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  • Spooky II AC-130 Gunship?

    The AC-130 Spooky II (formerly Spectre) mounts a 105mm recoiless howitzer.  It is a M-102 derivative.

    Ground-based 105mm howitzer is semi-fixed.  It has a projectile that sets in a canister containing several powder bags.  The projectile is fitted with any of several different fuzes.

    What 105mm ammo does the AC-130 use: how many powder increments, projectile type and fuze?  Is the ammo combination standard or does it vary with target type?  If the latter, how is the ammo powder, projo, fuze combination determined?

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  • US Field Artillery?

    On another site, I read that the cannon battery fire direction center had been eliminated, presumably owing to the on-board fire control system.

    In the most recent cannon battery doctrinal publication I could find, it described functions and duties of the FDC and personnel.

    So, my question is, has the FDC been eliminated.  If so, what organization now conducts the tactical fire control processes?  Who determines the distribution and volume of  fire for the battery and battalion?

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  • Defense Budget?

    What has been the effect of re-programing the DoD budget to fund the Trump Wall?  Was it all focused on DA?  What MDEPs took the hit and what programs took hits

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  • DoD Budget Re-programing?

    What has been the effect of re-programing the DoD budget to fund the Trump Wall?  Was it all focused on DA?  What MDEPs took the hit and what programs took hits. 

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  • Sandworm attack on 2020 election?

    There is a computer virus called "Sandworm."  Is it possible for Trump in collusion with the Sandworm technicians to make a data-physical attack on the USPS infrastructure as was demonstrated by the "Aurora" project such as the 2020 election becomes impossible?  The attack would physically/electrically paralyze the USPS and other electoral devices.

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  • finance server hangup?

    When I try to go to Finance, I get "Server Hangup" when I click on "Portfolios." Everything else works, except the one I need the most.

    How I get to my portfolios?

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  • Cannot open

    About a month ago Echo Sanders said:

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    "Thank you for reporting this issue. We've informed the engineers of the problem and provided them with your Yahoo! ID. We do not currently have a timeline for the fix but we've made sure its a high priority.

    Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this issue and sorry for any inconvenience caused by this change!"

    I can get to any Yahoo page except Finance. (As reported by the questioner above.

    What fix have the engineers made? How do I get to my Finance portfolio?

    1 AnswerYahoo Finance7 years ago
  • Hoover Dam Pickup Trucks?

    Yesterday I toured Hoover Dam. Great tour/experience

    I noticed that at the dam's foot where the hydroelectric generators are, that were several pickup trucks

    How did the pickup trucks get there? We speculated that they may have been lowered by the suspension crane, but no one had a definitive answer

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  • Mining minerals in the asteroid belt?

    I have been watching a program about asteroids on the science channel.

    One of the conclusions was that asteroids have potential to be a source of minerals, not for import to Earth, but for use in situ, as the raw material for building space bases.

    When I think about what it takes to mine ore, process it into a basic form (billet, ingot, etc) and then further process it into the "nuts and bolts" for construction, it would take a huge manufacturing infrastructure., i.e. factories.

    Factories need power sources. What would the energy source be?

    Has anyone described a scenario/concept beyond the ideas espoused by von Neuman on self-replicating machines? And, OBTW, what would the cost be?

    7 AnswersAstronomy & Space8 years ago
  • Large scale irrigation systems- mechanical operation?

    I see irrigation systems that can water fields that appear to be a section in size.

    Up close, I cannot tell how the traveling booms are powered. It appears that they may be driven by water power.

    Can anyone explain the operation.

    Zimmatic and other web sites are not helpful on specific details.

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  • Use of Personal Pronoun "I" in Japanese?

    In listening to spoken Japanese I find that there are several ways to say "I" as the subject of a sentence or object of the verb, e.g. watashi; washi; ore, and boku.

    What are the grammatical rules for the personal pronoun and where can I find an on-line reference?

    Domo arigato...

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  • Wash Sales Selling stocks and then repurchasing the same equity?

    Let's say I buy stock X for $10/share and it increases to $15/share at which time I sell.

    Subsequently, in the next week (less than 30 days) the stock falls to $12/share and I re-purchase the stock.

    The stock again advances to $15 at which time I once again sell.

    Does this series of transactions fall under the Wash Sales rules?

    If so, how do I avoid the tax penalties by waiting the required time periods?

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  • M777 Howitzer Fire Control System?

    I have been looking at the M777 Howitzer on a TV program.

    My cannon battery experience is dated so I have a couple of questions about capabilities we were trying to engineer at Ft Sill some years ago.

    1. Does it use an on-board GPS that can report the piece's location to the FDC? Does the GPS lay for initial direction or is the aiming circle still in use?

    2. It appears to have a velocimeter mounted on the left side of the carriage. If so, does the velocimeter automatically report the MV to the FDC. How do you report powder temp?

    3. Does it compute its own firing data (deflection, QE and time) from a target grid location?

    4. Is the BCS still in use in the battery FDC, or is there an AFATDS device there now.

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  • Price drop on DO stock after positive quarterly earnings report?

    DO reported favorable earnings last week that included a special .75 cent dividend as well as its usual dividend.

    After the report, the price per share fell sharply apparently based on projected down time for DO's fleet of drilling rigs. It dropped from 73.0 on Wed to 69.0 on Thursday.

    I asked about the price drop on Yahoo's financial page. The chatter on the message board indicated that the stock was being manipulated and that there was a short squeeze taking place.

    This makes no sense. I thought that a short condition was based on a falling stock price and a squeeze happened when the stock instead took an up-turn. The shorts would have to cover their positions as the price of the equity went up.

    Can anyone explain what's going on?

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