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hi, im livia i love fashion and crafting, i love making stuff and being creative :)

  • lolita style help please?

    so i live in vermont and i want to buy a lolita dress from a store... i know most people buy them online but i do know that some stores sell lolita esque stuff(clothes accessories shoes and such)

    so for all you couple of lolita vermonters out here/there would you like to help me? tell me some stores(near , burlington vermont, plattsburgh ny, st johnsbury vermont, littleton nh, areas :))

    i wouldnt mind if anyone gave some websites too for inexspensive cute lolita stuff :) ive been to many websites and have yet to find some that people recomend/have bought from that arent in japanese xD

    (if you dont know what im talking about go here for a little bit of an idea or google image 'lolita'

    thank you in advance :)


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  • coloring my hair Q?!?!?

    so i already bought dye for my hair(light pink :3) and i ~was gonna have it bleached at a salon, but then i saw the prices and im like um no thanks(plus my mom talked to someone and they said its "impossible" to bleach your whole head xD) so anyway i wanna bleach my hair(im 15) but my mom doesn't want me to do it myself/at home... she wants a Professional to do it :P so any tips for doing it at home so my mom wont worry as much about me/us doing this!?

    mmk thanks ~Livia

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  • nintendo 64(?) game name help!?

    okay when i was really little (like 10 years ago) my cousin had a nintendo system (i'm pretty sure it was the 64 i could be wrong) you'd put the cartridges in like 3" maybe wide...

    okay and there was this game 4 players i think, it couldve been 2 players xD but the game was by nintendo, it had mario, and those people in it and possibly sonic and them... you would battle on one of 8 stages(i think) and fight eachother. the stage never moved like super mario did as far as i remember... you would punch and kick people and they would loose their lives and whoever had lives left at the end of the game won. i use to play it with my cousins in like '99-2002 maybe... thanks

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  • kinect/xbox game question!?

    hey for any one that has a xbox 360 with the kinect camera thing i have a couple questions if you could please help!

    -can you still use the xbox 360 with a norm remote to play like older/non kinect games?

    -what are the best games? i love just dance for the wii(my fav game) btw

    -is it a 'good workout' like more than the wii?!?

    -which thingy should i get? the 4gb or 250gb one? whats the difference?

    okay q's for the dance games(if you have them/know the answer)

    -what are some/all of the songs on DanceMasters?

    -what are all/some of the songs on Dance Cental?

    -which one is better?

    thanks so much!

    ♥ Livia

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  • whats wrong with my wii?

    okay so my wii has been strange recently(past 2 months actually) whenever we turn it on to play it the screen is blank and black and the remote turns on and im on the right channel thing so whats wrong? the screen is just black... it never loads even though its on (light is green) and when i turn it off the light is red like its suppose to be.... i want to use it again(netfix) but it just wont work.. its 4 or 5 years and we never really used it THAT much at all... like in total of hours/days total prob like 2 weeks or 3 when most people i know that have a wii that used it like a total of 3 months and stuff....

    thanks in advance! ♥ Livia

    btw we got it the week it came out if that means anything....

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  • help with eyeshadow please?

    so i have been using a cream eyeshadow that i bought at hot topic that they sadly don't have anymore... so im wondering what are other great kinds of cream eyeshadow? in preferably charcoal or a dark gray or dark silver or something among those lines. and that's not like mac or sephora or anything, just like something i can get at the market/walmart/ect... thanks so much in advance! i only like cream eyeshadow so....

    ♥ Livia

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  • Rock band 2 and 3 question?

    okay so my birthday is coming up and i asked for rock band 2... but i just found out rock band 3 is coming out in October(according to amazon) and i was wondering if anyone knew if the rock bandd 2Instrumentss will work with rock band 3?

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  • cool new/old companies no one really knows about?

    sooo as above asks do you know any cool new/old product companies that not a lot of people really know about or that isn't that popular but they have cool products?

    im a 14 year old girl who likes girlyish clothes. id like clothing companies, accessory companies, stuff for my room, cool writing utensils, and shoe companies!

    my friend told me about this company that makes watches called there really cool and sorta unknown, any companies like this? thanks

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  • iphone(At&t) question?

    ok so last june i got a xenon and my mom dad and me have a family data and unlimited texting plan. would it void the contract if i got an iphone and used that instead of my xenon? and would it change the monthly bill bc we have the data plan already?

    thanks in advance =]


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  • Can You Answer Please? <3?

    heyy people, i wanna know how old you guys think i look and how pretty you guys think i am.... 1-10(10 highest) please! dont have to be nice but honest

    pic one:taken today ( i didnt smile cause i dont like smiling w/ braces....)

    pic 2 taken back in the middle of july lol

    andddd i have another Q!! my legs are really skinny, and i can hardly find some skinnies that are good size on my thighs! any good stores you guys like??

    ~Livia k

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  • Which cell phone? (AT&T)?

    HELP PLZ! im gonna get a cell phone this week sometime! im wondering which people think is better because i cant decide which i like more!

    WHICH: LG VU or the LG Neon?

    im gonna get the 200txts a month and 3G works here(dont want to pay 4 it though) and the Mobile TV doesnt.

    it would also help if you told me the pros and cons of both if u own either!

    if u would recomend any other AT&T phones that are equally as good and are less then $100 plz say what they are and why you luv them. (need full keyboard and camera)

    THX SOOOO much in advance :D

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  • okay, i'm 14 and i'm trying to save up for an iphone 3GS!?

    how can i make money quickly so i can get one...? i live in VT and we'll be camping all summer long in our 5th wheel camper. i'm an only child btw... PLEASE don't say ask your parents for money, my mom and dad just got a HUGE pay cut....

    and ive calculated how much money i'd need 4 it for 2 years:$2224, thats including data plan, monthly service, iphone, the 1 time activation fee, and the 2 yr protection plan.

    i know theres a lot of questions out there like this, and ive looked at 100+, i just want some new answers. what's working for people out there??

    and if you say im WAY too young for an Iphone 3GS then plz dont answer unless you say a good way to make money....

    thx in advance :D

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  • Ty Girlz HELP!?

    ok when i'm in chat i always see cool people enter eith really cool entrances like pink twist. how do i do that.I'm new to ty girlz any tips just cause? and on linked how do i pass the 7th level?

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  • any one have a ty girl code or account for free?

    e mail me it, then no one will steal it and i won't change your password.

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  • any one have a webkinz or shining star account you want to give me?

    just email me, i promise i won't change the password or any thing.

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  • webkinz trading cards get you webkinz?

    i heard that you can get more webkinz pets by using the webkinz trading card codes. is that true??

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