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  • Can different cities cause acne ?

    I just moved in with my parents after being out of their house for 3 years. During those 3 years I was in a city about 30 min away never had a single pimple. Now I’ve been back 3 months and it seems like I get 1/2 bumps on my face every other week. I wear the same selection of clothes and wash them along with my bed sheets once a week, the same as ive been doing for 3 years. Nothing about my diet, schedule, or the rate/how I wash has not changed. As a matter of fact, the Only thing that has changed in my life that my weed intake went from smoking 1 or 2 times a day to maybe once every other week now. What is a possible cause of this sudden acne when nothing has changed besides a 30 min difference in where I live? 

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  • Can getting 1 bump on genitals biweekly For months be herpes?

    I’ve been getting either one or 2 bumps that usually come and fade/burst within a week, then I’ll be fine for about a week and a half then another bump will show up. It’s never in clusters, too painful or big, nor on the shaft, and I’ve always struggled with ingrown hairs and figured it was just that in the beginning. But now the frequency is starting to worry me. From Everything I read online about the bump characteristics it seems like an ingrown hair and I wear tight compression boxers daily which I hear may cause bumps, but I don’t think it’s normal to get 1/2 ingrown hairs every other every other week, is it?

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  • Why am I getting so many random blisters?

    Over the last few weeks I’ve probably gotten 5 blisters in random places. On the side of my stomach, my inner thigh, 2 on my armpit and now I have one on my Areola? I shower just about every day, I may miss one day but never 2 in a row, and I’ve never gotten so many random blisters week after week. Is this common or some medical condition?

    P.s I’m a 22 year old male

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  • Does this sound like a STD?

    Basically, I had a one night stand, used a condom but it broke midway. 2 months later I noticed this rash on my penis on the shaft. The rash looks like a group of little bumps, but when u run ur hand over it, it’s As smooth as my other clear shaft skin. They’ve been here 9 days and haven’t grown or shrank at all. They don’t hurt or itch nor do I have any other side effects. I do wear tight underwear daily (ethikas) and I saw that it can cause pimples and other bumps down there but I’ve been wearing those for about 4 years and never seen nothing like this. I plan to get tested this weekend, just wanna see if anyone has ever had something similar or knows what it might be. Can’t find anything on google that matches what I have. Just wanna know what I’m walking into on test day.

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  • Does this sound like herpes or ingrown hair?

    I’m a 21 year old male. Washing I saw that I had 1 blister around my penis like where the hair is. It broke open when I was washing and I put aloe Vera gel and cocoa butter on it. Is it possible this is herpes? There’s no rash or pain and doesn’t seem to be spreading. I did have one when summer first started but that was the same story, it broke, i used aloe Vera and cocoa etc then it went away. The last time I had unprotected sex was about 4-5 weeks ago. I know she has nothing because she’s been tested a few times for everything when she got birth control. I had sex protected with another girl 2 weeks ago that I don’t know very well? Also I don’t shave so they can’t be razor bumps, I just trim it low with scissors. Can someone help if this sounds more like herpes or an ingrown hair.

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