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  • Taco Bell question :))?

    I had an interview last week , I called last night and she told me to come in at 5 and we would set stuff up.....

    What does she mean by set stuff up?

    2 AnswersFood Service7 years ago
  • Interview question:)?

    I had an interview at 3:15 all went well she said she was very interested in hiring me BUT they normally don't allow tattoos and piercings but she would talk to the general manager and let me know. So I told her thanks and have a nice day and left.

    So later that night about 6 I called back and ask for the women that interviewed me and told her I would take out my nose piercing and wear a long sleeve uniform so my tattoos were covered , she told me to hold on, and said something to another person there. When she picked up the phone this is exactly what she said to me "well if your willing to wear a long sleeve and take out your piercing ill tell the general manager that and she will call you to let you know when orientation is".

    Does that mean I got it?

    Should I call back if they don't call me? If so how long?

    Basically what does it mean?

    Any other info. Would help also :)

    Thank you :)

    1 AnswerOther - Careers & Employment7 years ago
  • Diet question ??!!?! :)?

    Would I lose weight if this was my diet ??


    Variety of fruits



    Green beans

    (No corn, milk, peas, canned fruit, cheese, added sugar, salt, butter, bread , fast food, pop)

    If yes please say why, same with no.

    If there are any others I shouldn't eat please tell me :)

    Thanks :)

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness7 years ago
  • Restraunt job question :)?

    I had an interview on Wednesday at a diner, the women that interviewed me said exactly this " we can't hire you because your 16 not 18 and there is certain tools in a kitchen that you can't use/operate until your 18" but three days later went and hired a 15 to work there??

    Is that true that you can't use those things until your 18 ??

    And why would she lie about not hiring me??

    2 AnswersFood Service7 years ago
  • Job Interview Question?

    I applied on thursday, i called back on sunday.

    She said they were starting call backs for interviews monday, its monday at 4 and the place is closing soon, so i call back? Or wait?

    If i call them what would i say??

    Help please i need this job so bad:)

    4 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment7 years ago

    I smoked on April 27,2013

    I applied for a job and if they end up drug testing me idk if i will pass. (its May 6,2013 right now)

    I heard drinking ALOT of water will help...?

    Will water help? And if not what will?

    Please & Thank You.

    1 AnswerOther - Health7 years ago
  • Hair treatments!! Help :)?

    I have dyed my hair several times and in the shower a few pieces fall out at a time. How do I stop this??

    2 AnswersHair8 years ago
  • I am looking for a first car?!?! Help me :)?

    What are some older 4 cylinder cars, like 1990-2001 cars. It's only my first and I need something VERY good on gas!!! I need some ideas!!!


    4 AnswersBuying & Selling8 years ago
  • Marine Questions.???

    If my boyfriend enlists in the Marines, what do they do? Is it face to face combat, what is their technical job? Need info.

    What are the odds of him being hurt or killed? Like percentages?

    What are the Pro's and Con's???

    Isnt there a boxing team? And football team or other sports teams?

    The more info. the better :)

    4 AnswersMilitary8 years ago
  • What Do Marines Do?? HELP URGENT.?

    My mann wanrts to enlist & i want to have a legit conversation with him.

    I need to know anything and everything..Dont be shy, write alot.. Or a little , just give me info. Please

    8 AnswersMilitary8 years ago
  • Marine Questions.???

    My boyfriend wants to join the Marines.

    I want to know the risks, and what they actually do.

    ~ In other words, is there a big risk of him getting killed?

    ~ What do they do?

    ~ Do they move alot?

    ~ How much do they make on average? ( money)

    ~Is it dangerous?

    ~How old do you have to be to enlist?

    Basically i just want to know if it would be a good idea to allow him to join.


    1 AnswerMilitary8 years ago
  • How to get my boyfriend back :( PLEASE HELP ASAP?

    Well we have been dating for 2 years and were best friends for a year before that.

    He is with his friends, and didn't call me at all one night, so i texted his friend and asked if my boyfriend would call me.

    The next day he broke up with me & these were the reasons:

    1. I am too controlling

    2. I am mean

    3. I treat him like ****

    I never though any of that was true... I never tell him what he can and cant do, they only thing i ask is that he doesnt hang out with other girl. I love this kid more than anything in the world. PLEASE help.

    He said he needs time & space. How do i convince him that i have changed?? ( i have, i realized that i have been pretty mean & im willing to go back to how i used to be & show how much i love him) How do i give him space without being controlling & spend time with him?? I really need him back please help me.

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating8 years ago
  • I want to get a skink for a pet!?

    I was at the pet store today & i seen a skink. I really like them. I added up how much it would cost to get one. The only think is i know nothing about these lizards...

    Do they bite?

    What do they eat?

    How big of a tank do i need?

    How many do i need? Do they get lonely if there is only one?

    How do you know if they are girl or boy?

    How long do they live?

    Can you hold them?


    Please experienced people only!

    2 AnswersReptiles8 years ago
  • Question About My Hair:)?

    I have naturally really light brown hair but not quite blonde. A few years ago I went to a darker brown. Really liked it so a year later i went almost black. I let that grow out and freshman year I had light brown and black underneath. Well about half through freshman year i wanted to go blonde. Nearly platinum. Ive been doing my own highlights with store bought stuff. I just today bought Sun-In & wanted to know what kind of effect it would have on my hair. Right now my hair is very light brown with highlights & Brownish w/ a red tint underneath.

    Do you think it will work?

    Will it turn colors? ( orange? or a weird color)

    And does Sun-In damage your hair?


    3 AnswersHair8 years ago
  • Do any places in MI hire at 15?

    My cousin is 15 and wont be 16 until april, but she really needs a job. Do you know of any places around toledo, ohio & bedford, Michigan that hire at 15??? Please & thanks.

    1 AnswerOther - Careers & Employment8 years ago
  • Triple Forward Helix Piercing :)?

    I want to get the Triple Forward Helix Piercing and want to know how bad it hurt?

    I have quite a few piercings all ready

    Right Ear- 3 lobe 2 cartiledge

    Left Ear- 3 lobe 3 cartiledge

    And have had my bellybutton done twice.

    If you can compare to any of the above that would be great.


    Did it bleed alot?

    How was the healing process?

    What do you clean it with?

    2 AnswersOther - Skin & Body8 years ago
  • How bad does a toungue piercing hurt?

    My boyfriend wants to get his tongue pierced and was wondering how bad it hurts?

    And personal experience, I have my bellybutton pierced so if you could compare to that it would help.


    2 AnswersTattoos8 years ago
  • Does anyone have this piercing??HELP please?

    Im not exactly sure what this is called, i have heard a million different names.

    If you have this...

    1. Did it hurt? Was it worse than a normal cartledge piercing?

    2. How much is just one of the three piercings?

    1 AnswerTattoos8 years ago
  • Victoria Secret

    I have big enough boobs, they are already pushed up but none of my bra's make me have the cleavage look. What kind of bra pushes them up & together. Victoria Secret Preferably.

    4 AnswersOther - Beauty & Style8 years ago
  • Ob-Gyn....questions..?

    My mom was considering putting me on the pill, she called the doctor and they said i would have to see the doctor first. What do they do in order to prescribe you birth control???

    1 AnswerWomen's Health8 years ago