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  • Is lubuntu still supported?

    If trully yes ( not just cause they havent make another statement since 14 ) is it worth it using it now? Cause yeah it was great at 11 or even 14 but is it still something usable?

    2 AnswersSoftware4 years ago
  • Where can i listen Adele s remedy ?

    Not youtube, no soundclous, its not anywhere...

    1 AnswerYouTube4 years ago
  • camera : 5 Megapixel (Software 8 Megapixel ) Meaning?

    I m watching phones review and i run into that... what does that mean ? Why would they say 8 when in reality it will only look like 5 ?

    2 AnswersMobile Phones & Plans5 years ago
  • What is this movie with a blind woman and the diamonds?

    I remember watching this movie but i have no title.

    Is about a woman in a house, alone , she is blind and two guys come in and search for some diamonds that, after all, are in ice cubes...

    Thats all pretty much, thank you

    2 AnswersMovies5 years ago
  • Is there any way i can watch the oscars live on my PC?

    The original oscar site doesnt allow the viewer to be outside of the US and i live in Greece...

    1 AnswerMovies5 years ago
  • Is 30 Push-ups per day going to make a difference?

    I'm not all about the body type, but i would like something more than just simple thin.

    So i can like make 15-20 push ups in a row most, as i figure through the internet i better make 15x2 in my day but i dont know if it's gonna make any difference to like my arms or my chest.

    I dont want something crazy or extreme program thats why i dont search more for exercises i could do.

    Any advice is welcome!

    Thank you

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness5 years ago
  • Can you upload the same book as an ebook and paper in ?

    I want to make a paper book in lulu, can i afterwards upload it and in a ebook format in lulu?

    1 AnswerBooks & Authors6 years ago
  • Is Sun-Mi Hwang have a Twitter account?

    The writter of " The hen who dreamed she could fly "

    1 AnswerBooks & Authors6 years ago
  • Can someone explain my dream ?

    Okay , is not like i deeply believe those but i'd like an opinion on it .

    So the dream start with me being in a pretty bright but kinda lame hospital, i want to make a blood test, i go to take a paper with number ( cause thats the system here ) but the numbers are comfused , it goes from number 300 something , to 400 something, an old lady jumps on me and she is all like " you dont have to get a paper, they wont get your blood blah blah " ( just really negative stuff ) and right away she almost climb to a doctor and she is like " but you will take mine right ? please i got to do the exams blah blah " then i am to her " what if i have something , to you think is right ? why is more important you take than me ? would you like it if i was your son , and i was sick and some old lady dint let me get a number " i just cry and the lady does not reply , i watch my self in a mirror and my eyelashes are extremly long and black, a former teacher of mine which i really liked, passes by and she tell me that she will take my blood and i should get ready.

    Thats pretty much it :S :)

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating6 years ago
  • Publication companies, U.S list?

    Could someone make a list of USA publication (From bigger to smaller) companies that have a preference on publishing Short stories/ poems collections ?

    Any effort is accepted !

    Thank you :)

    3 AnswersBooks & Authors6 years ago
  • Publication company in usa?

    Hello , im from Greece as you might know my country is in crisis, so I am planning of trying to publish a collection of short stories/poems but i was thinking of trying publishing companies in the US.

    Could someone tell me wich publishing companies would be interesting in such a work ? I only know greek companies that have translated such work and i could use some lead on where to turn my hopes...

    Thank you!

  • How to get paid by PayPal?

    I havent make a PayPal account yet , but once i started it asked me if i want it to buy or to sell, i guess i should choose sell , but after it gets a lot more complicated ,such as bussines name and stuff. Any advice? Should i put my name there? any comment might be useful!

    I should mention that, want to use it for sales.

    Please help me :S ,

    Thank you

    3 AnswersCredit6 years ago
  • Korean film?

    Does anyone knows any place where i can watch the korean movie " Link " with english subs? i've been searching all over the net and i cant find anything but torrent... :S

    1 AnswerMovies7 years ago
  • is intelligence mandatory to be a sociopath?

    I said today to my friend that even though she is so narcissist and self absorbed she aint a sociopath because of her lack of intelligence though she claimed that intelligence is not mandatory although i think is.

    P.S it's not about if she is or not cause she is not , i know , i just really wanna know. it would really help me if you include your source.

    Thank you very much

    1 AnswerPsychology7 years ago