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  • Would a Health Admin degree be good for Physician Assistant school ?

    I would like to major in health admin because I really like the aspects of leading a team and making a difference in the community while also having that medical aspect to it. To me, it is like the study of society but medical focused, I'd like to call it medical sociology in some cases. In the future, I would like to connect with my patients as a PA not only by the medical conditions but I also want to empathize with them in terms of their history. family backgrounds, interests, and just be an overall, well rounded healthcare professional. My first major is biology which is obvious, but I think doubling with health admin will really make me stand out and show that I care about the overall health of the community I live in. Health admin is so opened and I believe that I can explore a lot and do a lot of research to further explore my two passions: community health in our current society and medicine. Idk how dumb I sound right now. I have been looking at other forums and they say health admin is kind of a vocational degree and will not look good because "it is too easy" (QUORA member)  and that "this will only make you look weak and that you're too scared for the challenges in med school" (REDDIT member) Thank you, please don't roast me. 

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  • My friend's parents thinks I'm a bad influence?

    My friend is a very active person and she always complained about the bulky feeling pads give her. I use menstrual cups and they were so life changing I introduce them to her. She asked her mom for one and her mom freaked out, went crazy, ect.... so now her parents thinks I'm a bad influence to her for convincing her to try such "horrifying, unacceptable" things. I was just trying to help and this is what I get :(

    Also, I have other friends who also hate pads and I'm trying to convince them to switch over to reusables to save money, help environment, better for health reasons but they don't care about anything. I guess it's their decision but I'm so dissappointed. Any advice? 2 of my friends are on their time right now and it just disgusts me thinking about how much more waste they're adding to the environment.

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  • Review on the Evacup?

    I'm interested in trying out the Evacup and was wondering if anybody have tried it out here on yahoo? I want the size small. I have a medium cervix and light-moderate flow, do you think this cup is suitable for me? I'm 14 by the way and I have used cups before and this is going to be my 2nd cup.

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  • Can teen girls take vitamin c supplements to induce period?

    I'm 14, I want my period to come!!! It's irregular so it skips some months and then starts again. I don't like that, I want it to come every month. I heard vitamin c may help induce a period. I'm thinking about getting vitamin c through supplements of vitamin c. Is it safe? Will it be effective?

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  • I'm going into high school and have some questions?

    1) how does the picking classes work? Do you get a form and then choose whatever classes you wanna take? (Mandatory ones are must haves of course) or do you take a placement test and get to choose only your elective?

    2) do you decide for yourself whether or not you're able to handle AP classes? Or is there teacher recommendations and you need to get an A on that subject in the regular class version first?

    3) what do you think of the AP CAPSTONE PROGRAM? It is new to the collegeboard and I think it's really something I would like to join

    4) how much homework is a lot? how much homework do you get in a regular class vs honors vs AP?

    5) when do you receive your scehdule for freshman year? Over the summer?

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  • Should I be sad or fine with it?

    Ok so my younger sister has a little "business" where she sells stuff on this app, mercari and she also posts things on her Instagram and people direct message her if they want to buy something. I, on the other hand am the older one and my mom is always nagging me that I should start a little business as well so I can make my own money and understand it's worth and not go spending it in a wasteful way and learn to use money properly. I know how to use money, I try to find alternatives for everything by doing diy projects from YouTube, I'm always buying things from the sale section and I know it's worth, it's my parents' money but I spend it very carefully putting thought into everything I buy and looking up reviews so I wouldn't regret buying that item. My sister makes her own money and she can do whatever the f*** she wants with it even if it's the stupidest things. My question is, should I start my own business, I'd rather just focus on school and make tons more as an adult rather than 1-5$ as a kid. My mom doesn't understand, she thinks I'm just like any other spoiled child. I think I should just keep on doing what I'm doing and stay in school, it's not like I don't understand money's worth, I just don't use my own because I don't have a job yet but I think carefully with all of my purchases and return them if I change my mind. I believe what I'm doing is right, or listen to my mom? I'm not even interested in business, so listen to myself or my mom?

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  • At what should you start contouring and highlighting?

    I'm 14 and very interested in the whole contouring and highlighting business!! I only want to slim down my face because it is a round shape. I feel like this can age my face older than it really is. Should I just use bronzer on my cheekbones and that's it? I just want a slim down affect on my face, I hate how it's huge! So ugly! Please help, I'm already looking into some contouring palettes online and I need advice on whether this palette is really something I want to add to my makeup collection.

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  • My high school plan?



    I hope to get into Spanish 2 as I am taking Spanish 1 right now as an 8th grader but if I pass the final exam at the end of yr, I'll get into Spanish. For AP classes, I'm interested in AP ENGLISH LANG. because I love reading and writing(English is my strength) that's only if freshman are allowed to take AP. If honors, then probably in English or.... idk yet


    Spanish 3 HOPEFULLY!! I'm interested in the AP CAPSTONE PROGRAM (just came out so don't know if my high school has it) but people made some negative thoughts on it so idk yet. AP Spanish Lang. maybe and the PSAT. maybe honors (2-3) and AP (1-2)


    Of course do good on the SAT & ACT and MAYBE continue the CAPSTONE PROGRAM if I chose to take it. I heard AP HISTORY will look really good on your transcript. Maybe APUSH or WORLD HISTORY honors (2-3) AP (2-3)


    Retake SAT & ACT if needed and should I take science? I love science, especially life science, science is one of my fav subject next to English. But if I could choose between English and life science (or anything that's life related) then science honors and AP like usual

    I also want to join clubs and my field hockey team (if I make it) and leadership roles in at least 1-2 clubs. I'm pressuring myself aren't I?? It's also freaking my out cuz AP exams are costly but if I fail, I failed my family and myself so I'm worried about that also, but I am a good student so... HELP!!! Advice!!!!!

  • Field hockey questions?

    Some background: I really want to join a sport team in high school to avoid PE. I REALLY like street hockey (hockey on cement not grass/field like field hockey) I played street hockey in my PE class and it was super fun.

    I'm interested in joining field hockey but some other field hockey related questions says that you have to run 3 miles nonstop while being timed. 3 miles?!? Are you kidding?? I run a 7:50-8:55 mile. There's a lot of running I know but is it a manageable amount? What is trying out going to be like? What should I expect? Do I have to purchase all the stick, mouth guard, shin guard, ect... on my own because I looked online and they're so expensive OMG😁😁... I really enjoyed street hockey and hopefully it's going to be a same experience with field hockey. Any advice before the big try out day comes? If I do join, how can I balance my school life and my field hockey life?

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  • I'm going to a gym?

    I'm a 14 yr old girl looking to signing up for a gym membership that's close to my home. I'm afraid that while exercising I might be the only kid there while there's only men and women and suddenly they see a teenage girl out of nowhere working out when she should be studying or going out with friends. Is it awkward to see a child at the gym? Isn't it a men and women thing? Kids only exercise at school or in sports and stuff, no gym. Have you seen children there? Also, my goal is to achieve a flat stomach and tone down my body. What equipment should I use? Can a personal trainer help me? (If they help children) are they going to pressure me like my PE teachers?? (Running 10 miles on first day ect...) I'm scared, I don't want this to be really awkward...

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  • My mom is somtimes really out of control?

    I don't feel hate towards her because she's still my mom but..

    1) she forces me to eat so I can get proper nutrition and grow my tallest but calls me fat after. Whenever she thinks I'm fat, she won't tell me physically but like if I walk in the kitchen she would ask what I'm doing and I would tell her I'm getting water or something, I think it's because she's making sure that I'm not snacking or sneaking on sweet sugary stuff. And then when we talk, she takes advantage that we're close to each other and say my face looks a little chubbier than usual.

    2) I diet because of reason#1. But whenever I'm exercising, she won't let me. She said I should save SOME energy or else I'll pass out cuz of low energy. But you called me fat for goodness sake!! (I run on the treadmill)

    3) she thinks whatever my sister is like, I'm the same. Like when my sister is being messy, she goes into my room and says the exact same thing even if my room were to be cleaner than hers, it's the same thing. My sister is lazy, she calls me lazy. Like OMG NOT MY PROBLEM SHE DOESNT ACT LIKE A MATURE TEENAGER!!!! (I'm the older one)

    4) I feel like whenever she's bored, she finds something to do by yelling at me. Like yelling at me is her hobby or something.

    5) i don't know if this is a good or bad thing but she says I should start wearing makeup. I think she feels that her own daughter is ugly even though she created me....

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  • Advice on my hair care routine?

    I dont actually care that much about my hair. I use whatever shampoo in the shower that my parents buy and just keeping it clean is what I think is a routine is. Now I've come to realize all these things, split ends, damaged hair, weak hair, ect.... I really want that smooth looking hair everybody at my school has! Girls would always leave it down and I know that shampooing your hair everyday is bad but if they do it, how come their hair is like amazing all the time and if they don't do it, how come it's always smooth looking? I have oily hair, like my skin, it gets dirty if I don't shower for one day. So if I shower, the next day I can leave my hair down, but if I don't, the next day it's clumpy and dirty so I leave hair down one day and then ponytail the next day repeating the pattern. I want to start taking good care of it now. I don't like the ponytail look and it's getting old fashioned for me. I want to leave it down but it means I have to shampoo everyday. I've searched up shampoo for oily hair but everything seems pricey! My parents' favorite is the heads & shoulders brand. I'm looking into hair mask but that's also expensive. I'm thinking about getting a tea tree shampoo because my facial cleanser is tea tree so I'm guessing my skin likes tea tree but tea tree shampoo, when I searched it up, is also expensive. My parents buys shampoo for like 3-4$ and tea tree is 8-10$ (my research) any cheap alternatives, advice, ect..?

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  • Which makeup brush set should I get?

    I'm a beginner in makeup (14 yrs. old, I think this is a good age to start now) and am purchasing a brush set for my collection, I found a couple online I like but don't know which one to get. The first one is 20pc $5 total, 32pc $14 total, and 40pc $22 total. These are all very good deals because it retails more on other websites (I've done my research) the 20pc is the cheapest in this case but the quality is still a 50/50. The 32pc and 40pc also come with a leather pouch but it's more expensive at 43 and 55 cents each but the 20pc is only 20-something cents each(per brush) Which one? The 40 and 32 may be a little more expensive but its quality is good so it makes it long lasting which makes the price resonable. Help? I just want to experiment and enhance my natural features, I'm not trying to look like a clown from clown college

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  • How to add more space to my vanity?

    When I first bought my vanity, I didn't really think much about it because I wasn't into like the beauty world. Now that I'm more grown and use things like makeup, perfumes, ect.. I need more space on my desk to put my stuff. Currently it is an IKEA desk with one pull out drawer and the desk inself is tiny. There's no shelf but a flat surface. My room is mostly taken over by my corner desk which I love and don't want to get rid of because the desk is full of my office neccesities (I have an office supplies obsession, pens and pencils excite me) I want to buy a bigger desk but then the space in my room will be taken over. I do a little space left to fit a wider desk but then it'll be too close to my bed and it won't look good. The tiny space cannot fit those Alex drawers things which I really want because I'm guessing it's really slim for its height. Any organizing ideas? On top of the desk I have a shoebox which I use to perfectly fit all of my body care (lotion&perfumes bath&bodyworks) and a jewelry manican and my mirror. Any organizing ideas?

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  • How to fix iPhone that doesn't turn on after "delete date"?

    I'm asking this for my mom.

    She deleted all the data on her phone and restarted everything because the phone was going to be to given to my aunt who wanted it. She deleted the data and now all it does and shows the white screen with the apple icon on it and it stays on that screen until the better drains out. She plugged it into the charger and nothing happens, once it's fully charged the phone is back to that screen and restarts the process. Apple screen until no battery, charge and shows screen again. Please, my aunt really wants this phone. It's the 6+ if that helps! (No 's')

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  • Should I worry?

    I live in an Asian family and parents are always stressing about getting good grades, I'm always expected to get straight A's. This time, I got 2 B's and one of them I still have a little chance to bring it up with our big extra credit assignment and the other I have no chance as my teacher warned, "you get what you deserve, not my fault you didn't pay attention in class" it's not my fault, I just suck at math... My parents are actually pretty easy people, they let me but things I want most of the time, all I need is to get good grades in return for them taking care of me. I'm stressed out right now because of this. I have a week to bring my grades up and if it wasn't for this B, I would have nothing on my "stress/worry list" right now. I really want to make my parents proud but at the same time, my potential is only this far. Math is hard😭😔😔😭 what should I do? Should I just face the consequence? It was my fault after all.

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  • Homework question help?

    James Philip Leo Taylor arrived at Ellis Island from his native Engliand in 1907, an eccentric 20-year old. Overtime, Taylor became an avid student of American sport, and an athlete of sorts. He stood only 5ft 6in and 125lbs, but those demensions worked to his advantage in 1918, when he set the world record in the sack race by hopping a ninth of a mile in 32 seconds in a burlap sack before 65, 000 spectators at the Galgary rodeo. Sack racing was suffiently popular that the Spalding Company had manufactured Taylor's official sack-racing sack, 3 by 5ft and roped at the neck.

    Directions: At his speed, how many minutes would it take Mr. Taylor to complete a mile? Show you work. Label your units.

    Define Eccentric:

    What is the current record for racing one mile in a sack?

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  • Period every 4 hours?

    My period has been really weird lately, at first I thought it was irregular but I'm seriously not sure anymore. Ok so today is day 3 and while at school, I checked my pad and literally, it only had like 2 drops on it! Then after school, I put on another in light flow and another 2 drops! So I decided that it had ended and it stayed like that until dinner time. After I was done eating I went to the bathroom to do my "business". While sitting on the toilet, I felt a drop and heard a noise as if something dropped into the toilet, looked under and there was one red drop just swirling around in there (TMI!!!) and it was like that just drip drip drip drip drip...... And it happened the same the last couple days too. My period happens and then stops for like a couple hours and restarts. It's not heavy (I'm assuming this is because it's the beginning) but why does it stop and restarts and then stops and then restarts. My night flow isn't heavy either probably like 5-7 drops, there's like a TINY patch when I wake up and look. I searched it up and some doctors' theory states that the uterus is in the wrong position, idk please help! This is my second time after my first period 65 days ago! Irregular I know.

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  • What should I do?

    (I probably ask the stupidest questions on this site but I'm also a bad decision maker so..)

    My question is: I ordered from this online site to get my girly products and they gave me "credits" to spend on the site. My girly products are still unused because my girly cycle is irregular and it skipped this month. I really want to spend the credits before it expires tomorrow because with it, I save a lot of money. Should I order another package just to spend it or let it expire. I thought about how since it's gonna be thrown away, there's no such thing as having too much supplies cuz you'll end up using it at some point but at the same time, some things I bought I haven't even tried out yet and don't know it they work good. Should I just let the credits expire? I've been begging for my thing to come but I guess it's because school is stressing me out and it just didn't come. I really want to use the credit but at the same time, my storage is not running out or anything. What should I do? Use it or let it expire?

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  • Adolescent medicine specialist??

    I wanted to go towards internal medicine and found 'internists' doctors for adults and when I found that there's also a specialty in internal medicine for adolescent I thought I wanted a career in this, helping teens. I searched it up and it seems like this job isn't that well known. There's only like pediatricians and internists. So are there any adolescent doctors out there?? I'm really interest in this career. I would love to talk to teens about their transition to adulthood (I have a younger sister and she always comes to me for the "girl time of month" questions and answers) Any advice? Tips? Thoughts?

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