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Rachel T

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I'm a disabled chick from New Jersey(Not from the shoreline and certainly NOT from the city).

  • Accidentally ate expired mayo - am I gonna be okay?

    Pretty much,last week,I ate two tuna sandwiches with mayo and today I just realized that the expiration date of said mayo was June 15th 2015. Now,I should point out that I m have Crohn s Disease and that I m gonna begin getting Remicade infusions tomorrow. Am I gonna be alright?

    1 AnswerOther - General Health Care4 years ago
  • Is it likely that the power will go out where I live?

    I live in New Jersey,around the border on Weather Channel has for the "Possible Power outage" and the "Likely Power Outage" shadings. Pretty much,I live in an apartment complex that's nearby a bunch of businesses and the electrical wires are underground. Also,I'm nearby a major highway. So...yeah,is it likely that I'm gonna lose electrical power(I'm scared because I'm disabled and my body has a very difficult time regulating its body temperature)?

    1 AnswerWeather5 years ago