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  • What does "work even as est" mean in my knitting pattern?

    It is a lace pattern in the round consisting of 15 stiches. I'm supposed to start increasing, the row they gave me to increase only adds 6 stiches a round. So i started with 90, and right now i have 96...The increase row was just the first round in the lace pattern with a little modification.I have no idea what to do next really. Here's the pattern...

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  • What to put on new skin from sunburn?

    I'm sunburned all over but there's a spot on my forehead that's really bad that a large spot that skin already peeled/got peeled off of. Now I can't put aloe vera or lotion or anything on it because it stings REALLY BAD. And it also looks REALLY BAD. I don't know whether to try and put something on it anyway or not. Right now all I've done is dabbed it with a cold wet washcloth. *I have really sensitive skin so I don't know if lotion is supposed to work in this situation.

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