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  • Can people on facebook see what I comment on others photos/status'?

    I was wondering if people can see what I comment on my friends photos or status' even if they're not friends with them.

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  • So... I'm bullied in school?

    So, first off, I barely talk in school. I don't know, when I talk to people my age I get overcome with shyness and always look off to the side when talking because I can't meet their eyes. And I always end up saying the wrong things...

    One reason to this is because I have pretty much zero social experience.

    I have no brothers or sisters

    My parents have been extremely over-protective


    There's this girl in my school who is apparently making it her goal to torture me. Let's call her Angelica. She had sort of befriended me during the first months of school and I would talk to her with my few other friends (oh, those 'other friends'? THEY WENT AND MOVED. forever alone.)

    Then like something changed. I went up to say hi to her when she was talking to her friends and she's like "Oh hi ***** :)!" I'm like: 0_0 *le speechless*

    And this kind of treatment continued.. she even passed notes with someone saying I was a homosexual because I didn't have a boyfriend (I could clearly see my name on it.) I even called them out on it and they're like "Oh, we're not talking about you. Some other girl." :| Can you imagine how awkward that was?

    And like I mentioned before when I said that I''m really shy?

    This is what happens:

    She says "Nobody cares." And everyone laughs at me.

    *sigh* I mean, this doesn't like.. push me towards tears, it's almost normal. It just get's on my nerves. Don't even say to go to the teachers:

    *6th grade experience rolling in*

    This girl named Karen got upset over something I said (I honestly forgot.. No seriously. I did.)

    And so during homeroom she made a note saying I had sex with some guy and passed it around. I got people looking at me from all directions smiling. I up and grabbed the note but Karen took it back and ripped it up. The teacher (oh yeah, just my luck, it was some clueless SUBSTITUTE teacher that day.) went up and asked what was going on and I told him she was passing notes about me. Karen was like: "It's not true" or some pathetic lie she came up with. And she got off free.

    A few days later when the real teacher came back, The matter was taken up with the vice principal. I was called to the office. Karen confessed to her crime but was like "the only reason I did it was because she told people that I sucked some guys c*ck." I'm like WTH in my head. You know, i'm pretty forgetful but i know I did not say that. I didn't curse or say ANYTHING like that back then. (I don't now really.. Unless i'm having the worst day of my life I might swear. Anyways, the vice principal looked at me all:



    I'm like "WHAT? NO. I didn't do anything wrong! I didn't say that!"

    "Apologize" she said again.

    So I was forced to apologize and she smiled at me and I went home.

    Geez. What should I do? It seems in every school I go to. 49% of kids I annoy and 49% of kids annoy ME. Leaving like 2% to be friends with. T_T

    What exactly should I do with the abuse?

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  • What are the best Harvest Moon games for DS and GBA?

    I only have 3 of the many harvest moon games. I want more :D. But I can only afford 1 right now, and I want it for DS since they're cheaper, and the fact I only have 1 game for the ds right now. So either a game for ds or GBA. I have Friends of Mineral town, and I love it :D

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  • Should I stop beating my wife?

    I keep absolutely destroying her. Like, four times a week. Afterwards, she locks herself in the bathroom and cries. I am getting sick of this, but she keeps asking me to play Halo against her and she takes it really seriously. Should I let her win? :)

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  • I will eat your baby...?

    I will eat your baby carrots if you don't like them. Can I bro?

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  • I want to slice my family up?

    I really want to slice them up a piece of my famous pound cake. You want some too?

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  • I love beating women?

    I don't really know what it is, or why i do it...

    I just love beating them...

    ...To the door so I can hold it open for them :)

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  • How can i not be so shy at school?

    Ok so ive started my first year in highschool as a freshmen. I'm finding that i have a really hard time making friends, as im really shy and barely talk (believe me, when i know you, i will not stop talking). If i do make a friend, they end up being in some clique and i start to feel like a fifth wheel.. Its always been this way actually. I can totally talk with relatives, people younger than me, and people older then me, but people the same age as me i can't even look them in the eye without looking away and becoming speechless.

    Maybe its because my mom is paranoid and doesn't let me hang out with people from school .-.

    or the fact that i've been teased and picked on by people

    or because i've been homeschooled for several years

    OR the fact that i have no brothers or sisters.

    It seems like

    49% of people at school i annoy and

    49% of people at school annoy me.

    so therefore, only 2% of people i can be friends with.

    I can't help it that i don't talk, like, if i DO force myself to say something, it always comes out wrong or i can't respond to what the person says next so i look away.

    and if i do want to say something, some person starts talking over me and im just standing there like "ok then."

    makes me a little jealous that my "sort-of-friend" i've known for four years already got like instantly popular and i hear EVERYBODY talking about her all the time. i want to fit in and everything, but it seems like everybody talks about stuff i don't care about >_>


    "OMG you're wearing mismatched socks! *TEE HEE*"

    "omg, did you hear about that other girl? *gossip gossip*"

    "you like my shoes? yeah i got them at hot topic."

    "oh my gosh, why are you so much taller then me [YOU BIG STRONG GUY.] *hairflip* *flirt flirt*"

    the people who actually make me laugh sometimes seem to not think of me as a friend as much as i want them to. so for the breaks in the school day i usually pretend to go to the bathroom or down to the field looking for someone or stay in the classroom to pass the time. any suggestions? to my shy problem ._.

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  • How to stop compulsive eating?

    Hi.. um.

    I'm 13, 5'5" and i weigh 165 pounds.

    I think im a compulsive eater.. Even when im NOT hungry, i always find myself going to the fridge or eating way past when im full. Im not bulimic or anything, i just over-eat.

    I find myself eating like a normal person, like always saying no to food or only taking a small amount, when i go to someone else's house, or a party. But when I'm alone im sneaking snacks.

    Im disgusted with my habit and i try to turn things around by trying to eat healthier food, eat less, etc. Yet, i always find myself back on the same path to self-destruction.

    I really want to stop because even my doctor said im at risk to diabetes.

    I really don't know why i over-eat... I guess it's just the stress of living under [my] home, if you know what i mean, or i eat because i always want something in my mouth. I've tried eating gum before but i go through almost a whole pack in 2-3 days O_O... and my mom doesn't want me chewing gum for some reason. Whats even more surprising is ive never had a single dental problem.

    whatever, im getting off topic ):

    Anyway, i just wanted to know some ways to help me stop my compulsive eating.

    I hate exercise and find myself trying to get out of every physical activity. Mainly it's because of my body and the way i look in the mirror...

    I don't really like healthy food :I

    For some reason my body has this evil addiction to sugar, pasta, and rice. Oh yeah, all the things i should stay away from ):

    Any other suggestions?

    Please no rude comments. i have a hard time with self-esteem as it is ):

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  • What is with the "watching it in [INSERT YEAR]" comments all over youtube?

    It's really irritating that i see it on every single video i watch. I want to see peoples opinions, not years we're watching it in. Why did this get started anyway? or how.

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  • The axis of symmetry of a parabola is x=3.0. It crosses the x-axis at (1,0)...?

    The axis of symmetry of a parabola is x=3.0. It crosses the x-axis at (1,0). What is the x-coordinate of the other point where the parabola crosses the x-axis?

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  • What is the vertex of the parabola described by the equation y=(x-5)(x-6)?

    Be sure to enter the leading zero when writing the decimals between -1 and 1.

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  • Math homework please help...?

    Ok so i need help on factoring polynomials. I just need help with these three problems:

    1. Which is a perfect square trinomial?

    a. 16n^2-32n^2p+16p^2

    b. 16n^4-32n^2p+16p^2

    c. 16n^4+32n^2p-16p^2

    d. 4n^4-32n^2p-4p^2

    2. Which is a perfect square trinomial?

    a. 25n^8+20n^4q+4q^2

    b. 25n^8+4q^2

    c. 25n^8-20n^4q-4q^2

    d. 5n^8+20n^4q+2q^2

    3. Write the binomial which squared equals y^2+4y p+4p^2


    Number three is a question where you have to write the answer out.

    i don't know how to do these problems Q_Q


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