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The nazis at Yahoo banned my other account. "Everyone carries a part of society on his shoulders, no one is relieved of his share of responsibility by others. And no one can find a safe way for himself if society is sweeping towards destruction. Therefore everyone, in his own interest, must thrust himself vigorously into the intellectual battle." -Ludwig von Mises

  • pick 3 of 4 wr's to start?

    v Jackson @cincy

    Jennings vsNYG

    Wayne @oak

    NIcks @GB

    pick 3

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  • Does this sound like a good trade for me?

    I can start 1 qb 1 te 3 wr 2 rbs. no ppr

    my team consists of


    wayne, nicks, s. moss, jennings, kevin walter.

    cj2k, foster, portis, brandon jackson

    v.davis, d keller.

    The trade is donovan jennings and wayne

    for welker and brees.

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  • how would I get my hands to play independently when playing with both hands?

    So I have no problem playing piano when the bass and treble are in harmony, but I am trying to learn Shostakovich's Jazz suite #2, which is a waltz, and I can do either the melody or the waltz bass, but when I try playing both, it falls apart rather quickly. Any suggestions on how to tackle this problem?

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  • libertarians, whats preventing you from being consistent?

    Not all libertarians, but those that believe in such a thing as constitutional government. If you are a libertarian, you must be for the non-aggression principle. If you are firmly for it, then you must firmly be against The State because the State must necessarily aggress. Even in the case that it does collect taxes voluntarily, it must aggress to establish its monopoly over the justice system and defense. It took me a long while to come around to anarcho-capitalism, but reading "For a New Liberty", by Mr Libertarian, Murray Rothbard changed that for me. I'm sure most of you will eventually make the conversion, but if you haven't yet, why are you still a small government pinko?

    BTW if you wanna read for a new liberty you can find it here

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  • Are you a libertarian or do you support murder, theft, vandalism, and / or fraud?

    And yes they are mutually exclusive. Try and debate otherwise.

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  • So much for Ron Paul being unelectable huh?

    He's in a tie with Obama for 2012, even though 1/3rd of Republicans don't support him, and many don't know enough about him. What is very telling though is that independents prefer Ron 2 to 1. We all know independents are what win elections. THIS WAS THE BEST NEWS IVE HEARD ALL WEEK! What do you guys think of the shifting of tides in our political environment?

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  • how long until the Neocon influence on the Republican party dies out?

    Younger kids are either democrat or libertarian/ Ron Paul supporters. They are all internet users. The internet is dominated by Ron Paul, and there is really no debate on that. The younger generation will be older very soon, so it is going to be only a matter of time now. Does 2020 sound fair? Earlier maybe?

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  • When asked, most people say individuals should be allowed to do what they want when not harming others, but?

    only about 2% of the population votes libertarian. Where is the disconnect?

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  • Better Unplugged: Nirvana or Alice in Chains?

    I asked a question similar to this over a year ago, and at the time I thought Nirvana had the best unplugged performance ever. I'm starting to reconsider that. At this point, to me, it's like asking which child you love more. But to not evade the question myself, I will say Nirvana had the better performance by a hair, only because they did cool songs they've never done before, like the man who sold the world, and Where did you sleep last night.

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  • Are liberty lovers excited about the prospects of freedom in Costa Rica?

    The news is a bit old, but since most people don't keep up with Costa Rican politics I assume this may be new to many of you. Otto Guevara, who founded the Libertarian Party Of Costa Rica. He had only 8% of the vote in 2006, but got 20% of the vote in 2010. If he can continue to have the type of success he is having now, he will be very close to a majority by 2014. If that happens, there will finally be a place in the world where freedom actually exists. I would actually consider moving if he was President. What do other freedom enthusiasts think about

    1. His chances next time around.

    2. Would you move to Costa Rica if he were President?

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  • Is Rand Paul taking the right approach by not being as libertarian as his dad?

    I think Rand is taking the right approach. As much as I would like him to be Rothbard from day one, we all know that can't happen. Voters are not ready for libertarianism in its entirety. In just the same way the Republic didn't transform itself into leviathan overnight, we cannot liberate everything with one swing of the bat. We have to take baby steps. unless there is a huge crisis and we can get an ANTI-FDR in office to turn back the clock about 100 years. One can make the argument that we area already at a point where the system is teetering on the brink of collapse, so there may he hope yet, but I think, until that time, if it comes to pass, we have to take the incrementalist approach.

    For one, voters don't really understand the libertarian platform. They understand we are against things like drug criminalization, but they think it is because we are libertines. They see themselves as taking the high road, morally speaking, by going against decriminalization. Because of the structure of main stream media, and the ever-decreasing attention span of people, everything you say must fit into a sound byte. This doesn't give time for a well-reasoned explanation, and then it is taken out of context, or misinterpreted by radio/tv personalities. The mainstream media is not very friendly to the libertarian message in the 1st place, and so they will help paint it in a very negative light, assuming they don't ignore it altogether. This is why I think Rand is doing the right thing and "slow-playing his hand" instead of going "all in" the way his dad did in 07.

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  • Is Alice in Chains the most underrated band ever?

    I'm shocked most people don't have consider them as one of the greats of all time. Layne Staley's voice was out of this world.

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  • Do you think your personality type has a lot to do with your political leanings?

    I had taken a meyr-Briggs test a while ago, and I came up as an INTJ. I checked out a forum for other INTJ's, and there was a poll asking which political party do you align with. What I noticed was that more people chose libertarian than democrat and republican combined. I'm also a very hardcore libertarian, and thought that it was pretty interesting that there is such a high correlation between the two. Unluckily for me, only 1% of the population are INTJ, and so we really have no political power.

    If you have taken a myer-briggs test, would you also list those results along with party. I would like to see if there are any other correlations as well..

    Here's the link to the site just in case you guys wanted to see the poll.

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  • Do you believe in such a thing as a soul or spirit?

    and if you do, do you believe it is eternal?

    If you don't , I would really appreciate why you have taken that stance. Im not religious at all, but I am pretty spiritual. That being said, I am always one who is trying to falsify my own beliefs.

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  • Has the tea party been thoroughly neo-conned yet?

    I thought it had so much potential, but of course, instead of Ron Paul being the face, as he was the originator of the tea parties all the way back in 2007 when BUSH was STILL PRESIDENT, we have neo-con queen Sarah Palin. She is an embarrassment to any thinking American. I used to hear tea party and it gave me hope. Now it gives me nausea. I can't wait for the extinction of neocons....

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  • Is it wrong of me to be almost convinced that either Ron Paul or his son will run for the Presidency in 2012?

    Even if winning is out of reach as Ron Paul runs on that "weird" Fiscally conservative , socially liberal platform that no man dares wander off to, I think he will run to spread the unique message that often does not get told because third parties aren't given a platform in the mainstream media. His campaign last time around was rather spontaneous and last minute, yet it got a great number of people, many of which were not very concerned with politics prior to then, to dedicate much of their time, effort, and money to help spread the message of a society without coercion. Furthermore, there are MANY more Ron Paul supporters right now than there were at the time he was in the primary. I can guarantee that. Even if he does not win the Presidency, he will win over many more people to libertarian ideas, and that is nothing but a good thing for the future of this country. I think Ron Paul realizes this and for this reason alone, he has already decided that either he, or Rand, if elected to the Senate, will run for the Presidency in 2012.

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  • help with a little real estate case law?

    In the case Frierson V Watson The memorandum of agreement states in part that the easement provided to the Frierson's would exist as long as the room remains unpartioned by brick and continuous through to the roof.

    Watson was trying to Partition the wall. Why did the court say he could not because of the easement even though the agreement stated that the easement would cease to exist when it became partioned?

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  • Do you think government is a tool to protect little fish from big fish or?

    a tool big fish use to manipulate the little fish?

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