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Me :- I am from India ( Mumbai to be Specific ) ! I work 6 days a week and spend Sundays with my Family ! For me Family comes first , then Friends and then the rest of the things left in this world ! I love Johnny Depp to the Depth , and a Die hard fan of Emma Watson's Beauty ! My Fav Singers are Ronan Keating, Enrique Iglesiais and Shakira ! My Fav Songs : 1. 2. I Love being loved ! One of the Best things ever happened In My Life : I Got E-Married to Granger ! 20-02-11 ( The only reason for me to be still here on YA! ) My Fav Qoute : - They do not Love that do not show their Love -- Shakespeare. The Last but not the Least : My Contacts. I love em all, each one of em. They are like one of the cutest people alive on this Earth ! Thank You all, And Forgive Me for any Stupidity !