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  • What do Canadians think of Prime Minister Trudeau welcoming the Syrian refugees?

    As seen here, it was quite a happy scene as Mr. Trudeau greeted the first planeload of 163 refugees.

    There is a goal of receiving 10,000 refugees by the end of the year.

    So, with 60 more plane-loads in the next 19 days, Mr. Trudeau is going to be quite a busy bee making the same speech an average of 3.16 times a day. Then another 93 planeloads to welcome with the same cheerfulness in January and February.

    Obviously Americans will be very interested to see his response to the 154th planeload of refugees.

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  • Are two contacts as good as three for a lithium ion battery charger? If not, why not?

    I am interested in getting a Panasonic ZS50, and have a pre-order in. Well, I have seen from reviews that it seems to take a Panasonic DMW-BCM13E battery. The kit is expected to contain an in-camera charger. Looking for an out-of-camera charger, BH Photo offers a Watson brand charger that is supposed to be compatible with the Panasonic BCM13 and the Canon NB6L. Convenient, because I have a Canon D30 that uses an NB6LH.

    These batteries each have three contacts. The charger has two contacts. Is the middle contact of these batteries, which the Watson charger neglects, important? What kind of thing is it supposed to do? The Canon CB-2LY charger for the NB6L battery has all three contacts.

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  • What has Yahoo Answers done, and can it be fixed?

    They used to have a choice of Recent and Popular. Now it has been replaced with Discover and Answer. Answer will not show me questions that have had any previous answer.

    Is there any way to get back the good settings?

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  • Is there such a thing as a dry white Zinfandel?

    It seems like every white Zin I see or have tasted is cheap and sweet. Does someone somewhere ever use the good Zinfandel grapes to make a dry rosé? If not, is it because it was tried and found to be unpalatable, or just because no one ever wants to gamble on a rosé with grapes that are good enough to make red Zin?

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  • Is there a word for singing a song substituting meaningless syllables for lyrics?

    For example "tra, la, la", "dum, de, dah, dum", etc.

    In this example

    Youtube thumbnail

    during his "magic fingers" act, Art Metrano is ______ing the song "Fine and Dandy".

    The Wikipedia article on Art Metrano describes it as " constantly humming an inane theme song – 'Fine and Dandy,' an early 1930s composition by Kay Swift."

    However, I think of "humming" as a different sound from what he is doing.

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  • How to correctly display the Canadian flag vertically on a wall?

    At the iceskating rink here in Boise, they display the flags of Canada, U.S., and Idaho. (I guess the first may be due to visiting hockey teams.)

    This is how it looks

    Hung on the wall vertically, the tradition for state flags is to show the obverse side, as shown. Like Idaho, most have mottos that would not look right reversed.

    The tradition for hanging the American flag as a banner or on a wall is that the Union (blue field of stars) should always be to the viewers' left, whether horizontally or vertically. So that means that displayed vertically the reverse is displayed. The way that it is seen in the photo is correct.

    The way they currently have the Canadian flag vertically hung seems to be showing the reverse side, with the Maple Leaf blade to the viewers' left and stalk to the viewers' right.

    Does anyone know whether that display is currently correct, incorrect, or no particular rule or tradition for this?

    If there is a known rule the display contradicts, I can let them know.

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  • Do you think that Yahoo will ever crack down on the Indian bribetakers in the abuse department?

    You know the ones. They lock in the "deleted" pimp spam so it remains permanently displayed.

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  • Do bicycle tires go bad in time?

    I have some bicycles that I have not ridden in years. Also some extra wheels and tires. All stored indoors. I am thinking of selling or donating these.

    Do tires deteriorate with age to the point where they become unsafe and better discarded than used? Some tires in my storeroom have been unused for over 20 years.

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  • Has anyone else noticed the arrival of the three letter reviewers?

    Wow, lots of new answerers! All with pretty wordy answers, and a variety of opinions. Did we get an influx of that many people with that much experience?

    Well, copy some excerpts, paste into a Google search, and put quotation marks around it before clicking on the search. You will find that they are the user reviews of others.

    What do you think?

    I think they are the same spammer who on getting his multi-accounts level 2 will fill the answers with links to his referral pages.

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  • Do you think the abuse department will ever make an honest effort against the Arabic spammers?

    It seems unlikely that they are doing so when every account is allowed to use all five potentially available questions instead of having the accounts closed upon first or second report.

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  • Can someone explain the Canada Goose Arctic Program logo?

    No matter how much I look at it, I cannot figure it out. It is not a map of Canada. I don't think it looks like the Arctic Ocean shoreline. It sort of resembles a map of Australia, but not perfectly, and that makes no sense anyway.

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  • How has the weather been in Yellowknife lately?

    Yes, I know I can look at the forecasts and history at That tells me it has been cold (no surprise) and that there has been and will be fog and clouds. Can someone fine tune that a bit? I will be visiting there soon. Have the fog and clouds as reported been blocking out views of the northern lights? Have there been decent gaps in the clouds? Do you get above the fog on higher ground, or does it pretty much get fogged in anywhere in the area?

    Thank you.

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  • Do you understand now about the spammers?

    This is a question that I would have had torn down like the others. But I left it up for illustration:;_ylt=Aup7L...

    The spammer goes through with one set of accounts to post the redundant questions, lately mostly about spy cameras.

    He goes through with other accounts to answer with the website he's promoting. Soon after her goes through to make that best answer.

    Does anyone here understand, doubt, or not understand that?

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  • Am I the only one unhappy with Nikon service?

    This is a copy of my 11/16/12 complaint to BBB. BBB posted it 11/20/12. So far there is no response from Nikon. Has anyone ever had similar problem with Nikon?

    Nature of Complaint: Guarantee Or Warranty Issues - A dispute regarding the warranty coverage and/or terms


    I purchased a Nikkor 16-85mm f3.5-5.6 AF-S DX VR lens from BH Photo, arrival date April 13, 2011. Serial number US26015999. I promptly filled in the Nikon Extended Coverage card and mailed it to Nikon. That extends the Nikon warranty from the standard 1 year to 5 years. I mainly use this lens with my Nikon D90 body. The lens worked mostly beautifully at first. In the last year it seems like it has been having increasing autofocus errors, especially at the shorter focal lengths. Blame the body, my technique, or the lens? It seems like the body rarely has autofocus error with other lenses. Trying the lens on an older D60 body, I think I got fewer errors than with the D90, but still more than I should with this lens. When it is wrong it seems to focus as if my subject were closer than it is. I place my autofocus sensor carefully to make user error unlikely. Looking at user reviews by others, most are happy with this lens. A minority of reviewers report autofocus error problems that seem similar to mine. One reviewer said that Nikon service found the autofocus module to be defective. In September 2012 I sent the lens to Nikon's service facility in El Segundo, California, service order 5978634. It was covered by the extended warranty. Their result was to report it to have been tested and showing no problem. My experiments with the lens is that it still has a problem with autofocus.

    Desired Outcome

    Desired Settlement: Repair

    Desired Outcome:

    I would like to send in the lens for warranty service again, but I need it to be more seriously tested and actually fixed.

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  • Which came first, Mini Che or South Park's Canadians?

    When I visited Taiwan I noticed some Mini Che by BSX t-shirts. These are not my own photos, but this is what that character looks like:

    Although Mini Che's jaw and cranium are not detached, there is a similarity to South Park's Canadians:

    Does anyone know which character was created first, or whether one may have influenced the design of the other?

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  • Is there a standard name for "How dare you think the inevitable thought!"?

    The above description is not one I have ever seen written (except by me) or heard said. However, it seems to be a standard ploy. For example a certain supervisor was telling me that I should not be calling people "idiots". I think that is what is standardly called a strawman argument, because I am not outwardly doing that, so the strawman would be the hypothetical person who does the improper workplace behavior of outwardly using inflammatory words.

    Anyway, when I point that out I am told that it is wrongful of me to be thinking "Idiot!" in response to what is presented to me. That is the kind of argument that I have given the improvised name of "How dare you think the inevitable thought!"

    1 AnswerWords & Wordplay8 years ago
  • Is there any tea in Gold Peak Tea?

    A few years ago Burger King replaced their iced tea with Gold Peak Tea. Recently Carls Jr has done that. It is tea color, but the unsweetened tea tastes like water. The sweetened tea tastes like sweetener. I don't think it is my sense of taste going bad. The McDonald's tea still takes like tea.

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  • How is it known that Meyer Lansky said "We're bigger than U.S. Steel"?

    According to Wikipedia

    they were watching a news story on the Cosa Nostra when Meyer Lansky allegedly said that to his wife. In Godfather Part II the character Hyman Roth says that to Michael Corleone. However, unlike the character inspired by him, Meyer Lansky died at age 80 of cancer. He saw the movie and called Lee Strasberg to congratulate him on his performance. That makes me wonder when and how Meyer Lansky's comment to his wife had become known to the writers of Godfather part II.

    Movies9 years ago