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  • Could recently having a baby alter a pregnancy test?

    I had my little boy on October 19. For the month of December, I put myself on Lo Estren fe, and bled for about 25 of those days. I quit taking the pill, and have yet to have a period. For the past month or so, I've FELT pregnant. I've been CRAZY hormonal, nacious, and extremly tired. (all things I felt at the begenning of my first pregnancy) At this point, I've taken enough pregnancy tests to own a peice of the pregnancy test company, and all have come up negative...with the exception of one test that appeared to have a very faint blueish line...but even at that, we wondered if what we were seeing was where the line WOULD fill in if I were pregnant, but perhaps it wasn't filled in. ANy thoughts on the possiblity of me actually being pregnant?

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  • How do I continue my morning work out when my baby is born?

    I'm currenlty 7 1/2 months pregnant. It has always been very important to me to remain fit. Once the baby is born, I'm trying to think of how I'll be able to continue to have my 30 minute workouts in the morning. I usually like to go for a jog outside, or on the treadmill in my apartment gym. I know that once he's born, I won't be able to just fly out of the house at a whim to do this. Any suggestions on staying on track while taking care of my precious little bundle?

    Side notes: I work 40-45 hours a week, and live on the third floor apartment, so working out inside my home would disturb the neighbors.

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  • 10-12 pound dog pouncing on my stomach at 16 weeks?

    I am 16 weeks pregnant, and I allow my two schnoodles to sleep with me. I've been concerned because they'll walk on my stomach sometimes, but this morning, the smaller once POUNCED right on it. Is this something that I'm just being overly paranoid about? I don't want to think that anything could have happened to the baby.

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  • How do I get past the "in between doc. appointment" anxiety?

    I am now 16 weeks pregnant. I don't see the doc again until this Monday. From the minute I found out that I was pregnant, I've worried that something would happen to the baby. First I was anxious about whether or not I'd hear a heart beat at the eight week appt. Then I was horrified that something would go wrong before the 12 week appointment. I am now 4 months pregnant, and barely showing, but I have this anxiety that something can go wrong. And every day until I see the doc on Monday is like a lifetime.

    Has anyone else had this phycotic anxiety? How do I convince myself that all is okay?

    Also, to add to my stress...I have negative blood. I've also horrified myself with reading about infections that can affect the baby (such as BV). Ahhhh, where's the herbal xanex?

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  • I've just been offered a job and I'm 3 1/2 month pregnant?

    I have been asked to come in for the drug test tomorrow, and start the job next week. Should I tell them about the pregnancy before taking the drug test, or wait until I've worked with them for a few weeks? I hate being dishonest, and lets face it...I'm just now 15 weeks along, so the bump can only be hidden for so long. I would love to be able to work with these people and not have them resent me because of this. What would someone in my situation think that the best thing to do is?

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  • Should I be worried if there is a delay on my tax return?

    I filed on 3/30 through Turbo Tax, and have already reveived my Turbo Tax refund card. But as of yet, the government has still put no refund on that card. I checked that status on, and all they said was that there was a delay in processing my request (yet turbo tax already stated that it had been accepted). Is anyone else going through this?

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  • First trimester sunbathing?

    I am currenlty in my 11th week of pregnancy. Two days ago, I went to the beach for about two hours when it was breezy and about 72 degrees. Then yesterday, I layed out for about one hour when it was about 78 degrees in my front yard. There were a few times that I felt a little hot, so I sprayed myself with water. But now, after checking it out, I'm reading that it's not safe to tan in my first trimester at all. I of course, plan to stop now, until talking to my doc at next weeks appointment, but should I be worried about dammage that I may have already done. Should I be okay if I just steer clear of this from now on?

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  • when will my pregnany belly start to show?

    I am 10 weeks along today. I've noticed that at night, but belly sticks out from eating (even the smallest amount). But, by morning I'm back to normal. This is my first pregnancy. Does any one know when I can start to expect the little bump to make itself known?

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  • I have breifly inhaled oil based paint in my first trimester?

    I know I can be a bit paronoid from time to time, since I found out I was pregnant. But....I am currenlty in my ninth week of pregnancy. My fiancee is painting the house in an oil based paint (which is the strongest of smells). I've made a point to either be out of the house, or in an upstairs room where the fumes haven't traveled. I've made occasional trips to the kitchen (usually with a shirt or something over my nose) and have had small moments where I've inhaled the paint.

    Am I being phyco crazy, or is my limited interaction harmless?

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  • Best burger in Charleston?

    My fiancee and I are craving a mouth watering burger. Does anyone have any suggestions for the BEST burger that can be found in Charleston, SC?

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  • Is it normal for breast to shrink slightly during pregnancy?

    I am almost eight weeks pregnant. My breast just aobut doubled in size with in the first few weeks. This morning, I noticed they shrunk a bit. Yesterday I coudn't even keep my nipples in my bra, and today, they fit fine. I know it's normal for the breast to grow during pregnancy, but is it normal for them to flutuate?

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  • Has anyone used the Chinese Gender Calandar?

    I'm seven weeks pregnant and have been playing with the Chinese Calandar online. Acoording to that, I'll be having a little girl. I've talked to all me friends with kids and they said it was accurate for them. Has anyone every fooled around with this and had it be correct?

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  • Mederma or Vitamin E Oil?

    I have a scar on my face that I got over a year ago from slicing my chin open. I've been researching both Mederma, and Vitamin E oil for making the scar go away. Does any one have an suggestions as to which product is more effective?

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  • Breasts not hurting as badly?

    I'm approaching my seventh week of pregnancy. Up until now, my breasts have been pretty tender and in a little bit of pain. This morning they don't hurt as badly (maybe even not at all). On a separate note, I've only had a tid bit of nausia for the past couple days, but it always started in the morning, and this morning I don't think I have it at all. Should I be worried, or is it okay if some of the symptoms fade.

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  • Is 6 weeks too early to go to the ultrasound?

    I hae an opportunity to go to an ultrasound tomorrow as it will be my sixth week into pregnancy. I want to go because I think it would be great to see the baby and possibly hear the heart beat, but would be heart broken, and later freaking out if they can't see or hear the baby yet as I've been a worry wort since the day I discvoered I was pregnant.

    If I go to the ultrasound at six weeks, is it too soon? What will they be able to tell me tomorrow?

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  • I've found out that i have bacterial vaginosis and am five weeks pregnant?

    I am five week pregnant, and my OBGYN appointment isn't until March 10. I went (early) to a doctor that practices a broad spectrum of everything (physicals, nose bleeds, etc...) just to do a broad check up.

    I was told that I have BV. She didn't seem incredibly worried about it, but she's not a specialist in this field. I went online, as read that it DOUBLES the chances of miscarriage in the first and second trimester.

    Has anyone had this before? I also read that treating it in this stage won't affect the outcome. I don't really have any symptons of this, as I didn't even know to ask about it. Will that fact help my baby's chances?

    Should I be freaked by the internet hype or is this not a big deal?

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  • Using the Metronidazole Vaginal gel while 5 weeks pregnant?

    My first OBGYN appointment is not until March 10th. In a 'freaked out moment' I went to "Doctor's Care" for a quicky exam to make sure all was healthy 'down there', not wanting to wait until the specialist appointment. She told me that I have BV (which I don't feel any symptoms of). I let her knwo that I was pregnant, and because of that she gave me the gel Metronidazole instead of the pill.

    I did some research and saw many websites telling me that you cannot use this in the first trimester because it may cause birth defects.

    I see very little information on the gel, but am still very worried. I specifically asked the doc if it would be okay for the baby, and she told me that it would, but she primarily deals with ear/nose/throat things. Should I trust her.

    Has anyone taken the gel form of Metronidazole while in the first trimester?

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  • How to stop crazy woman worries during pregnancy?

    I am just into my fifth week of pregnancy. I literally am worried about EVERYTHING. First, I didn't beleive the test a week ago because I didn't want to get excited and then be sad. Then, after a nurse confirmed my pregnancy, now all I can worry about is if it will stay and be a healthy one.

    I keep wanting to get excited, but I freak out from everything like "I'm not peeing as much as I was at first", and "do my boobs still hurt? I can't tell".

    My boyfriend and family are telling me I'm crazy, which I'm well aware of. How can I shake this?

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  • Wallpaper remover and pregnancy?

    My boyfriend and I are removing the wall paper in my parents' home. I know I can't be around paint fumes while pregnant, but is it okay to smell the wall paper removal? He thinks I'm crazy, but I just want to be sure.

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  • Can I paint with a painter's mask?

    My boyfriend and I have been remodeling my parents house. I recently found out that I was pregnant, and am now approaching my fifth week. Is it safe for me to be around paint fumes? Should I wear a painter's mask?

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