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  • Toyota transmission 4 speed W40 great box bolt up to 5 speed W50 shifter assembly? ?

    Have a broken W50 (5 speed) from a 79 corona, and the only available transmission is a W40(4 speed) from a 82 truck with a shifter assembly that's 10 inches too short. If the 5 speed shifter assembly bolts up to the gear box I will buy the 4 speed. If not, then I'll have to look into a rebuild kit. 

  • Can a W58 transmission mate with a 20R engine? ?

    I have a 1979 Toyota Corona that I love dearly. Over summer, I blew the tranission out because it sprung a trans oil leak on the highway and killed it. I think it had a W50 in it, but I can't find any other W50 or W55 transmission near me. However, there is a W58 available, and it's at a good price. I want to know if I can save my car with this one. 

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  • Toyota 20R and 22RE transmission compatibility? ?

    I have a 1979 Toyota Corona with a bad transmission. Now I can either fix my current transmission or just get a new one. Somebody has a transmission from a 1989 Toyota 4Runner available. The 4Runner has a 22RE engine, and the Corona has an old 22R. To my understanding, they should have an interchangeable transmission,bjt I would like to be certain on that before I blow hundreds of dollars on a new transmission. Thanks! 

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  • Can you use ceramic molds for resin injection?

    I have a bunch of ceramic molds that I want to make figures out of, but I want to make them out of resin instead of ceramic. Is this a good idea? Would it even work? Could I break the molds in the process? Would the resin not come out correctly?

  • Using power steering fluid in an old toyota.?

    I have an old toyota from the late 70s and the manual says to use ATF in the power steering pump. I recently took it for a fluid service and the guys at the shop put power steering in it. Since then, the power steering has become much smoother, but I m concerned that this may cause more harm than good.

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  • What does the safety rating of my car have to do with liability insurance costs?

    I have a car from the 70's, and the only safety functions in the car are seat belts and headrests. No airbags, no crumpling frame.

    With that being said, liability insurance went way up on this car because it isn't "safe." my question is, if I get hurt or killed in a wreck with that car, it's on me, because liability only covers the other party's vehicle right? What difference does it make to the insurance company if I die in a wreck? And why would the likelyhood of me being injured or killed in a wreck have anything to do with my insurance premiums?

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  • Why can t I just be a human being?

    I m 19 years old, in December of last year I decided to move out because I was tired of life at home. Since I ve moved out I ve found that life really isn t all I had expected it to be. I ve already fallen through as jobless twice because the car business and the food business just aren t for me. I don t like to get out of the house much and I ve recently found that the simplest of questions are just confusing and it s like this whole time I ve just been living as a proxy in the world I ve been in and yet I still don t understand how I got here. I don t understand how to work with people or socialize anymore, I ve just about all but introverted myself inside my mind. Nothing makes sense in this world because all of it seems to be more fictitious than the world inside my mind that is just so much more real. I don t know how I can bring myself out of this and I don t have the real skills necessary to actually do anything in the real world. I graduated high school feeling rather sure in my future, and now I don t even know how to feel about now.

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  • 1979 Toyota Corona stereo dimensions?

    So I ve got a 1979 Toyota Corona and I need to buy a new stereo.

    I bought it pre-owned and had an after-market stereo in it. The Audiovox AV-418. Now I ve looked all over the Internet for specs on either of the dimensions and I can t seem to find it. Hopefully somebody here knows the answer off the top of their head or from experience so that we can help other people like me who need new stereos in the future.

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  • So I have all the speakers I need, but I just need to install them. Can I do it?

    So I have a 1977 Toyota Corona that is getting an upgrade on its stereo because the balance has been messed up and I can't exactly compensate for it, so I'm getting a new stereo and while I'm at it, I've decided to add a subwhoofer, only problem is, there are no pre-existing wires or anything that can connect to it, so when I take it down to the audio shop, I don't know if they will have a way to install the wires necessary to make the subwhoofer function without running some cables through the cabin of my car. Also I will need some adapters for the 4" speakers i have up front, which leads me to ask, because I have 8" component speakers in back and adding a 12" sub to the trunk, should I get some coaxial speakers to replace the 4" speakers? Or should I just remove them and put in some tweeters?

    And to put a cherry on top of all of that, how much do you think the service charges for something like that will be? The store I'm going to is called Good Vibrations, if that's any help.

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    What s the value on a 1976 Mercedes Benz 450 SEL worth?

    Alright so I'm back and i havr a fre more details to add to this story. I work at a car dealership and we ve had this green 1976 Mercedes 450 SEL for a long time and nobody has bought it but I test drove it, it runs fine, has 156000 miles in it and only minor interior damage in the back seats. Everything else is in pretty good condition. But I need to know how much it s worth before I decide on if I want to buy it.

    I live in Western Montana and in recent years I've seen classic cars become a very popular thing in the summer. The exterior is nearly flawless and the interior only has small rips on the top of the back seats, pat that it's cosmetically almost perfect and almost looks lIke a new car. The transmission takes a second to switch to and from gears, but it stI'll works fine. The only noticeable problem I can spot out on it is that the locks sometimes don't go all the way down, but after a couple times of relocKing it. They work fine. The dealership is offering me a special deal of only $1000 before the wholesalers come and take it for the same price because it's been in our lot for over a year and hasn't been touched by a single customer.

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  • What s the value on a 1976 Mercedes Benz 450 SEL worth?

    So I work at a car dealership and we ve had this green 1976 Mercedes 450 SEL for a long time and nobody has bought it but I test drove it, it runs fine, has 156000 miles in it and only minor interior damage in the back seats. Everything else is in pretty good condition. But I need to know how much it s worth before I decide on if I want to buy it.

    5 AnswersMercedes-Benz4 years ago
  • Can a 2 month old crested gecko live in a 10 gallon cage?

    I need to know because I've got other eggs hatching but not enough small cages. And if not 2 months, when can they go there?

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  • Baby crested gecko care questions, no links please, none of them work.?

    I have my first two fertile eggs if anything ever hatching in about 2-4 weeks. My crested geckos have supprised me with this gift. Now I need to know whether or not the babies need to eat any crickets, and if flightless fruitflys could replace those in the case that they are neccesary. I would rather just feed them repashy and occasionally buy some crickets for them. So the question is, do they really need crickets, and if they do, would flightless fruit flys work as a good substitute?

    1 AnswerReptiles7 years ago
  • Why is my crested gecko not forming eggs?

    My female crested gecko is very big and 3 years old. I heard that she is at her sexual prime. When I got her and the male, I kept them in a cooling period as these are my first cresties so I kept them cool while I got used to how to care for them. The male is a bit smaller than she is, and when I moved them upstairs they went to town in about two or three nights of having warmer weather (73-80°F) and I watched it. And I took photos, videos and I still hear it every other week. But its been a month now. And I try to check her calcium, but she would rather that I break her neck than have her open her mouth. I also have noticed they don't eat much. And I can't feel eggs forming at all on her belly, much less see them. When I feed them I give them a bottle cap with 1/8th tbsp of cgd and 1/4th tbsp of water mixed with it, and my gecko eat very minimal am mounts of it. They still poop, so I know that they still do eat, and she has been exploring her egg box and digging in it, but she has no freaking eggs!!! What do I do?

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  • How do you remove the logo on the back of white morphsuit?

    I really want to get a morphsuit to make a costume on Halloween. However, I really need to get rid of the stupid logo on the butt. Any help?

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  • My leopard geckos are finally at the breeding age, now i have a few questions. cany anybody help?

    I am working on a bell sunglow project and I have an shtct female and a bell albino male, I will breed a female shtct het bell albino female baby back to her dad. But before anything happens, I need to breed the shtct and bell albino. Question is... should I breed them at night or day? I've kinda had this question burning in the back of my mind, but I want to know if they are more in the mood at night or if they like their morning sex more than that. And the female ovulated 2 eggs last week... should I wait a while to mate them?

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  • I tried breeding anything and everything, but I'm never successful.?

    I've tried breeding anoles(but i never got a pair), bearded dragons (but the male would only dominate but never mate) red eared sliders (but the male was infertile), Russian tortoises, but (my brothers friend killed the female (I still want to kill him)), and even mice, but nothing will ever breed for me! But meal worms are an exception. And the closest I ever got was when one of my female brown anoles ovulated (laid infertile eggs) I read intently on everything that I need to do, but nothing ever will breed for me. Not even freaking mice! Is there something that the animals don't like about me?

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  • Is it okay for me to leave a brown anole and a long tailed grass lizard in a deli-cup for almost 24 hours?

    Some guy said he was gonna come pick them up today, but he never came and it took me about an hour to track down the anole after she escaped when I was packaging them. So. Ow its getting dark, the guy isn't coming, and they are in the deli-cups and I really do not want to hunt them down again tomorrow.

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