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  • Is what I did wrong?

    I manipulated a situation into existence. One that caused my friend to start fighting with another friend... nothing major but still seems wrong... atleast sometimes.

    I took 10 dollars from my friends room...

    Because I knew she would assume it was

    our other friend, cause them to get into a fight, and then stop hanging out for a bit.

    Its not that I am jealous, but I am concerned... the accused friend is a drug addict and has slowly weakened our friend up to accepting heavy drugs....and has at this point got her to take drugs like fentanyl for the first time... I warned her that hanging out with her too much is dancing with the devil... we are old friends and I should know...but she already thinks the drugs are okay and started hanging out with her more and more..lasting later into the night. All this is happening as my friend finally gets another job and starts getting back on her feet again... (she fell into a deep depression after her the loss of her child which I believe is what lead to her being more susceptible to our other friends peer pressure.) But when they fought, our drug friend started to cry claiming that she gets blamed for everything.... I felt horrible but then I think about how I am ending the start of that pattern before it goes to the point of what may be no return.

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  • What word(s) do you find visually appealing?

    As in just the written word has visual appeal

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  • Do you think some people will always have the "royal" treatment?

    HiThis is my sister. She's gorgeous but I mean she's smart and polite as well.  But life is easy on her. Our dad favors her and our mom kinda does to.  Our grandparents also favored her.   People, even strangers seem naturally inclined to work for her or do favors... she does not exploit this. Her reasoning is that she doesn't want people to expect something in return... such as guys flirting with her.  She has a bf and is loyal to him.  And he does everything for her. He just bought her a house! She always has the newest things.  It is hard to explain... she doesn't like handouts, or people doing things for her... but people so it anyway... women too.  Even kids are drawn to help her.  But I think that is because she's beautiful... men too... but she attracts the good men who want to have a real relationship with her... for example... her bf soon to be husband is her first real bf.  She got it right the first time.  The reason I ask is that I know another women that struggles to get by and she tries so hard... yet my sister just floats through life.  When situations emerge that seem as if she's going to get hurt or wronged... someone saves her!  My thing is... it seems that some people just have it that way.  My family struggled to make a life in the US and my sister never really did.  My parents gave her everything and left little for us. My parents deny it to this day! I am not really jealous anymore... my sister has came to the families rescue every time. But why?

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  • Which point of view is correct regarding the existence of God?

    A. God either does not exist or has not been discovered to exist! Where is this God if he exist? Prove it! 

    B. God does exist since we can think of God.  The concept of God is heald in the brain... how can you have a concept of God and then say it does not exist? You know God  only as a concept.. and the concept of God is indeed existing within your mind.  So how does God not exist?

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  • How come Covid19 hit the EU much harder than it hit the US? (Number of cases and economic damage)?

    I know US has more reported cases than any EU nation... but the US us huge and so is it's population size... the EU is pretty similar in size and population of the US.  

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  • Why is it so hard for some to understand that man, the internet, and the computer are natural things?

    OMan is animal, what man constructs uses no "unnatural" material.  Man used what already exist within nature to build what man builds. Are things built from animals such as man... unnatural? Then bird nests are unnatural. Did we not build the plants and animals? We destroy plants that harm and get in our way. We help beneficial plants spread.  We annihilate threatening animals and provide aid to beneficial animals. Hell, plants farmed man why'll man was farming plants.  Plants nourished the crop called man so to feed them, protect them from bugs and disease, and spread their young. Man flows with nature.. because man is nature.

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  • Male gym rats,how would you describe your attraction of another Male who us in shape?

    I am not assuming it is homophobic... even though it obviously can be.  My gay brother has hooked up with a few self labeled straight men from his gym.  But j know other guys who go to the gym often.   They compliment other guys on their physiques.. sometimes it seems deep and sexual... when they call other men beautiful or ask other men on dates.... now I don't mean like a romantic date...but it's weird to see them compliment a guy, ask for his number and show heavy interest in him.  But I don't know what it's like to prioritize working out as much... I've considered that it is something someone must experience to understand... like one who works out routinely would know how hard and great of an achievement it is to acquire such physiques.   What is it that you feel? Extreme respect? Sexual attraction? Some of both? Other? I need details!

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  • Can language only lie due to the fact that no one and nothing can represent any one person or thing as well as the real exact thing itself?

    There is likely a better way to phrase what I am asking. But it seems to me that all language or all communicative processing are as imprints made by what it is acting upon them. Like how a bear's paw print in the mud represents the bear...but the bear itself is better at representing itself more so than it's paw print.

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  • If zodiac signs were all animals or different animals.. which would yours be?

    I like to think a butterfly would be a good representation for Gemini.

    And a Taurus can be a bee.

    What about you?

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  • Could the US,Russia, and China and in a secret alliance? ?

    It just seems that way regarding how they interfere with smaller countries.

    It's as of they deliberately deceive other countries.

    An example would be Iran...

    Iran in under the impression that Russia is their ally.

    But Russia and the US work overtime to keep Chaos in the region... and this chaos will only prevent Iran from building it's pipeline to Europe.

    Wouldn't Russia find conflict with a competitive Iran in energy export?

    The USA anfld Canada have also found interest in exporting energy in a less inclusive world economy.

    The USA and China have a trade war that hurt neither of them and only encouraged capital profit within both. Both seem interest in replacing Europe bu using each other. The deals make the USA the new Europe and China the new USA.   And now China's new trade initiative has less attention and money from China's side.  They seem to have changed their mind or were full of sht in the first place.

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  • Was I in the wrong? (Family conflict)?

    2 of my sisters got into a violent altercation. One that ended with a pan flying into our mother's shoulder. I have been stopping them from fighting all day until our mother told me to let them get it out. So I took my nephew upstairs... well my mom demanded that they apologize but one of my sisters did not and exploded on her verbally.  My mother smacked her and went downstairs to cry.  And told me that I was taking sides when I literally did nothing but stop them from fighting until she told me not to... which resulted in her injury... I let her know I thought it was immature to let them fight and then be upset over the results.  She wanted me yell at my sister I guess... but I think it is also immature to want to gang up on someone... especially a family member.  My mom is more hurt that my sister shouted that she wish our mom was dead... but this happened after the fight, and after our other sister kept claiming that God took her daughter as punishment.... I told our mom that she should have waited until the previous drama had cooled off before confronting her.  But she said I should have... which I did... I just did not do it aggressively or in front of her... and I gave her time to cool down.  My sisters said I was mature... and they apologized to each other already. But our mom and my sister have still  not apologized or talked. My sister thinks our mom should have removed our other sister from the house the moment she started to throw her dead daughter in her face... 

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  • What would be considered worth calling the authorities on this man?

    Some random guy added my on fb

    I accepted him because we have a decent amount of mutual friends. And he does look vaguely familiar.

    I asked him if we knew each other and

    responded that we were related... which we are not. I am half caucasian but I am not half wht trash. And that is what he looks like... he looks very rough. But familiar... Like someone I knew long ago that ended up doing crck at some point between then and now.

    Anyways, I sorta interrogated him to find out... but also because I was considering that it was a fake account playing some prank. It wasn't he is real. He logged onto an older account and messaged me to prove that he was the guy in his pics.

    However,he started to ask me how comfortable I was with my sexuality and if I could accept his...That people would beat him up due to his sexuality. I don't care if someone is gay,bi, or what gender they identify with. And a decent chunk of our mutual friends were gay and bisexual men. So I assumed he was gay and needed to talk to someone.

    NOPE!... I realized this is long so here it is

    He is attracted to kids, and asked if I found kids to be beautiful... I do but not sexually, more in awe of their innocents and lack of bias. Also that I remember how fun and light the world was at that age... I can relive that through them. He eventually starts to share nudes of children (idk if they are children but they look very young)... I know these porn sites offer legal aged actors that seem much younger.

  • Could the brain be a non existent concept?

    I don't know of the many ways a concept can be defined... let alone understood.

    And this question is not implying that I actually believe this... more it is simply a way to get to the point... how do we know what a concept is and if a concept is a built from flawed understanding.

    For example...

    The laws of physics are not real...

    instead these are observations... not laws.

    That is important to note because a law can imply a rule book exist... or that certain observations are always true.

    Another example is the concept that dark=no light. But that is not always true... space is dark and is bathed in light... without a reflective surface... we simply do not detect least not with our human eyes.

    These are human concepts... they go from shallow to deep. It seems the only thing unique about our concepts is that they are not genetically preconditioned things... we form them ourselves... where as colors are concepts that are genetically preconditioned within most of us.

    But though they are not genetic... concepts are often understood in abstract... We typically try to express them through with forms constructed out of our limited preconditioned concepts that shared amongst our species... as to help others understand these concepts.

    Much like how we try to express the concept of spacetime in a visual formation like this

    But what if all of our logic, math, reason...are also concepts that could be falsely represented?

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  • Are neurological patterns universally similar?

    What I am trying to ask is this

    Neurons connect and create the color blue...

    Would the way they connect for blue be similar within everyone's brain?

    Biology6 months ago
  • I own a small house... Should I paint it purple?

    In my mind it looks like it should look great... the neighborhood I am in is not even slightly bold however. Most of these houses are very similar to each other... almost like one factory made most of them... same color and style. And people are not decorating the exterior of their homes. Most of them do not have flowers, showy trees, yard ornaments etc.

    I planted hydrangeas in front of my house. I also have a cherry blossom in front but planted on the opposite... so that the two natural features frame my house.

    My mom warns me that a purple tiny house may have a lower resale value. Because it limits interest due to requiring buyers to have a particular interest in a purple house.

    But in my mind it appears beautiful with the flowering plants... I think the fact that it is a tiny house... that purple wouldn't be that big of a deal or deal breaker.

    Be warned that I am not going that bright, I've seen tiny houses with more intense color contrast. Often using 2 or 3 bright colors. I am not doing that. I am going with light purple and white. <like this.

    I think it's pretty zen.

    I won't go with rich bright purple because I am not a fan of it... but also those intense colors are just to much... Not pleasant on the eye, and come off as a small dog would, barking loudly out of inferiority.

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  • What decides the limitation of a non existent universe?

    Why would a specific ratio cause the universe to inflate? If expansion resulted in inflation... why didn't the inflation happen at the first moment of expansion? Wouldn't the fact that the restriction exist.. imply that something else existed or exists outside of our universe? Even if only a force... it seems something would be required in order to state "you can only get this big!"...

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  • What is sacred geometry?

    That is the term people used to define these shapes... I don't think they are sacred.... But that is because, if they are fundamental of life, reality, etc...

    We can say that A.. Everything is sacred..

    Or B... Nothing is sacred. But because the two do not exist in reality and are only concepts that oppose each other because we believe they do... we have to think beyond that and think in spectrums... that is, nothing is sacred.. Because if A were true.. then there would be no non sacred thing to define that which is not sacred.

    Anyways, I cannot seem to get down to what sacred geometry is founded on... I know nature, the belief of some force representing itself in the material world etc... I've heard some refer to these shapes as a frequency of some force... watched those videos of cymatics on youtube... I think I remember doing something like that in school as well.

    But then I wonder, what is the frequency that brings about the shapes?

    What was the purpose of the flower of life etc... How did past people and societies determine that these shapes are special in any regard?

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