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  • I have a broken iPhone 3GS?

    My friend gave me his broken iPhone 3GS with new bootrom. He broke it by updating the firmware to the iPad baseband which u cannot downgrade so the phone is non functioning as a phone but connect to wifi an works as an iPod. Is there any way I can fix it to use it as a phone

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  • Theres this girl and i like her? (Please noone answering)?

    So im in college but my college is from year 7-13. Im in year 12 and i like this girl in the year below. Im new to the collge so she dont know me. I really want her to know my name. I asked round and found out her name but adding her on fb when she dont know who i am is weird. So sometime shes walks past me when im waiting for a lesson. Would it be ok if i walk with her and be like "hey. how u doing? whats ur name?" that kinda thing? or would that seem stalkish?? How should i get her to know me

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  • Having sex with my GF?

    I'm 16, she's 14, were both virgins. I'm sure sex is great. She's great. She recently started talking about sex with me and asked me if she thinks we should have it? We have been dating for 6 months and as much as I'm sure I'd possibly enjoy it I don't wanna hurt her or let her do something shed regret. We have only been as far as kissing. I've asked her a zillion times that she's gonna regret it but she tells me she wouldn't regret it... I consider myself a sensible teen but I'm unsure... Regardless of our age difference I think she's young and I don't think we have been dating long enough... She's not the kinda person that will do it because her friends have told her.. If u think we shouldn't do it, how do I persuade her without her thinking I'm just not ready or unintrested

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  • So gcse biology Over all mark.. dont know what to do?

    I need an A* in biology and i think its 360 out of 400 ums for an A*. I have 80 ums in unit 1, 73 ums in unit 2 (which im redoing to try and get 80 ums) and isa which i got 100 ums in. So i need, 360-100-80-80=100 ums. So i need 100 ums in unit 3 which i wont get and thats stupidly high. what am i meant to do!! I cant revise enough to get 100 ums in unit 3 and i cant get 100 ums in unit 2... stuck!

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  • Maths igcse help factorizing solve help!? Queastion 14. C, (ii). from that paper. i dont get how u do it

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  • Help with functions gcse queastion?

    So heres the queastion.

    F(x)= 3x+1 , G(x)= 2x-3

    Solve the equation FG(x)=G(x)

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  • Im trying to right a love song but im failing?

    So im trying to right a love song but it always fails. They always sound cheesy and dont rhyme, worst of all it sounds like a speech or poem rather then a song. I cant think of lyrics that will be good.. any ideas? no copying from other songs please

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  • French speaking on wednesday and worried!?

    I have my french speaking on wednesday and im worried.

    What grade should i expect from this essay. obviously it has to be complicated enough to get a good mark like using words like but and this evening....

    Tu peux décrire ton collége?

    Mon école s'appelle Loughborough grammar school

    My school is called Loughborough grammar school

    Mon école est située à loughborough.

    My school is located in Loughborough.

    Dans mon école, il y a mille élèves.

    In my school there was one thousand students.

    Il y a une bibliothèque pour étudier. C’est vraiment bien équipé

    There is a library to study. This is really well equipped

    Ce qui me plaît beaucoup c’est qu’il y a pas mal de verdure.

    What I really like is that there are a lot of greenery.

    Il y a de vieux bâtiments et des bâtiments modernes aussi. On vient de construire un nouveau bâtiment pour la chimie.

    There are old buildings and modern buildings too. We just built a new building for chemistry.

    C’est en verre et en métal et je l’aime bien car c’est cool.

    It's glass and metal and I like it because it's cool.

    Mon école est pour les garçons, ce qui est bon et mauvais

    My school is for boys, what's good and bad

    Ce que j’aime, c’est qu’il y a beaucoup de verdure dans l’école.

    What I like is that there are a lot of green in the school.

    l'année prochaine je vais faire de la chimie, les mathématiques, la biologie et les études commerciales

    next year I'll do chemistry, mathematics, biology and business studies

    l'ambiance est sympa dans mon école. les cours peuvent être amusants

    the atmosphere is nice in my school. Lessons can be fun

    Quelle est ta matiére préférée?

    Mon cours préféré est la biologie parce que c’est très intéressant et amusant.

    My favorite class is biology because it is very interesting and fun.

    J'aime la chimie parce que mon professeur est très gentil.

    I like chemistry because my teacher is very nice.

    J'aime les mathématiques. Même si c’est difficile comme matière, ça m’intéresse beaucoup.

    I love math. Although it is a difficult subject, it interests me a lot.

    Je me passionne pour la Physique et de plus c’est utile pour l'avenir.

    I am passionate about physics and is more useful for the future.

    Est-ce qu’il y a une matiére que tu n’aimes pas ?

    Je déteste la géographie parce que mon professeur n'est pas très agréable.

    I hate geography because my teacher is not very pleasant.

    Je ne pas l'histoire parce que c'est ennuyeux

    i do not like history because it is boring

    Est-ce que tu as jamais fait un voyage scolaire ?

    Quand j'étais treize ans, je suis allé au parc d'attractions pour une journée. C'était très amusant.

    When I was thirteen, I went to the amusement park for a day. It was great fun.

    Nous avons visité Paris.

    C’était génial.

    J’ai vu la Tour Eiffel et j’ai visité le Louvre.

    J’ai mangé dans un restaurant sympa.

    J’ai mangé du steak au poivre.

    C’était savoureux.

    Je me suis bien amusé en France et je voudrais y retourner un jour.

    We visited Paris.

    It was great.

    I saw the Eiffel Tower and I visited the Louvre.

    I ate at a nice restaurant.

    I had steak with a pepper sauce.

    It was tasty.

    I enjoyed myself in France and I would like to return someday.

    Quels sont tes projets pour l’avenir ?

    L'année prochaine j'espère continuer avec mes études.

    Next year I hope to continue with my studies.

    Je veux étudier la pharmacie à l'avenir, c'est ma passion et Donc Je voudrais devenir pharmacien.

    I want to study pharmacy in the future, it is my passion

    Je veux visiter l'Amérique et de voir mes cousins, car ils sont cool et aussi voir du pays

    I want to visit American and see my cousins because they are cool and also see the country

    Surprise question

    Tu aimes l’uniforme?

    Je dois porter l'uniforme dans mon école

    I have to wear uniform in my school

    j'aime l'uniforme car il est très confortable et très chic

    i love the uniform because it is very comfortable and looks nice

    Je dois porter un costume gris, une cravate bleue et une chemise bleue

    I have to wear a gray suit, blue tie and blue shirt

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  • Looking for rappers, male or female with bbm?

    I'm looking for a males anbd female rappers that have bbm. I would love to hear new lines so drop me ur bbm pin if u can rap and got some lines or a tune for me

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  • i got banned from cod mw2 on pc?!?

    I ended up in a cracked server so im on ful prestige and stuff. i open up mw2 on steam, on my account settings its says "your steam account "name of steam account" has been banned from secure game servers due to a cheat infraction. It not fair i ended up in a cracked server. i wanna play mw2! what can i do!? i know i cant appeal to steam because that wont work

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  • Obama is a hated president and as a black president he is No different?

    I remember 4 years ago people american people thought black president great, everything will change, nothing changed but everyone found out the truth out about obama. He never keeps his campaign promises. He uses predator drones and mentions it in one of his speeches. Recently i have found many people wanting him out. 4 years is over and people will not vote him again. Isnt europe and america is recession? But then why did Obama promise Israel 30 billion dollars over the next decade? What are ur opinions on him and do u think he should be replaced

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  • Blackberry torch select key?

    The black square, trackpad, on mm bb torch doesn't respond.. I'm out of warranty. Will having a new one defo work? Experience please? Anyone done this before. I can't find any solutions on google

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  • Graphics card for gaming?

    I want to play mw3 but need a better graphic card. I am thinking of getting the nvidia 450 but should i get the 550ti ? Is there a noticable difference on games such as mw3? Is it worth the extra money

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  • Mw2 on pc laggy? Custom built pc?

    I built my own pc. this has a built in graphics. When i play mw2 it lags so much that when i move the mouse it shifts with lag. It even lags on single player special ops. I think i need a better graphics card then my built in one but help? If i do need a better graphics card would the nvidia geoforce 440... would it be compatibale with my motherboard and would it work fine for mw2 and mw3, thanks

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  • Mw2 graphics card issue?

    I built my own pc. this has a built in graphics. When i play mw2 it lags, Im not sure if i need a bette graphics card but if someone could tell me do i need one? Also what is a good one under £100 that will be compatibale with this motherboard

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  • Forgot hotmail password?

    I forgot my hotmail password which i use for my xbox. I tried resetting it but dont remember my security Anwse. Im stuck... I dont want to make a new one. Anyone know any good paid hacking software to get my password

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  • Ipod touch and windows 7?

    I have an Ipod touch 4th gen and windows 7. Problem is when i connect my Ipod it says there is No driver so i try and get it to find one but it cant find one

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  • Queastion for muslims on islam and marriage?

    Salam my brothers and sisters. My allah bless us all. Im not trying to cause trouble but why did allah say to do anything such as sexual intercourse you need to be married because someone can marry then have intercourse and get a divorce. Itssimular to a girl or bf, having sexual intercourse then breaking up. Yes i do know if muslims did have a bf or gf they would mostlikely do things they would later regret but surley having a bf or gf isnt that bad as long as u donttake it to far?

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  • The girl i like shows no signs ?

    This girl i like is 1 school year younger then me, we really like each other as friends. We can trust each other with anything. She really likes me as a friend. I know she doesnt fancy me but i like her. Recently i have realised when i leave school one way she is there And she is looking around and when she sees me she smiles and thats it but then again she has never showed signs of liking me. We speak like on weekends every week. I have asked her out many months ago but she said were to good friends but recently she has become mpre mature and wants to settle down with a guy that will treat her well and not hurt her

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  • How to flirt with a girl?

    I want to flirt with his girl but I'm not very good. News some he'll? And techniques or good lines!? Needs to be slight hint

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