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  • Asked to model in a facebook message?

    This girl messaged me out of the blue asking me to model for a company's calendar. She doesn't look like a professional, maybe a model for the company. The profile has posts from way back, even in 2013 and 2012, so the profile doesn't look fake. It even has pictures of the same girl. The company's name is Stylez, apparently it has no website, but she has pictures she has yet to send me of their previous work. It's a casual "holiday themed" calendar, but I'm not doing a photoshoot with the company, she wants me to send pictures on my own to put in the calendar. She thinks I'd be good for the calendar based on my facebook photos (my facebook is public). It all seems weird to me. Advice?

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  • My boyfriend's mom hates me?

    I've been with my boyfriend for 9 months and his mom has always hated me. (We'll just call my boyfriend John and his mom Jane). Me and John have broken up 2 and this is our 3 time in a relationship again. I have an issue with Borderline Personality Disorder and I lash out about tiny things and take it out on John. I went to a psyche unit for a few days, moved past it, I don't do it anymore. John is going to college to be a biomed engineer and he's always busy and broke so we never really do fun stuff. Then his car broke down and he got a new house over the summer and he's been extra busy. I started hanging out with a guy friend frequently and he showed me affection that John couldn't because he's been so busy and I felt unhappy because John and I never do anyhing together so I broke up with him again and the next day I felt so awful I came back crying to him. Jane has always referred to me as "Your girlfriend". Like "John, your girlfriend needs to go home". She has told him she doesn't like me because I'm irresponsible and I don't have a job or a car, but I make John happy so I don't understand why that matters. After this second time getting back with him, she came home from work today and John said he and I were going to a party together and she yelled at him "Why are you talking to her? Why are you with her again?" and lectured me about being a bad person. I feel like it's ruining the relationship because I really want her to like me. What do I do?

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  • Question about re-formatting my 3ds.?

    I got a 3ds and I accidently set the personal mii as a boy. I'm not a boy and there's no way to change gender on the miis. I bought this 3ds as a bundle pack that came with Mario Kart 7. If I re-format this 3ds, will it erase Mario Kart as well? Is there any way to get around this?

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  • How do you use voice control on the iPod touch in Japanese?

    I am currently learning Japanese (self taught) and I wanted to start using voice control on my iPod in Japanese. I have the 4th gen and I saw something before on Yahoo! answers saying

    Play songs by = "(artist name) saisei"

    and all sorts of other ones. The only ones I have down is "play" and "whats the name of this song?"

    How do you say:

    Play songs by...


    and Play more songs like this?

    It'd be nice to know this so I can learn from it and get all my pronunciations down. Thanks to anyone who tries to help me or is able to help!

    1 AnswerLanguages8 years ago
  • What's wrong with my Paint Tool SAI?

    I downloaded Paint Tool SAI a while back on my ASUS laptop and I had something wrong with my laptop, so I restored it to its factory settings. Once I did that, I went to download all my programs I had back, one of which being SAI. I had this one person I had downloaded the program from several times before and it was the same link and all and I downloaded the older one I used and it worked, but when I closed the program and tried to open it a second time, it said "The program can't start because sfl.dll is missing from your computer. Try reninstalling the program to fix this problem." so I closed it, reopened it and it kept popping that up every time. So I downloaded the newer one from her and it did the same exact thing. So I downloaded it from a different person on DeviantArt with tons of comments and rates saying it was good. I take that as the program being secure enough to download and I downloaded it. It did the exact. same. thing. What's wrong with my laptop?? I extract the files each time and take the SAI application and pull it to my desktop but I doubt that's the problem.

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  • How fast is 2.3GHz on an Acer?

    I'm looking at a Acer Aspire Laptop 2GB Memory 250GB Hard Drive. My current laptop is an Asus and it's processor is 1.00GHz. It is WAY too slow for me and I want a better processor, but since all processors are different, how good is the processor for this Acer? Here's the site I'm looking at where it has the information about it:

    I'd love answers as soon as possible! Thanks!

    5 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks8 years ago
  • How to say this in Japanese?

    My aunt chikako always says "ai-ya! Mat si sa!" or something like that. My mom says it means "son of a b****" how do you say son of a b**** in Japanese?

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  • Questions about my boyfriend?

    My boyfriend and I had sex for the first time about 2 weeks ago. And when I gave him a *******, I couldn't do anything to the he's of his penis because it was so sensitive that he'd lose his erection. It doesn't hurt unless I do it too much, but it takes him a really long time to get fully hard and he loses his erection really easily. He's 17 and it shouldn't be erectile dysfunction. What is this?

  • My crazy death dream?

    A few years ago I had a dream that the ring came out of my tv and I was watching her and realized what it was and closed my eyes before she came out so she wouldn't kill me and when I thought she was gone, I opened my eyes and she was at the end of my bed ad the moment I opened my eyes, she jumped in my face. After she did that, I woke up, but I wasn't awake. The only thing I could hear was blood rushing in my head and I couldn't move or make any noise and I was trying to move and wake up but I couldn't. I don't remember hearing my heart at all, just sounded like rushing noises in my ears and I felt like my body was 1,000 pounds and my chest was lighter than a feather. I know this wasn't part of my dream at all, because eventually I got my arm to move and I went back to sleep. I read somewhere this is called a "small death" in India, where you die but you are in between God's hands and your soul is over your body and if he throws you back into your body, you need to change something or you'll die. What was this? I've been wondering for years.

    2 AnswersPsychology8 years ago
  • Asus laptop problems?

    I have an Asus laptop (not sure what exact kind) and it can't handle more than one program at a time. I open up ooVoo and it takes up 80% of my CPU and I can't run Google Chrome and it's extremely slow. Also, when I have ooVoo opened, sound stops working, or everything lags. When I don't have ooVoo opened, sound is okay. It skips a lot and all my songs in Window Media are "error" songs and, since my Asus programs don't work, I have to use cameroid, which take 5 YEARS to take a picture. I don't have any viruses. I have malware bytes, ccleaner, and I always update my software every time it says it has there's an update available. All my drivers are up to date too. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it as far as I know. And I'm typically the only person logged in on this laptop and no one else is. Is my laptop just a piece of junk or is there something wrong with it? I also had a problem before saying my video card didn't exist..

    3 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks8 years ago
  • WIA Driver for Windows 7?

    I have the Brother DCP-J125 printer/scanner and my laptop says I need the WIA Driver to scan anything. anyone have the link to the download? I can't seem to find it anywhere..

    2 AnswersPrinters8 years ago
  • paint tool SAI help!?

    so i was drawing a picture on paint tool sai and i had my lineart layer opened and my other layers for coloring and such. when i finished my line art, i switched to coloring and all of a sudden, my tools ARE GONE. i save the picture, closed sai, and re opened it and they were still gone.. idk what i

    1 AnswerPainting9 years ago
  • what is a gaming platform?

    uhhh so yeah. a gaming platform. Google told me it was a PC..?

    6 AnswersVideo & Online Games9 years ago
  • can you drive out of state at 16?

    so my dad lives in north carolina and my mom lives in ohio.. im going to turn 16 soon and get my permit and all that good stuff before summer. in north carolina i could have my license by 16 and here i get my temps at 15 1/2 and my permit at 16 then my license at 18. could i drive to north carolina by myself or would i have to drive with someone?

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics9 years ago
  • a built in webcam on a laptop on a desktop PC?

    i dont have wifi, but i do have a laptop with a built in webcam. i want to be able to somehow use my webcam on my desktop computer though. is there any way i can somehow hook them up? :(

    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks9 years ago
  • where is the exit in world 2 on mario?

    someone said there was an exit in the world 2 that lets you skip world 4. where is the exit? i have new super mario bros for wii

    2 AnswersNintendo Wii9 years ago
  • new super mario bros for wii cheat?

    does anyone have the cheat to beat the entire game? i have it for wii and im stuck on world 4-4!! Dx

    2 AnswersNintendo Wii9 years ago
  • how to get rid of vaginal smell?

    i shower practically everyday, but within seconds, i start to discharge and it smells bad all over again!! im 15 and i cant use a douche... my mom doesnt really give good advice because i try to clean it the way she says but my discharge is always there!!!! what do i do!?

    P.S.: its not some kind of STD because im still a virgin so dont say i gotta go to the......"doctor"

    4 AnswersWomen's Health10 years ago
  • how can i make some money?

    i have $20, i need $30 more to buy a ring. i need it REALLY soon!!! how can i make this money?? my parents cut me off my allowance and im only 15 so what do i do?! gahh!

    3 AnswersSmall Business10 years ago
  • can you put SD cards in an SCP 2700?

    ok so i have micro sd cards and stuff, can you put sd cards in the scp2700 by sanyo? i looked and i dont see a slot to put one in.

    1 AnswerPDAs & Handhelds10 years ago