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  • Nco idaho?

    From what I understand there is an nco (no contact order) against me that includes a criminal one for 300 feet that includes my family, there house and there business. Now there also is a civil nco that includes 1000 feet but says I can email my father and my son. Here's two questions. One. Can I email them without getting in trouble? Also if they have contacted me does that break the nco and it doesn't matter anymore. ? Please help. And thank you.

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  • Legal Assistance (Gardianship/Parental Rights)?

    my self,my parents, and my sons mother is currently going through a custody battle in Idaho. I have a few questions. I gave my parents Gardianship rights over my son because of health reasons. they took my son and have been taking care of him ever since. when in the courtroom my sons mother sighned a thing saying that whenever it is good for my son and my parents that she could call/ contact him so many times a week. i did not sign anything , the only thing that i did was tell the judge it was ok for my parents to have gardianship while im going through health issues. My sons lawyer tried telling me what the sons mother sighned applies to me as well and i dont have any parental rights and cannot see my child unless it is good for question is in Idaho what rights do i still have being the biological father? Can i still see my child if i wish? 

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  • Cast to Chromecast without using hotspot?

    How would you connect your phone to your Chromecast without a router maybe hotspot but get it to mirror your screen without using any phone data got hotspot?

  • CBD oil for cancer parole officer will not let me take it?

    I live in Boise Idaho and I am on parole for a drug crime I have been diagnosed with with cancer my doctor wants me to try CBD oil made from marijuana products to try and help cure my parole officer told me that I could not take it. What do I do can I have a doctor write a prescription for it? And can she tell me that I cannot take it even though a doctor has given me a prescription for it? Please help I need to know please explain your answer thank you

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  • FAMILY QUESTION PLEASE HELP? I have a question for you. I only want facts not opinion please.. so in April my baby mama abandon my son on me. .. I have been working alot and so my family has been watching him. . About two weeks ago they asked if they could take him to the Oregon coast. I gave them permission As long as they had him back by the 4th of August. They did but when I went over there to pick him up he of course wanted to stay with his grandparents bc they spoil him. (Only grandchild) and threw a huge fit and it created an argument between me and the family. I ended up leaving without him and told them I would like him home soon. ... Now when I call they are refusing to let me speak to him or see him saying that he doesn t want to and they are not going to force him. . I feel this is my child and they are not going to take him from me just because he wants to stay there... There has been no custody established other than health and welfare knows his mother abandon him on me and I have all the food stamps. . I have spoken to him once but had to threaten to bring the police over to get my child. What are the laws? What does one have to do to get his child back without creating a problem with the family and or the police? Please help me!

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    I really need your guyses help. I applied for vacation time on my job and got it approved about a week or two ago. .. the other day I was at work and got hurt on the job and tore my ACL. . The owner being upset that I got hurt at work pulled my vacation that he already approved. ... In Idaho can he leagally do this? I need the statues. And need to know what to do. Be pointed in the right direction. Please help! Please have facts supporting your answer so I can show him either way. Please and thank you!

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  • First probation meeting,, drug test?

    Ok, so its monday,on thursday morning i have my first meeting with my probation officer.I will expect a drug test since my charge is involving drugs.. so heres my question.. last week i was working outside and developed a cold with chest congestion and stuffy nose,, i went to my pharmacist and he gave me pseudo ephedrin 30mg and told me to take 2 every 4 hours until they are gone. so i have been taking them as told. I looked up pseudo ephedrin and see it may show up as meth on the drug test? Update 2: my lawyer and the pharmesist told me to take the box and the recipt to the meeting to prove to them im not doing drugs. which i honestly can say i havent done any.. they said to be honest with them and to take all my prescriptions and the box and recipts to the first meeting..2 long does it take for this medication to get out of my system? what should be my next move?

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    can a 7 panel drug test detect fetonal patch? if so how?

    from what i have studied, the patch shows up as a regular opioid, they have to do a different more expensive test to see if im using fetonal. I have a prescription for norco and oxycodone. which are also opioid. im just curious if they are able to tell the difference on a standard 7 panel test? please tell me your experience as well. thank you.

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  • can a 7 panel drug test detect fetonal patch?

    can a 7 panel drug test detect fetonal patch? if so how?

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  • undercover cop work??PLEASE PLEASE HELP! LAWYERS CLICK HERE!!?

    so i have recently been set up by an undercover cop. busted me on 3 felony trafficking prescription drug charges. they dragged me into the station and interrogated me. turns out they want me to be a(n) undercover cop and work for them. I'm already on mistometer unsupervised probation for marijuana because it is illegal in this state. (Idaho). what should i do? what should be my next steps and why? i have to meet with them on this coming Monday and NEED your HELP! Please professional opinions only and also need your experience(how do you know this?) PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!

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