 channel, so since the subwoofers are in parallel, will both speakers get the 1500w of constant power(rms) or will it be split so they get 750watts each? This has been confusing me.

    On a side note, is a capacitor needed? I have a standard 12v battery, and the amp is rated at 3500w max power. I think an 8-10 fared capacitor is correct? Im not sure if it will help much.

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  • Do i tell my friends im depressed?

    Ive been very depressed the last couple of months, i have been depressed many times in my life. Im 18, so i dont have access to professional help. Im afraid that telling any of my friends that im fighting depression and need help, that they will not understand and leave me. I dont have a lot of friends and i cant lose any. I dont know what to do.

    How do i tell them that ive fought suicidal thoughts, are overwealmed with sadness, have lost interest in my favorite things, and have feelings of worthlessness? I cant just bring these things up in the middle of hanging out. This is killing me inside and making me feel worse that im afraid of what my friends will think.

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  • What size amplifier do i need?

    Im looking for a new amplifier to power two 12 inch subwoofers. The speakers are rated at 1500w max and 750 rms. The speakers are dual voice coil 4 ohm, in parallel what impedence are they?

    The amp im looking at is a 3000w monoblock, will it be enough power or should i go for a 4000 or even 5000w amp? I think a monoblock would be better over a 2 channel?

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  • How do i install windows 7 on a custom computer?

    Im looking at building a custom computer, for the reason that you can get a much better computer for the money than a prebuilt. However, ive run into the problem of installing windows 7. If i have to spend $99 to buy windows 7 i will go over budget.

    Can i bring the computer to a store and have them do a clean install of windows 7?

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  • Is this a good computer build?

    Im building my first computer and i want it to play games and use photoshop. I plan to upgrade the gpu later and add another two 4 gb ram cards. I plan to overclock the cpu to 4.4ghz+.

    Cpu: intel i5 2500K

    Motherboard: asrock z77 extreme6

    Psu: ocz modxstream pro 600W

    Gpu: radeon hd 6670

    Ram: 2x 4gb corsair vengence 1866mhz

    Cooler: cooler master V6 gt

    Case: corsair carbide 400r

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