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  • CompTIA A+ Certifications information?

    I'm interested in taking it and I wanted to gather information to help me pursue that goal. I have done research into it but I would like to know what help or tips others can give. I'm more or less familiar with computers although I lack experience and can't find a job that hires if you don't have any, I currently live in San Antonio. I am aware that a lot of studying and work needs to be done and that is no problem but I would like to know sooner rather than later if there are other things I need to be doing or should be doing considering I'm a beginner.

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  • Gaming External Hard drive?

    Can anyone give me any ideas for the best long term external Gaming harddrive. My Laptop doesn't have a lot of space so i been using a lot of external harddrives but they rarely last to long before there is a problem. I usually fix some of them and i have asked for help on here for it but i would like any ideas for a long term solution. No i can't upgrade this PC.

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  • My gaming external Hard drive keeps crashing.?

    When I play a game its different issues for some reason, I don't know if my other question is visible but feel free to take a look if it would help. Currently Im playing Skyrim on a external hardrive WD element it was fine at first for a couple of hours then randomly it started crashing after the connect noise you get when you put something in the USB. I changed the wire so i doubt that is it and i don't know if it does it with any other games i deleted a lot on it so it wouldn't be hard to find and  i followed just about ever easily fine able answers for it

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  • Games played on external hardrive WD element keep having random stutter?

    I play a lot of games on my gaming laptop mainly using an external hardrive because i don't have a lot of storage. It works wonderfully and the games have zero problems running on it, however after a short while maybe every few months(i have had a few different types) the games i play start to have a random pause or stutter every 5-8 seconds no matter the settings. Wouldn't call it lag and it doesn't seem to be connected to my computer and definitely not the settings because even on its lowest it still happens. I already replaced and tried new wires and i try not to leave it on for long periods so it seems to the external hardrive itself and i can't figure out the cause. Every now and then it goes back to normal and i can play for hours no problem but then randomly it will start pausing the same amount of seconds each time usually after i turn it back on. Any solutions would be appreciated! 

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  • Seagate Slim Portable hard drive not connecting and says The directory name is invalid?

    Hello and thank you for reading. My Seagate Slim stopped working on my laptop. I used it for games and i never had an issue but recently i played Spiderman for PS4 so i haven't played an PC games from steam in a while and when i went back to it my hardrive refused to work or be detected or whatever. I looked up a solution but nothing worked neither the youtube video on command prompt or T"he directory name is invalid [Fix]" and i have no idea what else to do

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  • How to play steam games on external hardrive.?

    I recently got an external hardrive and i looked up information on it about playing games directly off of the external hardrive. My computer is already full of games and i didn t want to keep uninstalling and reinstalling so i thought it would be great to use an external hardrive instead. However, nothing i looked up on it would tell me how to do it, all i could find is people saying they do and complains and praises about it but nothing telling me how i can play the steam games i downloaded onto the hardrive

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  • How do i go about building my own gaming pc?

    Im new to gaming on pc and don't know anything. Do i get just any laptop and buy parts for it, or should i just buy a laptop. I wanted to have a top notch gaming experience but sadly my current laptop can't be upgraded.

    My current laptop stats:

    It is a Alienware 14

    Windows 10

    64 operating system

    GeForce GT 750M

    Intel core i7

    8.00 GB RAM

    I would rather this not be a pros and cons debate about my alienware laptop because that's not an issue.

    I have already looked up a ton of information and watched a lot of youtube videos on the different parts and what they do and whats "best". But i would like to have people who have build their own PC's themselves to give me ideas and tips and whatever usual information they can.

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  • Why has Hyper light drifter on steam been laggy and fully of stutters? I am aware of the 30fps and i also know that isn't my problem?

    I have had Hyper light drifter for almost a week and my first few hours on full screen have been laggy and stutter filled. Till a few days ago when suddenly it all stopped and the game ran perfectly without issue and now all of a sudden its back to being full of lag and stutters. I looked up solutions and either people just didn't have the same question as me or the solutions didn't help at all. Although there were barely and solutions at all for my issue. I know my PC can play it and it CAN run beautiful because as i said for the past few days it has been doing so.

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  • Help I can't play any of my steam games!?

    Hello i have an issue with my games not playing on my computer. I only have one game that works and that is "The Binding of Isaac" and none of the others will even load. Left 4 dead won't even get past the launch and the other games either have black screens with music or just don't show any signs of trying to work. I have googled and tried to find solutions but none of them worked. Not uninstall reinstall not verify cache or anything else that was simple to find. And i don't even know how to contact steam directly

    My computer specs are:

    Windows 10

    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz 2.20GHz

    RAM: 8.00GB

    System type: 64-bit OP x64-based processor

    DirectX version: 11.1

    Grpahics:Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000

    Also my other computer is fine and it can play steam games but i can't use it at the moment.

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