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  • How to travel Thailand?

    So my main question is how do you go from place to place without taking all your stuff with you? Do you have a "base" hotel that you pay for for the whole time your there so you can leave the majority of your belongings? We are planning on going to all the different islands and spending nights in different areas. do people lug all their stuff around from place to place? I'm assuming we will be bringing a suit case or 2 each as we are going for 2 weeks. This is my first time doing a trip like this so I'm a little clueless!! If you have any other helpful tips for traveling Thailand that would be great :) Thank you!

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    What language is this and what does it say?

    This is a screen shot from clash of clans, it's the clan bio of the clan were going to war against and we are curious what it says

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    What does this say?

    Just wondering what the writing says in the top right. Not sure if it's Japanese/Chinese/Korean. Thanks so much in advance!

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  • What will happen if I use this ID?

    Okay so my friend has been using this girls ID up until she turned 19. Since she's 19 she doesn't need the ID anymore so she sold it to me. It's 2 pieces of ID. My question is, since this ID has been replaced my the girl who it actually is, when I go into a club and they scan it will it come up as replaced? Pretty much I just want to know what will happen if I use it at a club. *the girl willingly sold her ID so it isn't stolen or anything*

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  • What laptop would be best for me?

    I don't really know much about the laptops that are out at the moment so I'm hoping to get some advise from a computer whiz or at least someone that knows a lot about computers. I'm looking to spend maximum $900. Back in 2009 I bought a brand new Sony vaio for $1200 and I was told it was the best of the best and I literally had nothing but problems with it. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. So i am not interested in Sony's anymore.

    I want a computer that has good graphics and good screen quality cause I do some gaming, mainly Sims games. I also need something fast and preferably 1TB memory but I would be willing to budge a little on that one. Pretty much my main requirements are fast, excellent picture quality and lots of memory. Thanks!

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  • How will my cats react to a new kitten?

    So June last year me and my dad got 2 male kittens. They are the best cats we could of ever asked for, they are so friendly and loving and have never showed aggressive behavior toward each other or people. These two kittens are also brothers/litter mates.

    But recently we have been thinking about getting a female kitten as well. But I don't know how my two cats will react. So had anyone had to deal with this before? How will mu cats react to a new kitten? My cats have never showed territorial behavior before, like they have never sprayed to mark territory before so I just don't know what to expect. Also I don't want my current cats to get jealous or sad that there's a new cat. I personally think that they would accept the new cat just because they are so friendly with everything... but I just don't know.

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  • how many drinks would this make?

    okay im wanting to make this for new years but im so bad at math,

    1 1/2 oz Smirnoff® vodka

    1/2 oz peach schnapps

    2 oz cranberry juice

    2 oz orange juice

    okay, so thats what the drink calls for. so if i was to a have a 750ml bottle of peach schnapps and of smirnoff, how many drinks would that make?

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  • how much do you make as a suki's hair stylist?

    if i was to complete the suki's foundation course and take the CIABC exam to get my licence, and the suki's apprenticeship program, approxamitly what would my yearly and monthly pay be? if you dont know suki's is a high end salon and is a internationally reconized school.

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  • Can I buy alcohol infused whipped cream in Canada?

    I was wondering if you can buy whipped lightning or CREAM. There both alcohol infused whipped creams and I was wondering If you can buy it in Canada, specifically Vancouver British Columbia. Thanks:)

  • I think I really like my best friend and I don't know what I should do..?

    Me and this guy have been really good friends for about 3 years now. He's one of the only guys I'm fully comfortable around.. The problem is he was dating one of my really good friends for over a year and while they where dating she would always ask if me and him had a thing because we hangout so much. And if corse I said no because I had absolutely no romantic feeling for him up until three weeks ago. Him and his girlfriend broke up a month ago and now things with him have taken a step up.. Weve slept together 3 times and each time he instigated it. And even when he was dating that other girl when we would drink together he would hold my hand sometimes, and everytime I was sad about something he was always there for me. Looking back on it I'm thinking he does have some feelings for me, but I really just don't know. I've never thought of him this way before and now he's all I can think about.. I don't know what to do because I dont want to tell him how I feel and risk him not feeling the same way. Our friendship means to much to me to lose it. I just need domaines opinion on what to do..

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  • Is there a pill I can take to stop my period once it's already started?

    I've had my period since Sunday and it's now Tuesday. I usually have pretty long periods and I really need to not have it on Saturday since I'm having a Halloween party. I can't have it on Halloween.. I just can't. Do you know if there is a pill that can stop it for a day?

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  • What does this paragraph say?

    no t procupes pq' lo ke es puro cuento y como mi mama siempre me dice :dime d ke presumes y t diré de ke careces. Es puro envidia ke t tiene. Hablame en chat :)

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  • I don't know what language this is but I need to know what it meens?

    no t procupes pq' lo ke es puro cuento y como mi mama siempre me dice :dime d ke presumes y t diré de ke careces. Es puro envidia ke t tiene. Hablame en chat :)

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  • is it possible i got an STI?

    i had a cold sore and without thinking gave a guy a blo.wjob without a condom. then had sex without a condom.

    i was really drunk, and it was really stupid... im so scared. im only 14....

    it was a huuuuuge mistake and i dont know what to do. please if you know tell me

    2 AnswersSTDs1 decade ago
  • Is it possible I contracted herpes?

    I got drunk and something really stupid happened. Okay so I had a cold sore at the time, it wasn't a bad one one or anything. It was a barley visible one on the top corner of my lip. Anyways I gave this guy head because I forgot I had it and he didn't notice that it was there because it's barley visible. After I gave him head we didn't Finnish because I guess we decided to have sex. Unprotected because Im in birthcontrol. So stupid. But anyways we didn't end up having sex the whole time I just finnished giving him head. But I'm scared that I might have given him herpes and then he have them to me in my genitals because we had brief sex. Is this possible?

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  • sex for the fist time...?

    im goign to be doing it probably tomorrow night. soon anyways. and its my first time and i just want to know how badly its goign to hurt... like roughly how badly. my best friend said it hurt so bad and that she hates it. and what do guys liekt he girls to do? i meen like the movements i guess... i just want this to be perfect so any tips or advice would be great.

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  • i forgot to take my birth control pill today and now i got my period?

    okay so for like the last three days i have been taking my pill at kinda different times, and today i forgot it completely. i just took it now though, so i just i took it about 9 hours late. i noticed when i went to go pee and i wiped and there was blood, so i guess its my period... i dont know what to do and my dads yeling at me and ya.. im 13 by the way, 14 in a few days. please help, i dont know what to do. and why did i get my period?

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  • Can I start my first day of birth control pills while I'm on my period?

    The doctor just perscribed me birthcontrol pills because of my heavy periods. Do I take it tomorrow morning even though I'm just finnishing up my period, or do I wait until it's over?

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  • what are a few songs that fit this criteria.....?

    okay so things are going really well with me adn this guy and like most of the songs on my itunes are all sad or just party music and sh,it haha, so i was wondering if you know of any songs like good good by ashanti. if you listen to the song you with know what i meen. i want something that will make you feel like confident i guess? i cant really explain it... here is the link to the song though incase you need help answering. thanks in advance.

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