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Hey! My real name is unimportant, but you can call me "M". My screenname comes from one of my all-time favorite books, "The Looking Glass Wars" by Frank Beddor (an Alice in Wonderland spin-off). I usually hang around the Y!A B&A page, mainly because I am a certified bookworm and (hopefully) a soon-to-be author. Looking for book suggestions? Message me. I don't bite...often. ;] I was recently told that my profile was centered around Twilight, therefore I must be someone incapable of loving something, or someone who will miss out on many friendships. Not true. One of my best friends loves it. I just find bad literature a tad revolting, and am okay with saying so. I love books by Jodi Picoult, my favorite of which being "My Sister's Keeper" (Jesse is my fav. character of all time). Books are my drugs of choice. I Love: ♥My friends ♥My family ♥Reading ♥Writing ♥Music I Hate: >Hypocrites >Liars >Twilight (the writing, not the plot) ♥/\/\♥

  • Remembering Sunday (All Time Low) lyrics question?

    In the song, 'Remembering Sunday', by All Time Low, Juliet Simms from 'Automatic Loveletter' sings a portion of the song. I was wondering if she also sang the lyric listed below, also from the song:

    I'm not coming back (forgive me)

    I've done something so terrible

    I'm terrified to speak (I'm not calling, I'm not calling)

    But you'd expect that from me

    I'm mixed up, I'll be blunt, now the rain is just (You're driving me crazy, I'm)

    Washing you out of my hair...

    I know that she sings the lyrics in parenthesis, but what about the rest? It sounds more like a guy singing it, but on every site I've visited, it says that she was singing. Is that really her, or is that Alex Gaskarth or another ATL member singing it?

    It's a lame question, but it's been bugging me for weeks now, and whenever I hear the song I keep trying to figure out who's singing.

    Thank you!


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  • In the novel "Audrey, Wait!" by Robin Benway...?

    I haven't read the novel yet, so please, no spoilers.

    However, I did start the first few pages in the store (there was no blurb, so I read a little, and got really caught up in it. But I have to finish Perfect Match first) and noticed that all of the chapters are song lyrics.

    Would something like that have cost royalty fees for Benway? I've heard before that it would, and it'd be ridiculously expensive, and, seeing as this was her debut novel and she isn't exactly a billionaire as far as I've read, would this have actually cost money? And could someone who isn't ridiculously rich afford these costs?

    Because I had considered doing the same thing for my novel when I started it last year, but was kind of shot down at the whole "royalty fee" bit.

    CXan someone please explain this to me?

    Thank you


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  • Airborne and the Swine Flu?

    I realize that this may sound a tad naive, but is it possible that taking Airborne could at least help prevent the contraction of the Swine Flu? I realize that the flu is a virus, and Airborne isn't an anti-viral medication, but it does strengthen your immune system. Could it help? Or would it just be...overall ineffective, or not effective enough to waste my money on?

    Thank you.


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  • 1st v. 3rd for my book?

    I've been writing a book now for the past year or so, and have gotten pretty deep into it.

    Lately, I've been reading advice on writing (because I was stumped for so long) and I've come across the classic 1st person versus 3rd person point of view. It made me realize that my story type (the type where my main character has a haunting and twisted history, and another, very important character that she meets is VERY interested IN that story) would be better if it were in 3rd person.

    My problem is, my 3rd person point of view writing isn't nearly as good as my 1st person point of view writing (that's my personal thoughts).

    Should I write well and let the story not flow as well as I'd like it to?

    Or should I focus on the flow of the story and not worry about the actual writing?

    It's been bugging me for so long, and I don't know what to do.

    Thanks everyone. :]


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  • Remote Control by Jack Heath?

    Can anyone tell me where I can find it in the US? I've searched on Overstock and Amazon, Borders and most other major bookstores, and can seem to find it anywhere. Does anyone know if it has even been released in the states yet?

    Thanks so much!


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  • Of sciences, units that must be lab?

    What does this mean? I'm looking into Hofstra University, and for the class requisites, it says that at least one year of a lab science must be taken. What counts as a lab science? Does Forensics? It doesn't count as a science course, so would that be a "lab science"?

    Thank you!


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  • Attention Grabbing First Line?

    I don't normally do this, but I'm feeling really iffy about the first line of my novel. It's a realistic fiction novel with a very serious story in the background and a more light story in the foreground. I'm wondering if this first sentence would make you stop reading, or make you yawn or something.

    "I stood, frozen in place outside of my house in the sweltering heat, staring at the place I’d called home for the past seventeen years. "

    I'm trying not to give away too much of the story, but i need outside opinion for this.

    Think it's any good, or should i try to change it?

    I know this'll probably be hard to answer since i'm not ptoviding much more info than the first sentence and overall genre, but...i really do need a little constructive criticism.

    Thank you!


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  • The Things They Carried?

    I had to read this over winter break for my AP Lang class, and, I'll admit, i didn't fully read it. I got to maybe page seventy before completely giving up on it. It seemed to have no point, and I already dislike historical fiction.

    What I was wondering was if there was an actual point to the book. Was there a plot at all, or was it like the books "Go Ask Alice" and "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" (in the sense that there was no real plot, just content and stories)?

    And another thing that threw me off: On the cover page, it says "A work of fiction by Tim O'Brien", yet on the back, one of the quotes from the Chicago Press (or some other newspaper) says that O'Brien has a way of keeping memories in order or something. Is this fiction, or an actual memoir? Because Tim O'Brien is also a character in the book. That really confused me.

    This isn't for a report. The most I'll have to do is take a test on it, and I've already read the sparknotes for it. Yes, I'm cheating, but honestly, after the first, maybe ten pages or so, I wasn't so much reading as i was drifting off while my eyes went through the motions of reading the words.

    Thank you!


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  • AntiVirus 2010 Question...?

    Okay, I'm really freaked out here. My laptop is a Vista laptop and came with no AntiVirus downloads, nor do i want any. (I was informed by a close family friend that AntiVirus isn't very reliable.) About ten minutes ago, the window i had opened for Y!A switched to the AntiVirus homepage and started downloading something (I think. I saw something resembling a loading bar and freaked out). I didn't "okay" any downloads, nor did i even link to the page. When i tried to close out of it, a little window opened up that read something along the lines of "A potentially dangerous or malicious file has been attached to your hardware--" (or something like that. The only words i actually remember are "Dangerous and/or malicious", but that sounds about right for what it would read) and that's as far as i got, because then some automated voice came over my speakers and said "This is AntiVirus tech support--" (Again, that's a maybe to what it actually said. The only word i remember is "support" and it wasn't my computers support, because my laptop isn't backed by any online help site) and then i just closed out of everything and turned off my laptop.

    This has never happened before, and the only site i went to today that was different was nerdfighters(dot)ning(dot)com (It's the athor John Green's website and has some new software that i don't know about, the ning(dot)com thing...?) and I'm wondering if that could be the issue. The only doubt i have that that is the cause is that by the time the AntiVirus overtook my computer, i had been off the site for almost a half hour (and i'd been on for nearly two hours beforehand with nothing happening) and there are over 16,000 other members of the site who don't appear to have any issues.

    Any help please? I don't want to download AntiVirus, and will not be convinced that it is helpful, so please don't try to convince me to get it. (I just don't want anyone to answer purely to do that.)

    Thank you!


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  • Severe Writers Block?

    I'm always giving advice on how to get rid of writers block, because i can usually overcome my own cases of it. But i haven't been able to write a decent passage for almost three months now. It's for my book that i'm writing. I have around 35,000 words written out, and i'm aiming for 60,000 at the minimum. I have every important scene written out for the book. Now i need to focus on the background, almost white noise of everything. The parts where it's pretty much just everyday things, but funny, or witty, or maybe with underlying importance. I just can't seem to find any inspiration for it.

    Any suggestions? I've tried listening to music, writing other sections of my book, writing other plots out for other books, reading, even writing short stories for upcoming competitions. I'm at my wits end here.

    Thank you in advance. :]


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  • Fabric Bookbinding...?

    How would i go about binding a book using fabrics like silk or with a lot of decorations on it? I want to bind some of my own works, like books i write and can print from my own computer. Is that even a possibility?

    Thank you!

    ♥Sexy Asian Pumpkin♥

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  • MLA Format and Other Questions...?

    I'm having a little trouble with my AP Lang project. For the project, we have to produce an annotated bibliography about an author of our choice. I chose Lewis Carroll (I've already found a lot of things about him actually. VERY interesting author! If you're ever bored, look up his style and how his life influenced it. REALLY cool stuff!) and I've found a lot of really good online resources. My only problem is that some of them are taken from OTHER sources. Other books, and things like that. There's one with about six other resources, and I'm not entirely sure how to go about sourcing it (or...whatever it is. It's the actual bibliographical portion of it. You know, it'll have the author, and then the book title, and there has to be periods in between every piece of information? The name of that escapes me completely right now).

    Any help on how to do this would be greatly appreciated. I can't find it in my MLA Handbook the teachers made us buy, which seems just a tad ridiculous, since i wasted my money on this thing and it's been deemed

    Thank you!

    ♥Graceful Little Alice♥

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  • Transporter Three Question?

    I'm going to be seeing the movie tonight with a close friend of mine. Will I be really confused if I haven't seen the first two movies? I don't think he's seen them either. Will we both be really lost?

    Thank you!

    ♥Graceful Little Alice♥

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  • Angelfish Breeding...?

    My family has a huge tank with a multitude of different fish. We have two angelfish in that tank, and they seem to be protecting this...mass of little dots all over one side of the filter thing (it's the medium sized tube that's in the water...has slits on the bottom 1/2 inch or know what I'm talking about?) Anyway, and they keep going up to it and flapping their side fins towards it. They'll go almost completely vertical in doing so. Are those eggs? Some are white and some are clear. They keep circling it and guarding it or something. Or am i just paranoid?

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  • Number of words in a 250 - 300 page book?

    So far, i have about 35,000 words typed for the book i plan to publish. size 12 font, Times New Roman. About how many words of that size are in your average 250 - 300 page book? Is there any set scale for that, or what?


    ♥Graceful Little Alice♥

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  • The Crucible, Anthem and Of Mice and Men?

    I had to read these books over summer for my AP Lang. class. I loved all of them (well, maybe not of Mice and Men, but oh well). Anyway, we're doing a project for the three books. The part i need help with is this:

    1.) I need to find CURRENT events that somehow even vaguely relate to the books. I need one per book. So like, if there was an article about a mentally handicapped man who was being tried for second degree murder, i could use that for Of Mice and Men (there isn't, by the way)

    2.) I need to create a visual representation for my main character, Abigail Williams (Crucible).. It has to be about how she gained voice and individuality or lost voice and individuality. Got any ideas for how to represent Abby? (I can't exactly draw out a whore, no matter how much i'd like to. That's all she was in my opinion)

    I know this is kind of considered homework, but i'm really just looking for ideas. If you can give me maybe a few keywords to search for the current events, or maybe something you would try for the visual representation, that'd be very appreciated. I've got the rest down from there.

    Thanks again!

    ♥Graceful Little Alice♥

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  • Dance scene in a book?

    I'm working on a book that i someday hope to publish. I need help writing out a dance scene in it. My character is on her school's dance squad with a close friend of hers as her dance partner (it's a guy), and i'm not sure how to go about writing it without either boring the reader or totally confusing them.

    Any ideas on what i should do?


    ♥Graceful Little Alice♥

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  • Cell Block Tango Scene?

    I wanted to incorporate that scene into a book I'm writing. Is the whole thing copyrighted, or just the lyrics? And would the speaking parts count as lyrics also? Would i be able to use my own dance moves in it, or would i have to use the ones from the scene? Would i be allowed to cut the whole thing short?


    ♥Graceful Little Alice♥

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    If i were to post a story on there, would it be copyrighted or could someone steal my work? And does it cost anything to get the work copyrighted? That's the only thing i HAVEN'T read about in the guidelines of the site.


    ♥Graceful Little Alice♥

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  • Red Sequined Tank Top...?

    Can anyone tell me where i can find a fully sequined red tank top? I've been looking online everywhere and still haven't found one.

    ♥Graceful Little Alice♥

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