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  • Anyone have an idea as to the correct species name for this Salvia?

    About two years ago a woody shrub-like Saliva was sold to me under the name of S. nacmosis. However none of my resources, nor other Saliva specialist growers been able to confirm that this is indeed its name. It has very fine almost fern like green foliage, with tiny lavender or pink flowers during the year. (Flower color seems to be affected by cooler temperatures with the pink occurring during warmer weather.) Stands roughly 16 inches tall and is very drought tolerant. (Misplaced it once and it dried up due to getting almost no water for months and once watered it acted as if nothing was wrong!) My plant supplier lists it under the above name and could not tell me where their employee had gotten it from unfortunately. Its a popular Sage plant with my customers and I would like to find out its actual name if possible for that reason. Thanks.

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