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    My brother has a leopard gecko. We have a heating pad and a light but I guess the heating pad isn't working well or something I don't know. The gecko's tail has gotten super thin over the past few months and he won't eat and he has lost his color. It's not shedding because he won't even eat. The light has been on lately like 24/7 which I know isn't good so I was going to turn it off tonight until I noticed that the gecko has been staying in the same exact spot 24/7, he won't even move, and that spot happens to be directly under the light. So I'm guessing thats the only place it feels warm so I don't want to turn the light off for it to be cold and now its closing its eyes which I doubt is normal since these animals are nocturnal. Please someone help I don't want this animal to die due to lack of care from my brother

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  • What is wrong with me? Please help??!?

    Okay so I'm sure it's nothing serious but I figured I should ask anyway to see possibilities. Lately I don't get too hungry, I've had a sudden loss of appetite for no apparent reason. I've noticed some new freckles on my body and one of them looks a little scaly. (All of my freckles are small) I have back pains and today I peed out water randomly without any control over it. (This has happened two times today already)

    Also, every morning when I wake up I have a thick amount of phlegm in my throat. It's gotten so terrible to the point where I wake up in the middle of the night sometimes and have to try my best to deeply gargle it out, almost making myself throw up. My dental hygiene is very constant and well mind you.

    I am 17 years old turning 18 soon and I am not sexually active (I know that has nothing to do with it but just in case)


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  • Website that gives definitions of a word along with prefix and suffix?

    Can someone please give me a website that gives you the definition of a word, along with the words prefix and suffix and the meaning of the prefix and the suffix? Please! ASAP! Or at least the prefix and suffix of that word along with the prefix and suffix meaning

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  • dancing on pointe for ballet? i'm 16 i have been dancing in contemporary ballet for ALMOST a year. i'm gonna start actual classical ballet after summer and i mean...i really really really really really wanna go on pointe before my senior year or before my senior year ends at least and i'm going into my junior year now. i know it's crazy and you're supposed to have like 3 years at least of training beforehand but if i've heard of some girls going on pointe in as little as 6 months so if i REALLY work at it can i do it? i just want to know exercises and stretches to do daily so i can make it possible

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  • how to get a victoria's secret body?

    i really want to get an amazing body like a victoria secret body can anyone please tell me a detailed daily workout routine i can do? and a daily diet routine? pleeeease thank you :)

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  • whistling and moving boxes sounds?? is this a spirit?

    so im in my house alone and theres something downstairs whistling and moving boxes but i dont have any boxes in my house? and then theres the sound of someone creaking up the stairs slowly.and now the silverware and dishes are clanking together. whats it trying to tell me?

    ohhh yeah , and if you wanna be sarcastic, don't bother.

    4 AnswersParanormal Phenomena9 years ago
  • my tumblr got deleted!! HELP?

    My tumblr worked PERFECTLY fine today. I just now tried to log into it, and it wouldn't work. So I figured that I just forgot my password. So I clicked on "forgot password" and put in my email and it said that that email didn't have any account associated with tumblr. I put in my url and it said the page was not found. I DID NOT delete my account. I don't know how it got deleted, but it did. I even contacted the tumblr support group. I followed a lot of great people, I had thousands of posts, and over 18,000 likes. I need help please. Please please please. I can't just start over. It isn't MY fault that my account got deleted without me knowing. Shouldn't an email be sent to confirm first or something?

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  • High school sweethearts?

    I'm going into the 10th grade and there's this guy I have been with for all of 9th. We want to get married (just like everyone else does now a days) but not right out of high school. We want to stay together and get married after college. Do you think we will last? PS: I DON'T WANT ANYTHING STATING HOW WE ARE YOUNG, THAT'S OBVIOUS. If you think we will last, please state why and if you don't think so, please state why not. I wanna know why most high school sweethearts end up getting divorced, it's sad :(

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  • is palm reading real?

    i got my hand read by this girl in my highschool. she worships the devil and does all that stuff. every time before she reads hands she takes off a certain ring. i just wanted to know about my life line. she can tell you your past without asking any questions. and she can also tell you your future. she really examined my hand, looked up at me, and shook her head no. i kept asking her if she was sure and she said yes and then she checked my heart line and said that my heart line was good so to just eat healthy and i could change it. she's told my friends things that were going to happen and they all happened. do you think that these things are true if you believe it or what? i don't want any sarcastic stupid comments i actually want my question answered. thanks.

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  • which is better to get fit - cheerleading or exercise?

    me and my best friend want to get really toned. we both originally wanted ballet because it's so beautiful but cheerleading looks like a lot of fun too along with great exercise. which is better? we're both tall by the way

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  • makeup tips while on accutane?

    i'll be going on accutane in about two weeks or less, and i would really like to know.

    what are good makeup tips to use while i'm on accutane to cover up pimples/scars? i want to use a good coverup that i can use all day that moisturizes my skin but covers up really good. i know my skin is going to be really dry so i don't want makeup to feel like a mask on my face or be a hassle. any advice please? and also, any products to use to help my skin not crack when i'm on accutane? thanks...

    2 AnswersMakeup10 years ago
  • does acutane for acne last?

    ok so im gonna be going on accutane im 15 and ive heard that people will be acne free after it for 5 or 10 yrs but there acne comes back!! i dnt wnt that to happen to me so is that how it is with everybody or just some ppl? i need details pls thanks

    2 AnswersSkin Conditions10 years ago
  • Vibradermabrasion for teens?

    is it ok for a 14 or 15 year old girl to get Vibradermabrasion? i want my daughter to get this but im not sure if its ok for people around her age range?

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  • record label, managers, radio stations, help?

    i've been doing singing lessons for a while.

    i'm going to a camp that will record my demo CD with 6 of my own songs.

    then i will send my cd to all the record labels and my uncle's best friend works for clearwater channel and she could get my song easily played on the radio.

    i need detailed step by step list on how to achieve my dream of becoming a famous singer please.

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  • long complicated turkish translation?

    Ben hemen bir karar almadım. böyle düşündüm ...

    evet .. Şimdi bir karar aldı.

    Sen benimsin seviyorum .. ama bizim sevgi rüya ... ilişkimizi değiştirmek kadar ben durumumuzu düşünmek öyle. Farklı kıtalarda yaşıyor. Ben saçma evli olarak görünmez olduğunu düşünüyorum. Ben birbirimizi önlemek olacağını düşünüyorum ... biz gençler çünkü. yaşamak için bir çok şey var .. Ben de engellemek istemiyorum .. sen çok güzel kızsın. Ben gerçekten, ama etkilendim bu ilişki kısa bir ilişki gerçekten saçma.

    ancak iki yıl sonra çok iyi olabilir. ama şimdi bok .. İki yıldır arkadaş olmak düşünüyorum. Zaman içinde biz de birbirimizi daha iyi tanımak olduğunu.

    i tried translators online but it doesnt make sense so basically i just need someone to EXPLAIN what this message is saying. i know its bad, so please do not point that out to me :/

    2 AnswersLanguages1 decade ago
  • turkish translation please?

    i tried translators online but they didnt even make any sense please i really need some help just to understand it

    Bu kız yanık aga

    3 AnswersLanguages1 decade ago

    i just need someone to explain wut this means good enough for me to understand!! plss and thanks yoouuu

    bayrammış bugün. ev gezdim sayısız. el öptüm, insan öptüm...yaşlı öptüm genç öptüm. büyük öptüm küçük öptüm. öpmek artık fazlasıyla sade bir aktivite şahsen.adriana gelse öpiyim dese pek etkilemez.. şaka lan atbi adriana reyiz bambaşkaa !!!111birbir!!!ünlem!!!

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  • turkish translating helppp please?

    bir chat websitesinde birbirimizi bulmamız ve aşık olmazmız. pek de inandırıcı gelmezdi. rüyamda görseydim inanmazdım . ama artık inanıyorum . seni her an düşünüyorum.. ve aklım almıyor bunu..

    can someone please help me understand this really good? online translators dont help. i just need someone to explain to me what it says.

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  • sssssssssoooooooooo i need helppppppppppppppppppppppp?

    this account is shared by a lot of different people, so don't judge by the other questions....ANYWAYZZZZ

    advice to get popular in highschool? not the "cool" popular but the kind that has a lot of friends and is well liked

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  • singing classes AND performances after in miami?

    i need to get a link to a website that has singing classes. singing classes in miami that has a performances and helps make a demo cd?? any classes in miami that help people prepare for a real singing career? please i need to know asap

    3 AnswersSinging1 decade ago