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  • Why does my kitten lick and bite my lips nose and ears when were cuddling.?

    I recently got a kitten, not sure how old but probably a little over a month or two. Sometime when I'm petting him he will move towards my face and start licking my nose or mouth before starting to chew on them. I usually let him get away with licking them but as soon as he bites them I blow air in his face to startle him, or grab him by the scruff and move him. But he keeps doing it and it's really bothersome and I cant really figure out why he would do it. I can guarantee that he isnt upset at the time being as that he will still be purring and pushing himself into my hands to be pet, so I dont really know what his reasoning is behind chewing on me, and especially with it being the 3 specific locations he will do it.

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