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i like music, cars, playing guitar, and sleeping. Yes I like cars but at the same time i care about the I want to turn that into a career one day. i love punk, indie, and old school rock 'n roll and almost any sub-genre of rock. oh yea...i love to play soccer! and i'm a proud canadian! i share my b-day with my sister except she's 2 years younger. if theres anything u wanna know or ask, just email me i guess... 92% of the teenage population has switched to rap. If you are the 8% who still rocks, copy and paste this as your signature If your bored, go to this site its pretty addicting, plus as you get more points, you help donate rice to poorer countries, just go check it out!!! seriously! Here's my yahoo profile...i don't really use it, but feel free to give me a shout. █♣█

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